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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    shabib_jaisi got a reaction from Abd-alHaq in Usooli Propaganda Against Akhbari Shia Must Stop   
    what do you mean by not best practising ..... in Hyderabad India, i have heard & seen Akhbari Zakereens literally abusing and saying bad things about Maraje. Ayt Khooi, Ayt Khoemini and others from the mimbar during Moharram majlises...
    this is a conspiracy for definite and one should strive his/her best to stop it... and the best thing is that most of the Zakereen (not Ulama) lobby gets full support from Akbaris and they support each other mutual interests, esp the Zakereen who have a habit of talking anti Taqleed and saying statements like Ulema are not responsible for Azadari matters... they try to emotionally fool our community into believing that Ulema are may be anti Azadari.... why do one shy away from the truth.. if one really wants to disown it, then why not leave the path itself...
    And with lovers of Khalifas you atleast know that this is their faith.. so you atleast know the truth.. but here we have hidden agendas.. tell me who is more dangerous...
    I guess most of the Akbaris also dont know what Akhbariism truly stand for... those who are akhbaris need to be either like Sheikh Hur Amuli or else they are not akbaris... coz otherwise you'd be doing taqleed of what ur Akhbarii leaders tell you.. isn't it ???
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    shabib_jaisi got a reaction from B-N in EXCAVATING THE GRAVE OF IMAM HUR   

    Once abbasiyad caliphate tried to excavate the body of imam hussain(a.s.) many years after the tragedy......coz it is said that the shahids do not die nd their body do not wear nd tear out in the grave........when the shias resisted they settled down to excavate the grave of hur(a.s.) ............during the battle of karbala when hur (a.s.) was injured and blood was gushing out of his forehead imam hussain(a.s.) tied the hand made handkerchief of janab fatima on his forehead the blood stooped and he was buried with handkerchief..............so when his grave was excavated his body was found in the same state with that handkerchief on his forehead.........abbasiyad people knew that the handkerchief was of janabe fatima so they become greedy and thought it would be a treasure to keep janab-e-fatimas handkerchief......so even after much protest of shias the handkerchief was untied and removed....the effect was that the blood again started gushing out of the wound.......the authorities had to tie the handkerchief back on his forehead.............thus proving that not only does their body remains preserves but also their blood and thus they are alive even being dead in world's view

    ur brother in faith
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