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  1. Assalamun Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh... Every Thursday we recite zirat waritha and we curse 3 groups of people when it comes to the tragedy of kerbala... 1. The ones who killed Imam Hussein (present on the battle field). 2. The ones who made it possible (the behind the scenes, who prosecuted and made sure that the orders were carried out (not the ones who were directly on the field, but behind the scenes). 3. The ones who were pleased when they heard about it and did nothing. So the 3rd group are the most interesting ones because it answers the question : Who are the most responsible ones in the eyes of Allah ? With the current elections and previous elections it is SO SAD TO HAVE SEEN THE FOLLOWING HAPPEN AND I HOPE IT DOESN'T CONTINUE... Regardless of whether your choice of person wins or not the $64,000 question arises that IF THE ONE THAT U R PLEASED WITH IS IN POWER WHAT ARE U GOING TO DO ABOUT IT : NOTHING.... When bill/Obama was placed in power and we all went happy and clapping ; AND THEN CAME THE ISLAM BASHING BY THESE 2 PEOPLE : DID WE (AS INDIVIDUAL WHO HELP PUT THEM INTO POWER ) DO ANYTHING ... So please do not come after each other (my choice of person over your choice of person ) for if your person wins ; U ARE MORE RESPONSIBLE THAN ME BECAUSE I DIDN'T ELECT THAT ONE... ALMIGHTY Allah WILL ASK YOU: U GOT WHAT U WANTED WHAT DID U DO ABOUT IT... Just like the people who when they were pleased in hearing about the killing of Imam Hussein and did nothing about it we who elect those in power and they win and are pleased BUT END UP DOING NOTHING WHEN THEY KILL INNONCENT PEOPLE IN YEMEN BY SIDING WITH THE SAUDIS..are more responsible then those who didn't put them in power... JZ. KH. I HAVE A QUESTION ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO GET THEIR CHOICE OF PERSON IN THE WHITE HOUSE : THE NEXT TIME THEY END UP BANGING THE DRUMS OF ISLAM/MUSLIM TERRORIST: WHAT R U GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ? WILL U JUST SIT BACK AND CONTINUE BEING HAPPY AND CLAPPING THAT U GOT UR PERSON IN POWER AND NOT THE OTHER ONE. FOR IF THAT'S THE CASE, U ARE MORE WORSE THAN THE ONES WHO DIDN'T VOTE FOR THAT PERSON..... P.S.: AND U KNOW WHAT IS THE SADDEST OF THE SADDEST. WHEN YOU HEAR PEOPLE SAY : FOR us in THE US CLINTON/OBAMA/ETC IS BETTER BUT FOR THE OUTSIDERS THEY ARE BAD..THEN WE ARE THE SAME ONES WHO ARE PRAYING AND READING SURA FATEHA FOR THE OUTSIDERS WHEN WE HEAR THE BAD THAT IS DONE BY THE VERY SAME PEOPLE WE ELECTED BECAUSE OF DOMESTIC ISSUES. and I though Islam was to put others before us, BUT WE PUT OURSELVES BEFORE OUR OUTSIDE MUSLIM BROTHERS/SISTES AND THEN WE OFFER SURA FATEHA AND OUR SYMPATHIES...HOW PATHETIC....
  2. Well whoever wins and is the next president we are 100% sure without any disagreements and with absoluteness that they will be "PRO ZIONIST" so we can huff/puff at the white house to blow in our favor, and it will never happen..... but I'd like you all to join me in a project and hoping that we can only hope the best..... here is the little project: The day when whoever is sworn into power...THAT WILL BE DAY 1 OF OUR NEXT 4 YRS PROJECT.. let us count as to how many times from the DAY THE NEW PRESIDENT BEGINS IN OFFICE UPTO NEXT ELECTIONS....we Muslims come under attack... 1. how many more bombers will turn out in the US (actually done by the devils but the blame on us Muslims). 2. how many (funny when even less than 5 people die in the hand of the so called Muslims it is called/referred as a "act of terror but more than 5 in the hands of the non Muslims and we hear of everything else except act of terror... 3. how many more Muslim nations around the world (if they are any left) will see the "satanic America" working their ways in them... then WE CAN EITHER REGRET THAT WE HAD SOMETHING TO DO BY PLACING THAT PERSON IN POWER or we can sit back and say : TRUE WE COULDN'T PREDICT WHETHER THE OTHER PERSON WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME OR ANY DIFFERENT BUT ATLEST I DIDN'T VOTE FOR THIS ONE... JZ.. P.S. PLEASE STOP CALLING DEMOCRATS AS MUSLIM APOLOGETICS they are only but a WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING ....
