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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. All I know is that we're getting A LOT of immigrants from Sweden, Holland and Poland.
  2. Well there's online sites you can join up to learn Arabic (you have to pay though): http://www.learnarabic.com/ There's some useful links in these threads if you wanna check them out: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235008375-arabic-grammar-videos/ http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235008717-the-quranic-arabic-corpus/
  3. Loads of people don't observe hijab in front of their cousins. They think it's allowed in Islam. It's all cultural so don't listen to everything your maulanas/sheikhs say.
  4. I hate it when this happens. If by religious it means posting ahadiths and latmiyas everyday and being all pretentious online just so people in the community look up to you then no thank you.
  5. I would never smoke cigarettes though, that's definitely out of the question. It smells disgusting and who's bothered to smoke it. I will never pay money for something that will do more harm than good. I know that I would never get addicted, but it's just an unnecessary thing that doesn't need to be a part of my life.
  6. Well first time I tried it it was disgusting. That's because the section where you put the coal on wasn't that clean. Seriously didn't enjoy it. Plus the flavour of the tobacco was apple and that's the strongest flavour. So trying that flavour for the first time wasn't that wise lol. Next time I tried it in my own house and it was greaaat. Grape and mint flavour, not that strong but you can still taste it. My shisha was nice and clean so I didn't start coughing up like I did last time. In the Gulf countries shisha is sooo cheap, but over here if you want to smoke it outside it's expensive. For people who want to quit smoking there's this new electronic shisha sticks that are tobacco free (you can get them from some pharmacies or other shops) and it's supposed to be an alternative to smoking. I have one and it's not that bad, like 300 puffs for £8. Shisha is just a social thing so I wouldn't smoke it too often. Like once a year, somewhere where there's no males ( male relatives excluded - they don't judge you :P)
  7. Good quality of life for its own citizens, not foreigners - especially those from the sub continent! The only jobs you can get are low paying ones, the ones that the locals would NEVER do. However if you are educated then there is hope for you. But you will always be living in their shadows, you will never be accepted as their equals in humanity (unfortunately!) I know people from Norway and they say that it's still hard for a hijabi to find a job. They're still in the process of learning to accept those different to them. I guess it depends from what part of Canada you're from. I think that Toronto and Vancouver have more foreigners and are more tolerant, as opposed to Montreal where Muslims face more difficulties.
  8. Why is Mutah_King invading our privacy! Haha Yoda leave this shisha with me ;)
  9. Wow great fact of the day! Haha I used to pretend my chopsticks were wands...*facepalm*
  10. I don't like those grapes because they have seeds in it lol and it's annoying to take them out! I prefer the green ones :P
  11. Why was I not aware of this thread? Totally feeling left out lool
  12. From my Tajweed book, hope it helps: It is said in the Holy Qur'an ''...And recite the Qur'an in slow, measured rhythmic tones'' (Al- Muzzammil: 4) ''وَ رَتِّلِ القُرأنَ تَرْتيلاً...'' Speed wise, recitation is divided into three types: Tahqiq تَحْقيق: that is reciting the Holy Qur'an with the slowest speed and more concentration. Tadweer تَدْوير: that is reciting the Holy Qur'an with an average speed. This is known by people as Tarteel. Tahdeer تَحْدير: that is reciting the Holy Qur'an with speed. - Tarteel تَرْتيل is reciting the Holy Qur'an with an average speed, pronouncing each letters correctly one by one and applying the rules of Tajweed with understanding and thinking about what is recited.
  13. The number one film addict award goes to.....*drumroll* . . . . . WhiteSkies!!
  14. WhiteSkies summed it up pretty well. Also just remember the satisfaction you'll get by receiving good grades. Try to motivate yourself by having this mentality. Edit - I don't know if this will help but you can get together with a few friends and revise in the library. It's much more 'fun' but on the downside you may get even more distracted!
  15. :rolleyes: Though I actually did unregister myself for a few months to ensure that I don't even sign on to shiachat!
  16. These goodbye threads never work..the person tends to come back the week later lool.
  17. I think all the sisters are doing the Iranian ta'rof by rejecting this position!
  18. Just did a quick search on it. Very interesting. I'll definitely look more into it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  19. If someone is born Baha'i it is not their fault. I don't think they will be killed or persecuted if they pose no direct thread to the Imam's governance. We have to bear in mind that the population of people will decrease naturally due to diseases and natural disasters, many people will convert to Islam, so there may not even be any Baha'is left. Even so I don't recall reading any ahadith that the Prophet or Imams (as) treated non Muslims any differently. Maybe because Baha'is are not Ahlul Kitab there will be a different hukm for them, Allahu A'lam.
