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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A bunch of roses from me to all you lovely shiachatters, may this year be the start of new beginnings and a year full of health, happiness, success and mostly importantly faith! p.s - I put this picture on my instagram, don't think you guys are so special for me to have edited this picture just for this site!
  2. Don't take anything on this site too seriously. It's only shiachat lol, no member here is hardly gonna affect your life. I just choose to ignore people.
  3. You should hear what he had to say about Yazid (LA)
  4. There was too much talk on Golshifteh Farahani so I decided to watch one of the Hollywood films she played in. It was called 'Body of Lies', Leonardo DiCaprio plays one of the main roles in the film (obviously). His Arabic accent was pretty good, I bet it much have taken his ages to learn how to pronounce the words! The film is basically about the CIA and Jordanian Intelligence trying to catch a terrorist, they team up together but they don't fully co-operate. What I liked about this film was that they don't refer to the terrorists as Muslim, rather they call them Salafis and Wahabis. Even in the film it's mentioned that no where in the Quran is such behaviour endorsed and it's sooooo funny how the terrorist quoted the Aya 'those who are slain in the way of Allah are not dead, they are alive...' to justify all this martyrdom. This is what we use to prove intercession. Double standards on their side lol. Anyways the ending was good in my opinion, I won't say what happens as that'll just ruin it. I give this film a 3.5 - 4/5.
  5. I've heard that you should never drink black tea after a meal because it prevents you from absorbing the nutrients from the food. I don't know about coffee but tea is good for you as long as you don't over do it. All types of tea have some type of health benefit.
  6. Hopefully the syllabus of Islam taught in schools will change soon. One of my sister lecturers actually went to the head of the examining boards and asked the head of the Religious Studies section who wrote the Islam books. Some admit that they get all their info off google (shocking!) And one woman said that the guy who helped with the information was found out to have been involved in terrorist activities (a wahabi). The standard of Religious Education in this country sucks and we need more qualified teachers. I know that you'll do a great job in making a change to how students views RE!
  7. To respond to the OP: I would have plenty of questions however I would like to see if he's able to hold a proper conversation with me. Because seriously some men don't know/are not interested with having a decent conversation. If he's not more or less on the same thinking level as me, doesn't have the same outlook on life, then it's a straight no.
  8. I read a dissertation of the 'wife beating' aya and I was fully convinced that no where in the Quran does it indicate that you can hit/beat your wife. The man who wrote it is an expert in the Arabic language and I'll take his word over people on shichat who think they know the language. There are loads of different interpretations for the word 'dharabu' yet most mufasireen interpret is as beating or lightly hitting. I wonder why hmmmmm...most mufasireen are men......hmmm In any case if you analyse the aya properly you'll find your answer. Islam came to eradicate this animalistic behaviour, not to endorse it. Raafiki is absolutely right, hitting would not solve anything, rather it would make the wife feel more resentful towards her husband. In any case I don't think I should derail this thread any further.
  9. Baradar_Jackson's legendary poetry about a certain member LOL http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234985875-my-love-for-you-is-bidah/ And Meisam, Ahlulbayt ...all the other username's he's had. His threads were absolutely hilarious. There was one where he said that he felt like a woman! Everytime he was banned he kept coming back with different usernames but we always figured out who it was by his thread titles!!
  10. I love these sooo much. My granddad always gets them from the corner shop!
  11. Not sure if these memes have been posted..but they totally relate to some members on this site! :P
  12. Haha I realised that I made that mistake. I edited my post!
  13. I would make the adoption laws easier..so none of this whole mahram/non mahram issue. That way Muslims won't have an excuse for not adopting a child.
  14. You're not a true Iranian if you don't like aash! The traditional aash is aashe reshte, but my mum made aashe berenj and jow. It was still nice, Alhamdulillah. A big bowl just for me loool..jk :P
  15. If I don't stick to my New Years Resolutions I always have Nowruz to renew them :P
  16. London beauty...lol Poor squirrel! I clearly have an obsession with taking pics of the moon..
  17. I think 10 years older is fine for a girl who has never been married before. Though for a woman who has been married before she can marry a much older man. I say this because she would be much more experienced and mature, not likely to want any more children etc. It all depends on the personality of the individuals. I agree with ImAli on the rest.
  18. I don't know if you're referring to same same Weight Watchers we have in the UK, but I buy some of their products. It's just less calories tbh, nothing that special about it. Though I know people who stuck to this, went to meetings, and saw the change. You won't lose weight overnight, it's a long process, but you'll eventually get there.
  19. Brighton (UK): A rocky beach with no sand :dry: Kuwait :wub:
  20. Hampton Court Palace in Surrey (UK):
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