  3. Salam 1. m sorry but we cannot be judgmental for anyone 2.Like it's not necessary if we see someone helping to serve tea water or anything at imambargah that particular person does it only in imambargah 3. It might be possible that particular person helps with reciting activities to other places and serving gestures IF THE ABOVE WAS TRUE IT'S "LIKE I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN"... LET ME ASSURE EVERYONE THAT WHEN I SAY/WRITE THINGS, I DON'T WRITE IT WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE...I WRITE WITH 26 YRS OF EXPERIENCE... I WOULDN'T BE JUDMEMENTAL IF I SAW THE SAME PERSON ATLEAST HELP OUT IN 3 OUT OF THE 4 OTHER ACTIVITIES AND IF NOT 3 BUT 2 HOW DO I KNOW THAT THE PERSON DOES IT ONY IN THE IMAMBARGAH...U ASK ...WELL HERE IT IS WHEN THE SPORTS COMMITTEE HAVE THEIR TOURNMENTS AND BEGIN TO LOOK FOR PEOPLE AND WHEN THEY ARE ASKED : "WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE PROGRAM TO THE END OF THE PROGRAM AT THE IMAMBARGAH AND CALL THEMSELVES B.S. VOLUNTEERS.. THEY'LL TELL U: "THOSE PEOPLE, THEY ONLY B.S. VOLUNTEER FOR THE IMAMBARGAH...THEY ARE ONLY IMAMBARGAH B.S. VOLUNTEERS (NEVER HEARD OF "I ONLY VOLUNTEER FOR THE IMAMBARGAH...BALOGNA/SALAMI/PASTRAMI ADDED TOGETHER.. THEN WHEN THE MADRESSA IS LOOKING FOR "HELPERS" AND U ASK "HOW IS IT U ARE ASKING FOR HELPERS" WHEN THEY ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE FROM THE MOMENT THEY OPEN THEIR CARS AND UNTIL THEY GO BACK TO THEIR CARS THEY ARE "HELPING" AND THEY'LL SAY WE DO ASK THEM FOR HELP BUT THEY ANSWER "WE ONLY WORK FOR THE IMAMBARGAH".. AND THE SAME FOR YOUTH COMMITTEE EVENTS...NO SIGHT OF THE SO CALLED "IMAMBARGAH HELPERS". SO WHEN U ASKED "DOES IT ONLY FOR THE IMAMBARGAH" WELL LIKE THE SAYING GOES THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.... and these are the same so called "helpers/volunteers" who will without any shame/guilt will tell you : "the kids/children do not learn anything or benefit anything from attending in the imambargah events ' so instead of working out with the committee to see how the committee and themselves and come together and attract the kids/children attend the imambargah activities, they'll take them to the kitchen and tell them "what u are doing is rewarding/sawabs.. and when ASKED : WELL TAKE THEM OUT OF THE MADRESSA (FOR NO ONE WILL TELL U THEY LIKE MADRESSA) OR TAKE THEM OUT O THE SPORTS/YOUTH ACTIVITIES THE SAME ONE WILL RESPOND.. no they have to listen/hear to the Quran/duas/etc. and they need to play and socialize with their peers and it's ok THERE'S ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE WORK SO SORRY SIST/BRO I BEG TO DIFFER WITH UR RESPONE a true volunteer in my dictionary/meaning is (and U'll can disagree but i'll even on the day of judgment stand in front of Allah and give Him the same response as to who is a true volunteer) is NOT THE ONE WHO DOESN'T LOOK AT WHAT HE/SHE CAN GET AWAY FROM THAT WHICH IS BORING TO HELP OUT but helps out in any size/shape/color activity that is going on and off course in a balance way.. so when there is a community that has 1. madressa 2. imambargah 3. youth 4. sports committees, one does not CALL THEMSELVES VOLUNTEERS BY ONLY FEEDING PEOPLE AND FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END AT ONE PLACE AND ONE PLACE ONLY BUT one says that i'll give this much time to the madressa when it comes to feeding people and that SAME AMOUNT OF TIME AT THE OTHER 3 and is seen next to the food when all 4 have events and activities... JZ lastly it's sad to see that Imam Hussein message being watered down to chai/fateha/niyaz when it comes to imambargah; for when there is food in the other activities and programs and no one cares about the food then for Imam Hussein also died for the food in the madressa/youth committee/sports activities...and there is sawabs there also
