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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. contd.. Protest march in Mumbai, India - A heavily attended protest was organized in Mumbai against the atrocities committed by Bahraini, Saudi and other gulf forces on Bahraini Shias.. lead by known Shia religious leaders, protesters voiced their critical opinion on ongoing oppression against peaceful unarmed pro democracy protesters There are reports of further protests planned in New Delhi and other cities..
  2. Muslims (both Sunni and Shias) in India participate in huge numbers against the Saudi sponsored terrorism in Bahrain and in support of peaceful democracy movements in Mid East Protest march in Lucknow, India - Tens of thousands of protesters marched under leadership of Shia and Sunni ulema against the oppression of Bahraini regime and Saudi terrorism in Bahrain.. Protesters also voiced their feelings on wider Mid East state sponsored oppressions... Known religious leaders to participate in these protests were Maulana Syed Kalbe Jawwad Naqvi (Shia) Shaher Mufti Maulana Abul Irfan Miyan Farangi Mahli (Ahl Sunnah) Maulana Fazlur Rahman Waizi (Ahl Sunnah) Maulana Ayyub Ashraf (Ahl Sunnah) Maulana Hasan Rajani (Shia) Maulana Jalal Haider (Shia) and many more Video links Picture collage in video
  3. (salam) I am looking for any Shia mosque/imambargah in Charlotte, NC. I would be grateful if anyone can share any info. I chekced the site www.shiacharlotte.com but it is not working. KH
  4. S/A, I would appreciate if anyone can share details on Shia Centre/ Imambargah/Mosque in and around Dayton. Please share informationon Shia centres in Columbus OH or Cincinnati OH also if you have, as they are 1 hour drive from Dayton. Allah's mercy be on you. Kh
  5. S/A, I would appreciate if anyone can share details on Shia Centre/ Imambargah/Mosque in and around Dayton. Please share informationon Shia centres in Columbus OH or Cincinnati OH also if you have, as they are 1 hour drive from Dayton. Allah's mercy be on you. Kh
  6. as per media reports and claims by these women's.. their husbands were in affairs... and probably (my understanding) did not had the courage to explain it to their families and settle it.. Technically Non technically.. only thing that can be done is to ensure that such scholars and institutions are avoided in matters where they issue dubious rulings...
  7. It is not about Men taking permission for divorce.. It is about the Divorce process according to Shia fiqh which was not followed in this case... Although the Maulanas and both the parties live in same city... no efforts were made to make both parties sit or their vakeels (elders) sit and talk on this matter... The talaq can be pronounced by the Hakim e Sharae (even in absence of any party) in 3 settings if efforts to mediate have failed... but unfortunately there were no efforts made.. Maulanas claim that they sent letters.. but there was no response.. With postal system in India it's hardly a reliable medium.. Maulanas could have approached the families directly at their home since they had the addresses.. Women's father and other family members could have been approached (Lucknow is not a huge megapolis that is it difficult to find people or their relatives)... I guess it would be shocking for any women to hear from a neighbor or through a note that she had been divorced... esp. for those who do not work and have young children... and the maintenance offered is a mere 10-20,000 Rs for once and all... Although the act of beating was not something very good for image of Shia's in India.. but unfortunately the high handedness of many of our so called Ulema is a bigger problem...
  8. Thanks Dear Mod... Advice taken... Please pass on my mail id to brother..
  9. I live in St. Louis, MO. You can send me your contact details on shabib.naqvi@gmail.com

    I'll send you the details. We have a very good 15 days Ramzan program in English starting late August. We regularly invite English speaking scholars from across US to address our gatherings.


  10. S/A,... I am currently living in St. Louis and we have many ongoing programs every week... You can email me at [EDITED] I'll provide you my contact number and other details. We have a very good 15 days session coming during Month of Ramzan with a very reputed English speaking scholar is expected to be in our presence. We regularly host English language services with reputed scholars from across US. I shall wait for your email insha Allah. Khuda Hafez
  11. So you are in Qun since when.. plan to stay there long ?

    Your blog was good.. Say salam to your family..

    Iltemas e Dua

  12. w/s janab naqi sahab..

    nice to know your roots are from Jais.. we visit Jais very regulalrly.. atleast every Moharram and Safar..

    i am not able to recall your father in Jais.. but i m sure my father would know..

    My father's name is Syed Naiyer Akbar.. his Nanhial is Baitul Anwar.. and my Grandfather was Marhoom Syed Ghulam Akbar from Tammana..

    So yo...

  13. salam brother r u from jayes

    me also from jayes studing in iran .my granfather's name is syed zahir haider naqwi marhoom kurdana mohalla. i visited there 3 to 4 time in my life

  14. You can't justify that Moulanas who gave contrary views are right.. reason is that there are some Shia groups and Moulana's who have themselves criticized traditional views as parochial and fanatical.. One of these bodies which criticized traditional views is All India Shia Personal Law Board whose president, the well known Maulana Mirza Athar Sb has given a statement criticizing traditional stand as Afghani Islam... But the irony is that these Shia groups like All India Shia Personal Law Board itself has not given even a single representation to any Shia women in its board.. there are over 20 top positions in Mirza Athar Sb's organization where you won't find even 1 women.. and this organization is in business for 5-6 year now.. Bigger irony is that Shia Board has Religious advisory committee which comprises of 5-6 senior India Shia Ulema.. i would be glad if someone checked their view on this issue.. i guess Mirza Athar sb has not even checked with his Shia Board Religious Advisory Ulema on their views.. i hosted one of the Secretaries of the Shia Board in this years Muharram program.. you would be surprised to know that he was not even in favour of sending girls to school for education.. So we live in a hypocritical world today.. these media houses which work on liberal outlooks and preferences are fed by our own Shia scholars who condemn traditional views.. Although personally speaking i wish we had more Shia women who represented True faith both in their outward appearance and their inner self.. but unfortunately our neo Zakereens and Ulema are fine with the state of society.. their concern has moved from following Islamic value and lifestyle to living a better standard of life...
  15. Sister let me clarify a few things before i write something more and you get me wrong... First of all i m sorry for hurting you with my utterings.. but please know that when you post a private event of your life on a public forum.. you invite comments from one and all.. so if you get so hurt by even reading opinions of other people or the advices they have to offer.. i would suggest please don't post such details on a public forum.. 2ndly no one is closing his/her eye to this rampant problem of child abuse.. even by their immediate family members.. i also wish that may Allah protect you and your childrens.. may Allah clear things for you and your family so that they may happily live this life.. And may Allah not show these hardships to other momeneens/momenaats.. It's also equally important to raise awareness by sharing one's personal experience if any in this regard... And i still believe that best way forward for any such cases is to seek both professional help and help from an Islamic scholar so as to understand the implications both from physical and spiritual aspects.. and just for your understanding it is true that Islamically your duty is to protect your childrens.. but Islamically you have no business to keep your husband away from children (even if it is for a minute) based on your unproved suspicions (unless they are proved which you have not yet mentioned on this site even once).. so please understand that you have no right to trample upon anyone's right to secure the Gut feelings of yours.. If the accusations are proved (even slightly) against your husband then it's a different case.. I am once again sorry if i hurt you in any way.. Allah knows that it was not the intention.. All of us who question wish that your marriage may be back on track if possible and that the family may live like a family if possible.. I wish to post no further to avoid hurting you.. I hope you forgive me Iltemas e Dua Wassalam
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