  20. I do think that there should be a female mod. I'm all up for it but I do fear that power may corrupt me :P Enlightened is another good choice!
  21. I promised myself I wouldn't post in any Iran related threads. But this was too tempting, so here goes nothing: Mohammad Reza Shah was a Western puppet, he was subservient towards Western interests in Iran (especially of those pertaining to oil). There was the freedom to dress how you wished, unlike Reza Shah's rule where they would take off women's hijabs. However he still used to torture people because he thought they were a threat to him. The SAVAK was the secret police which was established by the Shah with the help of the Americans. They tortured and executed those opposing the Pahlavi dynasty. For a short period of time Dr Mohammad Mosaddegh, a nationalist and democratically elected Prime Minister came to power, the people loved him. However by a Coup d'etat organised by the British and Americans and the propaganda in media against Mosaddegh this made people resent him and made his overthrow much easier. Then the Shah was reinstated back to power. And diplomacy between Iran and the West was once against restored. During Mosaddegh's time Iran faced sanctions. So as we can see Iran has always been subject to sanctions if they don't comply with Western interests. Unfortunately the sanctions in modern Iran ARE having an affect on the healthcare. Hospitals have resorted to selling out of date Chinese medicine because they simply don't have the facilities to provide for their people. The current Regime likes to call itself 'Islamic'. I don't believe any government can call itself Islamic until the Imam Zaman comes out of occultation. I wouldn't call Iran a totalitarian Regime (has some features of one though), nor would I refer to Khamenei as a dictator. Religious minorities in Iran do have the freedom to practice their faith, except for Baha'is. Some Baha'is have to go uni in Turkey because their own country doesn't allow them to excel in Iran. Iran isn't exclusive to Iranian Shia's! Executions still take place in Iran, innocent people are killed, political prisoners are still tortured. I don't believe all parts of the Sharia can be enacted without a Ma'asoom present, because I'm certain that the Islamic rules we have today have been distorted in some way. There is no such thing as pure Shi'ism. Many Iranians outside Iran are scared of even talking bad about the Iranian government, even though the possibility of anything happening to them is low. But due to the stories we hear of some unlucky people it's created a sense of mental fear amongst Iranians. God knows if there's a spy amongst us! In Iran you can criticise to some extents, not everyone who speaks bad about the government is put in prison or prevented from getting out of the country. Though you have to be wary with your choice of words. At the end of the day the only hope we had was Mosaddegh. Now from a Monarchy we went to a country solely run by Clerics. And power seeking people come in all shapes and form. When anything gets into the hands of wrong people (extremists) then all hell will break loose. These Mullahs have a constituency and can't break from the people's hold. They have been elevated beyond necessary and people have given them all sorts of names. Iran had so much potential. All gone to waste, unfortunately. It's still a great country to visit though. As long as you keep your mouth shut you'll be fine. Because Iranians aren't able to actively do anything to criticise the Leader and government, it's all left to the Western propaganda or dissidents to do that for us. Although they may have ulterior motives, it doesn't mean what they say doesn't hold any validity. Lets face it, Iran has always had an Islamic history. Most people respected religion, even if it was just cultural. During the Post revolutionary years times were tough, hijab was very strict and a lot of terrible things happened (mass murder - executions) by so called religious leaders. When something is suddenly imposed on you people tend to rebel against it. Hijab wise Iran is much more lenient now, evident when you go visit the country. However people don't equate freedom with how you dress (as much as some people claim it does). All this criticism against Iran is on a humanitarian basis. I don't think I have ever seen a successful country where the state and religion is completely mixed. People in secular countries tend to be more religious. That's from my own observation. In a country where most of the population are Muslims it's only natural that you'll have Islamic guidelines, doesn't mean you should force people to become 'religious' without any comprehension of what they're doing. These are all my opinion, I could be wrong, I could change my views, but for now this is how I feel. And this is coming from someone who is Iranian.
  22. Salaams, Check out this link to be updated on any future events/lectures that will take place in London: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234992301-english-lectureevents-in-london/ Well if you have any other questions leave a message on my profile, I'm also a Londoner.
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