  4. What u responded is 100% true but if only it was true in it's happening ? I'll tell u where I am coming from. My Marhum Dad use to always quote : "We don't live to eat, we eat to live." And we constantly hear that : "Islam believes in balance". So let's put both sayings together and come out with the following; Just like in school there is a balance btwn the 1. studies/courses/subjects 2. Recess/break time 3. Lunch/break; and at work there is 1. work time 2. 15mns break 3. a full 1/2 lunch break ....we have the same in religion. Imagine if a child came home and the parent asked their child. So child, how was school ? The respond they got was I spent the whole time in the cafeteria from the beginning of the school time till end, I help in the cleaning/clearing/feeding helping out the staff OR in a different situation : If an elderly parent was asked : What does your child do ? and your child decided to help out in the kitchen after high school graduation and never going to college How, as a parent, would you feel or what would be ur response ? (Keeping in mind : that volunteering and feeding people carry lots of rewards/sawabs). So to conclude there is a time and place for everything and I was aiming for (and I do apologize if I wasn't clear" WHERE IS THE BALANCE ???? We do not go to the imambargah (same as madressa/sports/youth events) to eat fateha/niyaz/chai solely and thus be only worried about it just like we don't live to eat. Moreover where is the balance : SADLY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO VOLUNTEER AT THE IMAMBARGAH WILL NOT BE SEEN OR MAKE THEMSELVES AVAIALBE WHEN THERE IS A SHORTAGE AT THE MADRESSA/YOUTH/SPORTS ACTIVITIES ? AND SADLY NO ONE WILL PICK UP ANYTHING FROM THE GROUND OR SERVE PEOPLE WITH A GLASS OF WATER/TEA AT OTHER ACTIVITES BUT ONLY AT THE IMAMBARGAH...HOW SAD.
  5. I m intrigued by the comment/criticisms and I find it healthy that many different angles are being approached; but at the end of the day we need to remember a pattern that we are use to seeing happen regardless of a republican/democrat/independent/green party etc. As for the Muslims, non of the past/present/future presidents will ever be in our favor. And we all know why ? Starts with Z...... And that is why it wasn't a surprise that awhile ago there was an article that read as follows: Who will Israel like/prefer/vote for the American president ? We have 120+ nations/countries but only 1 made it to the news. I noted that some of the questions posed in some of the posts were very interesting and I thought I cut/copy/paste the one(s) I felt interesting to respond: 1. who has the decency and sanity to publically acknowledge Muslim Americans as citizens with equal rights and liberties? Before the elections, everyone "smooches" up with the Muslims. Once in power, none of them have kept their words and sadly turns out the worst (Umayyad vs Abbasid Empire: The Umayyad were considered the worst, and at 1st the Abbasids appeared as "Ahlulbayt supporters" but the ended up 2 x worst". So to consider "an American politician" to acknowledge Muslim Americans as citizens with equal rights/liberties : is a far outstretch and outcry. 2. From an International perspective, who is capable of a reasonable conflict resolution or compromise? Well when Clinton was asked to comment on the Iran Nuclear Deal she outright stated : When I am president I'll destroy/eliminate the deal and for the security of the Zionists I'll give Iran an ultimatum. Either give up/destroy it or we'll destroy it for you with the help of the Zionists. Moreover, she is for the "no fly zone" in Syria where Syria and Russia won't be able to bomb out the rebels/ISIS and the rebels/ISIS will furtur succeed and push their ways. For in history we have seen wherever there is a "no fly zone" it's always the nation and it's allies that loose and the other side wins. 3. Who is not trigger happy? Who can make considered and calculated decisions? Well we all know that at the end of the day its not the seat at the white house that has the say. It's the senate/House of Representatives. The president either signs or veto(s) and even though he/she veto(s) it goes back to the same house of representative/senate to override it. I still fee that Donald trump will be a suitable "choice btwn 2 devils" because of my example which i'll stick to and that is : the 2 people who choose to 1. not have their house alarmed and continue to blame the outsiders for the thefts that occur in the house 2. choose to install an alarm and only both have the codes and then know it's the job of an insider. Democrats are 1. open the doors to "terrorist", "illegal immigrants" and then blame them 2. keep them out and then get to the real ones - THE INSIDERS which we knew from day 1.
