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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamun Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh... Every Thursday we recite zirat waritha and we curse 3 groups of people when it comes to the tragedy of kerbala... 1. The ones who killed Imam Hussein (present on the battle field). 2. The ones who made it possible (the behind the scenes, who prosecuted and made sure that the orders were carried out (not the ones who were directly on the field, but behind the scenes). 3. The ones who were pleas
  2. Well whoever wins and is the next president we are 100% sure without any disagreements and with absoluteness that they will be "PRO ZIONIST" so we can huff/puff at the white house to blow in our favor, and it will never happen..... but I'd like you all to join me in a project and hoping that we can only hope the best..... here is the little project: The day when whoever is sworn into power...THAT WILL BE DAY 1 OF OUR NEXT 4 YRS PROJECT.. let us count as to how many times from the DAY THE NEW PRESIDENT BEGINS IN OFFICE UPTO NEXT ELECTIONS....we Muslims come under attack... 1
  3. Salam 1. m sorry but we cannot be judgmental for anyone 2.Like it's not necessary if we see someone helping to serve tea water or anything at imambargah that particular person does it only in imambargah 3. It might be possible that particular person helps with reciting activities to other places and serving gestures IF THE ABOVE WAS TRUE IT'S "LIKE I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN"... LET ME ASSURE EVERYONE THAT WHEN I SAY/WRITE THINGS, I DON'T WRITE IT WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE...I WRITE WITH 26 YRS OF EXPERIENCE... I WOULDN'T BE JUDMEMENTAL IF I SAW THE SAME PERSON ATLEAST HEL
  4. What u responded is 100% true but if only it was true in it's happening ? I'll tell u where I am coming from. My Marhum Dad use to always quote : "We don't live to eat, we eat to live." And we constantly hear that : "Islam believes in balance". So let's put both sayings together and come out with the following; Just like in school there is a balance btwn the 1. studies/courses/subjects 2. Recess/break time 3. Lunch/break; and at work there is 1. work time 2. 15mns break 3. a full 1/2 lunch break ....we have the same in religion. Imagine if a child came home and the parent a
  5. I m intrigued by the comment/criticisms and I find it healthy that many different angles are being approached; but at the end of the day we need to remember a pattern that we are use to seeing happen regardless of a republican/democrat/independent/green party etc. As for the Muslims, non of the past/present/future presidents will ever be in our favor. And we all know why ? Starts with Z...... And that is why it wasn't a surprise that awhile ago there was an article that read as follows: Who will Israel like/prefer/vote for the American president ? We have 120+ nations/countries but o
  6. magma: u responded with a little confusion or non clarity and I am willing to clarify but I don't see been given the opportunity to do so so i'll ask once again : WHICH/WHEN/WHERE/WHY/ETC ETC WAS THE "NOT A VERY CLEAR READ" PART ?????? By the mean time i'll try to clarify by making a statement and include a question... THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO BELIVE THAT THE SAWABS/REWARDS IS/ARE ONLY FOUND IN THE VOLUNTEERING OF FOOD (ESP) IN AN IMAMBARGAH AND NONE IN OTHER BUILDINGS/COMMITTEES WITHIN THE SAME COMPOUND. SO IF I WERE TO SAY VOLUNTEER INVOLVING FEEDING AT A MADRESSA OCCASS
  7. Peace/blessings/mercy be upon all humankind. I want each and everyone of you'll who plan to read it do me 3 favors 1) read it entirely until THE END and don't leave 1/2 way 2) read it again and again if needed before u comment 3) if u feel that I am unclear please request clarification for I'd HATE TO BE MISUNDERSTOOD and words put in my mouth (which I never said/meant)... The elections are up in the USA and we are at once again at crossroads and mind you this is not a weird crossword 1st of it's kind. USA is known to have done notorious things like 1. Placing a Hollywood cowboy in t
  8. 1st and foremost I am glad to see a healthy conversation and lots of views/ideas that have come up. i'll add my 2 cents to it after having read all the comments. 1. We hear from the pulpit once in awhile off the following anecdote that occurred in the life of our Holy Prophet. The pagans (same pagans we are talking off today) came to our Prophet thinking they could score a deal with him. They said : O Muhammad ! Why don't we come 1/2 way (compromise) so we both (in their terms) are winners. Option A: We will worship our idols for 364 days in a yr, and will dedicate 1 day to your All
  9. This yr 10/31 was the 20th of Imam-e-Hussein (aka wismu) once again we heard a wonderful lecture and one portion of the lecture reminded me, off how sadly that every yr right around October 31st, we (who call our self as shia of Ali/Huusein) go through the following dilemma..... we were reminded that "the people of Saturday who were instructed by Allah that they could FISH FOR 6 DAYS OF THE WEEK BUT NOT JUST A MERE 1 DAY ONLY...but still people saw the cup: 1/2 empty and wanted that 1 day also... Alhamdullilah, Shukranlillah, we (esp shias) are blessed in a 365
  10. I'll be glad to clear whatever is unclear ?
  11. U many be wondering/noticing as to why I insist on the imambargah issue and nothing else. WELL READ ON.....AND U MAY JOIN ME AND AGREE/ACCEPT...... Throughout my observations of many activities/events/programs/etc that takes place in a community, it mesmerizes/surprises me and I always ponder and saddened me: WHY DOES ALL (BE IT SPORTS/MADRESSA/YOUTH COMMITTEE/ETC) GET THEIR DUE RESPECT AND THERE ISN'T ANY DISTRACTION but come Imambaragh: it's like nothing is happeining/occurring or taking place.... For example :- 1. Let's start with Madressa : Children come and are instructed by the
  12. We pray that the Almighty grant us the ability/strength esp. from here onwards (the month of sacrifice/Imam Hussein) until the Day of Judgment that we upkeep the words/respect of the Holy Quran and Ahlulbayt for every breadth we takeSince I still care and will care about my moamineen brothers/sisters I have a 1 time fun filled family exercise (and u all thought Mohamed Shivji is boring and never has fun) but I guarantee that A LIFE LONG LESSON TILL THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT, will take place. Ready: here we go:- I want you'll to get 3 pieces of cloth (handkerchief for example) and come back and r
  13. HOPE THE FOLLOWING HELPS TO UNDERSTAND. I WILL F/U WITH MORE:- 1. We do not need strategy/blueprint/rocket scientist but plan simple common sense which sometimes people can have degrees/diplomas/certificates on their walls but nonsense out of their hands/mouth. What strategy does one need or blueprints or rocket scientist plan when a child comes to an adult and says :- WITH DUE RESPECT FATHER/UNCLE IF IT IS WRONG TO BE OUTSIDE WHILE THE HOLY QURAN/DUAS/PRAYERS/TASBEEHS/ZIARATS/ETC IS TAKING PALCE IN THE IMAMBARGAH THEN WHY IS THE MADRESSA STAFF DOING IT. SO U HAVE
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