  6. magma: u responded with a little confusion or non clarity and I am willing to clarify but I don't see been given the opportunity to do so so i'll ask once again : WHICH/WHEN/WHERE/WHY/ETC ETC WAS THE "NOT A VERY CLEAR READ" PART ?????? By the mean time i'll try to clarify by making a statement and include a question... THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO BELIVE THAT THE SAWABS/REWARDS IS/ARE ONLY FOUND IN THE VOLUNTEERING OF FOOD (ESP) IN AN IMAMBARGAH AND NONE IN OTHER BUILDINGS/COMMITTEES WITHIN THE SAME COMPOUND. SO IF I WERE TO SAY VOLUNTEER INVOLVING FEEDING AT A MADRESSA OCCASSION OR A SPORTS OCCASSIONS (ESP TOURNMENTS WHICH INVOLVES OUTSIDERS/STRANGERS) OR A YOUTH COMMITTEE EVENT : guess what not a single "so call volunteer" face will be seen : WHY??? BECAUSE THERE IS NO SAWABS/REWARDS. But come imambargah people LEAVE THE QURAN/DUAS/PRAYERS/LECTURES/ZIARATS/ETC ALL IN THE NAME OF NIYAZ/FATEHA/CHAI and there an only THERE IS SAWABAS/REWARDS BEING TALKED OFF.. IS THIS RIGHT ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Peace/blessings/mercy be upon all humankind. I want each and everyone of you'll who plan to read it do me 3 favors 1) read it entirely until THE END and don't leave 1/2 way 2) read it again and again if needed before u comment 3) if u feel that I am unclear please request clarification for I'd HATE TO BE MISUNDERSTOOD and words put in my mouth (which I never said/meant)... The elections are up in the USA and we are at once again at crossroads and mind you this is not a weird crossword 1st of it's kind. USA is known to have done notorious things like 1. Placing a Hollywood cowboy in the white house (Ronald Reagan) 2. A Hollywood actor as the governor (arnold Schwarzenegger) and 3. A wrestler as a mayor (Hulk Hogan). And why not come to think of it : A CORRUPTED POLITICIAN IS AS FAR AS WORST then a non politician altogether. Moreover, this is my belief; WE HEAR THESE POLITICIAN WHO HAVE HAD SENATOR SEATS FOR MANY YEARS WHERE THEY DID NOTHING, ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING WHEN THEY HAD A HAND/VOICE IN THE SENATE/HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE AND NOW THEY'LL DO SOMETHING WHEN THEY HAVE THE SEAT...BOGUS... Now coming to Trump vs Hillary; IT IS FROM HERE ONWARDS I WANT U'LL TO DO THE 3 FAVORS I ASKED ABOVE for I plan to vote 100% and hope the entire muslim population vote for DONALD TRUMP.. I know I've got eyebrows frowning and tempers forming but HEAR ME OUT AND U'LL AGREE/ACCET WITH ME... For as long as we've had democrats in the white house (Bill Clinton/Obama) we've had the following pattern ; THEY WILL SMOOCH AND KISS OUR MUSLIM _____, MAKE PROMISES TO OPEN THEIR HEARTS/LANDS/ETC TOWARDS THE MUSLIMS AND THEN ONCE IN POWER wham we see their true colors Any so call ACT OF TERROR 1. THE MUSLIMS ARE THE 1ST ONES TO BE BLAMED 2. THE IMMIGRANTS ESPECIALLY. So when Trump was asked about it HE WAS RIGHT TO SAY LET'S 1. KEEP STOP THE MUSLIM IMMIGRATION ESP FROM TERRORIST COUNTRIES AND 2. BUILD A WALL FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS By doing that IN MY OPINION WE WILL FINALLY GET TO THE CORE OF THE who actually are the trouble makers ? because they would no longer be able to point fingers (LIKE THE DEMOCRATS ) TOWARDS THE MUSLIMS FROM THE TERRORIST COUNTRIES nor the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS By CLINTON WINNING SHE WILL DO EXACTLY LIKE HER PREDECESSORS: SHE'LL SHOW THE WORLD THAT SHE IS OPENING HER HANDS TOWARDS THE UNFORTUNATE MUSLIMS FROM ABROAD AND ACCEPT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND wham when an act of terror occurs IT WILL BE OUR (MUSLIMS) FAULT... Consider the following example: There are 2 people leaving in a house and apparently thy noticed that their house was being robbed every time. THEY ARE 2 POSSIBILITES: 1) AN OUTSIDER IS DOING THE DIRTY JOB (2) AN INSDIER. as long as they don't install an alarm and only both of them know the code, their house can continuously be robbed and they will not know whether it is an act of an outsider vs insider. ONCE THEY SET AN ALARM AND ONLY BOTH OF THEM HAVE THE CODE: AND THE ACT STILL OCCURS THEN THEY CAN RULE OUT IT'S NOT THE JOB OF AN OUTSIDER but an insider... SO THE DEMOCRATS (BILLY CLINTON, OBAMA, ETC ETC (HILLARY) ARE THE ONES WHO DON'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE ONE'S WHO THEY BLAME ARE THE TERRORISTS AND THUS WILL KEEP ON BLAMING THE OUTSIDERS but DONALD TRUMP IS THE ONE WHO IS THE ONE WHO WILL SET AN ALARM AND ONLY HE WILL KNOW THE ALARM CODE AND then when an act of terror will occur WE ALL WILL KNOW THAT IT IS THE JOB OF AN INSIDER (WHICH WE ALL KNOW IT IS FROM DAY ONE BUT CANNOT PROVE IT WITH THE POLICIES OF THE DEMOCRATS) AND FINALLY WE (ESP MUSLIMS) CAN BREATHE.... THE END..............................THE END.................THE END....................................THE END....................................THE END..........................THE END.........................THE END.. Please reread the 3 favors and then comment for I am hoping to see sound intelligent comments (the mind/brain speaking) and not the emotional (heart speaking).......
  8. 1st and foremost I am glad to see a healthy conversation and lots of views/ideas that have come up. i'll add my 2 cents to it after having read all the comments. 1. We hear from the pulpit once in awhile off the following anecdote that occurred in the life of our Holy Prophet. The pagans (same pagans we are talking off today) came to our Prophet thinking they could score a deal with him. They said : O Muhammad ! Why don't we come 1/2 way (compromise) so we both (in their terms) are winners. Option A: We will worship our idols for 364 days in a yr, and will dedicate 1 day to your Allah or Option B: You worship Ur Allah, 364 days a yr and dedicate 1 day to our idols. And it is here that our Holy Prophet disagreed and recited the last verse of Sura Kafiroon: U go ur way/belief/religion/faith I go my way/belief/religion/faith. Now why can't we do that. When the pagans come to us and say the say thing they forefathers told our prophet : O you believers u'll can continue to worship/believe/faith in your mosques/imambargahs/etc for 364 days in a yr but leave the 1 day to our holiday (Halloween). I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY DO WE FEEL PRESSURED TO SAY YES AND NOT BEHAVE LIKE THE SUNNAH OF THE PROHET AND SAY: U GO UR WAY WE GO OUR WAY. 2. What is sad is we SOME OF UR ARE GIFTED TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND ALL 52 THURSDAYS + 52 jUMMA + 30 NIGHTS OF THE BLESSED FASTING MONTH + 12 NIGHTS OF MUHARRAM ETC ETC BUT INSTEAD CHOOSE TO STAY HOME OR DO SOMETHING ELSE. That in no size/shape/color tickle our conscience or guilt. BUT COME HALLOWEEN (THAT HAS NOTHING GOT TO DO WITH THE CHAWDA-E-MASOOMEEN) AND SUDDENLY OUR CONSCIENCE IS BOTHERED ??? HOW SAD .... 3. Lastly, I have many non muslim friends in the Islamic countries in the middle east where they are constantly in the presence of Islamic occasions and NOT FORGETTING THE AZAN 5 TIMES IN A DAY. When I ask them if they feel any pressure THEY SAY : NO. So when their occasions come up which is FOR GOD'S SAKE JUST ONCE IN A YR...WHY DOES THE PRESSURE POT START BOILING WHERE there pressure pot never even heats up when they have heard 5 X 365 = 1, 825 (that is one thousand eight hundred and twenty five ) azan U DON'T SEE THEM PRESSURIZED TO JOIN THE MASJID OR LAY A MUSALLAH...BECAUSE THEY HEARTS ARE FIRM We have the faith of our Imams and Prophets and Ramadhan and Muhararam and YET OUR HEARTS ARE WEAK WHERE WE WANT TO ADD A(N) UNISLAMIC DEVIL'S DAY.. Now we know WHY IMAM MAHDI IS NOT YET READY TO COME...GOD FORBID'S HE COME'S ON FRIDAY OCTOBER 31ST WILL WE BE JOINING DAJJAL AT HIS HALLOWEEN ;PARTY OR IMAM MAHDI....
  9. This yr 10/31 was the 20th of Imam-e-Hussein (aka wismu) once again we heard a wonderful lecture and one portion of the lecture reminded me, off how sadly that every yr right around October 31st, we (who call our self as shia of Ali/Huusein) go through the following dilemma..... we were reminded that "the people of Saturday who were instructed by Allah that they could FISH FOR 6 DAYS OF THE WEEK BUT NOT JUST A MERE 1 DAY ONLY...but still people saw the cup: 1/2 empty and wanted that 1 day also... Alhamdullilah, Shukranlillah, we (esp shias) are blessed in a 365 days a yr (mind u the Islamic calendar is 354 days (11 days shy, so a few events are done twice in a yr) with the following Shia Islamic occasions :- 1) Prophet's Birthday/Death day (2 days). 2) 12 Imams Birthday/11 Imams Wafaat (Total: 23 days), 3) 30 nights of Ramadhan (Total 30). 4) 12 nights of Muharram (total 12). 5) 5 Eids (Eid Zehra + Eid Fitr + Eid Adha + Eid Ghadeer + Eid Mubahala) (Total 5 days) 6) Dasmu + Wismu + Trismu + Chalismu (Total 4 occasions). 7) Meraj + H. Abbas Wiladat + here and there (Total 4 occasions)... Now let's do the math that in a given 354 Islamic days in a yr it's a give in (no if's, but's, maybe's) we gather for a total of 2 + 23 + 30 + 12 + 5 + 4 + 4 = 80 occasion (I haven't added the 52 Thursday's in a yr + jumma (otherwise the total would be = 80 + 52 + 52 = 184 ....if some of U'll remember awhile ago I stated that a sister in our community did us a favor and saved all the occasions paper from 1st Muharram until 30 Zilhajj and calculated that we did INDEED go to the mosque exactly 1/2 the yr (182/184)... AND INSTEAD OF BEING SATISFIED WE LIKE THE PEOPLE OF THE SATURDAY ARE ASKING can we accommodate JUST 1 MORE DAY (HALLOWEEN)... WHAT'S MORE SADDEST IS OUT OF ALL THE BELIEVERS OF GOD (JEWS/HINDUS/SUNNIS/ETC) WE SHIAS OF IMAM HUSSEIN WHO GAVE HIS LIFE, HIS 6 MONTH OLD CHILD IN KERBLA'S LIFE.. we have the audacity to STILL SEE THE GLASS 1/2 EMPTY (AFTER 80 OCCASSIONS WE ARE ALREADY BLESSED IN) and seek a NON ISLAMIC DEMON OCCASSION. I remember one sheikh saying it very nicely the following ; WATCH CAREFULLY WHO ARE THE PEOPLE SEEK SUCH THING WHERE EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE BLESSED WITH ALLOT THEY SEEK MORE.. those who don't take advantage of what they have IT IS THOSE WHO COME TO THE MOSQUE FOR JUST 1 OR 2 OCCASSIONS HERE AND THERE.....these are the ones whose souls are still empty seeking for more... OTHERWISE IF A PERSON ATTENDED ALL 80 OCCASSIONS : would they be any reason seeking for 81st (unless he is like the people of Saturday who were given 6 days out of the week to fish but still wanted the7TH). How sad....US SHIAS AND HALLOWEEN....make's IMAM MAHDI WONDER : are these the kind of people I have to put up with when I reappear....... ANYONE WANT TO ADD THEIR INPUT PLEASE FEEL FREE .....
  10. I'll be glad to clear whatever is unclear ?
  11. U many be wondering/noticing as to why I insist on the imambargah issue and nothing else. WELL READ ON.....AND U MAY JOIN ME AND AGREE/ACCEPT...... Throughout my observations of many activities/events/programs/etc that takes place in a community, it mesmerizes/surprises me and I always ponder and saddened me: WHY DOES ALL (BE IT SPORTS/MADRESSA/YOUTH COMMITTEE/ETC) GET THEIR DUE RESPECT AND THERE ISN'T ANY DISTRACTION but come Imambaragh: it's like nothing is happeining/occurring or taking place.... For example :- 1. Let's start with Madressa : Children come and are instructed by the MADRESSA STAFF to be in the area where the Quran/Duas/Prayers/etc are held. There is a kitchen that needs to be attended to for the lunch/snaks for the children, a yard/ground(s) outside that needs to be maintained; BUT NO ONE CARES BUT WHAT GOES//TAKES PLACE WITHIN THE CLASES/HALL. 2. The Sports Complex/Gym:- the players are present where the games/activity is taking place and ONCE AGAIN THE KITCHEN IS PRESENT AND NEEDS TO FEED THE PLAYERS/VISITIORS/ATTENDEES/ETC and the yard needs to be maintained BUT NO ONE CARES AND ATTENDS TO IT. 3. The Youth Committee: Same: RESPECT GIVEN TO THE ACTIVITY/EVEN HELD BY THE YOUTH(S) BUT NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE KITCHEN/YARD. 4. No here is the most saddest part : IMAMBARGAH : NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE PROGRAMME (SAME THAT OF THE MADRESSA: QURAN/DUAS/PRAYERS THAT THE STAFF/STUDENTS WERE CONCERNED ABOUT AND IN THE RESPECTED PLACES) AND NOW EVERYONE CARES AOBUT THE SAME KITCHEN/GROUNDS/YARD AROUND THE COMPOUND THAT NO ONE CARED DURING THE MADRESSA/SPORTS CENTER/YOUTH COMMITTEE EVENTS. So now I ask this question in my subject:- IMAMBARGAH.....????? WHAT/WHICH/WHEN/WHY/HOW/WHO....in re: Imambargah ? Should it be a place where just like a 1. Feed my starving children 2. Majide noor feed the homeless kitchen event 3. Salvation army place thus we need not HOLD THE HOLY QURAN/DUAS/NAMAAZ/ISLAMIC TEACHINGS/ETC for it doesn't take place in the 1. Feed my starving children 2. Masjide Noor 3. Salvation army.... Lets have an open door discussion FOR I COULD BE THE ONE WITH A 1 MINDED BELIEF WEHRE I BELIEVE THAT THE IMAMBARGAH IS THE EXTENSION/COMPLIMENTARY OF THE MADRESSA WHERE THE CHILDREN/STUDENTS ESPECIALLY CAN CONTINUE THE HOLY QURAN/DUAS/NAMAAZ/ISLAMIC TEACHINGS FROM THE MADRESSA INTO THEIR HOMES.... Thanks in advance.....
  12. We pray that the Almighty grant us the ability/strength esp. from here onwards (the month of sacrifice/Imam Hussein) until the Day of Judgment that we upkeep the words/respect of the Holy Quran and Ahlulbayt for every breadth we takeSince I still care and will care about my moamineen brothers/sisters I have a 1 time fun filled family exercise (and u all thought Mohamed Shivji is boring and never has fun) but I guarantee that A LIFE LONG LESSON TILL THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT, will take place. Ready: here we go:- I want you'll to get 3 pieces of cloth (handkerchief for example) and come back and read the rest. (P.S:- if you have a family then get the family together and have them participate)..... Now take the 1st handkerchief/piece of cloth and tie the end to the end of the 2nd handkerchief/piece of cloth. Then tile the 2nd handkerchief/piece of cloth with the 3rd. (Now u should have 3 handkerchiefs where the 1st is tied to the 2nd and the 2nd tied to the 3rd). So now move the 3rd handkerchief around here and there wherever you want (in circles too). Can anyone tell me what they noted. I am sure you must be saying : WELL THE OBVIOUS : AS I MOVE THE 3RD PIECE OF THE CLOTH THE 1ST/2ND FOLLOW: WHAT ELSE WERE WE SUPPOSE TO SEE HAPPEN ??? Now if we are all on the same page NOW DO THE 2ND PART OF EXERCISE AS FOLLOWS;- Untie the 2nd piece of cloth from the 1st and 3rd and take it out of the picture (put it away or place it in ur pocket)..... So now u should have only 2 untied pieces of cloth (one on the left side and the other on the right side).... DON'T GET BORED FOR HERE IS THE INTERESTING PART TO COME : I want you to move the piece of cloth on the right hand side round and round (even in circles) NOW TELL ME WHAT U SEE HAPPEINING ? IF ANYONE OF YOU TELLS ME THE HANDKERCHIEF ON THE LEFT COMES ALONG THEN U HAVE TO YOUTUBE IT AND SEND IT TO ME AND I'LL FREAK OUT. all of you'll will agree/accept (unless you are a magician) that as long as u move 1 handkerchief the other stayed behind. Now let give names/titles to these handkerchiefs : Name/Title the 1st handkerchief as Madrassa; the 2nd :- Imambargah; and the 3rd :- Home. If the 1st piece of cloth (Madrassa) expects the students to go home (3rd piece of cloth) and practice/listen/recite/respect/etc. the Quran/Duas/Islamic knowledge/Namaaz/ziarat/etc. without the presence of CLOTH NO. 2 (THE IMAMBARGAH) THEN HOW DOES IT HAPPEN.... As we proved that the only way the 3rd piece of cloth moved the 1st piece of cloth was the presence and tied corners of the 2nd piece of cloth in btwn THEN THE ONY WAY THE MADRESSA STUDENTS ARE ABLE TO TAKE THEIR WORK HOME IS WHEN THEY PRACTICE THAT SAME RESPECT/PRACTICE/LISTEN/RECITE AT THE IMAMBARAGAH... Is that fair to say OR DOES ANYONE HAS SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO SAY.... Tc. Kh. P.S/N.B.:- THE DIFFERENCE BTWN A ZAKIR AND AN AALIM IS AN AALIM WOULD SEND PEOPLE AWAY IF THEY CAME TO HIM WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S TALK. BUT A ZAKIR (LIKE A VACCUUM) WILL HOSE IT IN AND ON TOP OF IT WILL DO THE FAVOR FOR THE PEOPLE BY SPEAKING ON THEIR BEHALF. AND BY THE WAY I AM STILL ALIVE AND BREATHING AND TO MY KNOWLEDGE HAVEN'T CHOSEN ANYONE TO SPEAK ON MY BEHALF.....
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