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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dhulfiqar Media Presents Labbayk Ya Husayn(A) By Sayyed Jawad Naqvi & Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Watch Online: http://blip.tv/file/3173338/ Download: http://blip.tv/file/get/Dhulfiqar-LabbaykCLIP816.wmv
  2. Sufism without doubt has deviated from the True and Pure Islam. Real Irfan is that which does not contradict Shari'ah and practiced by greatest Scholars ever such as Imam Khumayni(RA), Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Qadhi(RA), Allamah Sayyed Tabataba'i(RA), Ayatollah Bahjat(RA) and many others of the great scholars. One should be careful with those who claim to be on the path of Irfan and its not so difficult to recognize them unless one doesnt have proper Islamic knowledge then one is likely to fall in their satanic traps. Even in Qum Hawzah there are such deviant people walking around, ofcourse their support is very very limited and minor but its still something to ponder about when someone who wears the cloths of the Prophet(S) causes such corruption on earth... When they asked Ayatollah Bahjat about True Irfan he replied that it is that you abstain from sin and perform you wajibat, whole irfan is summarized in this one sentence! True Irfan that is ofcourse not Sufi type and other deviant forms which is nothing but words and false Irfan. If one is really interested in True Irfan he should look up for the books of Imam Khumayni and other great scholars on this subject such as Ayatollah Maleki Tabrizi's book called Liqa' Allah, and many other books written on the subject.
  3. Sayed Taqi Rizvi - Revolution of Imam Husayn(A) and Islamic Revolution of Iran Date: 16/01/2010 Location & Audience: Qum Al-Muqaddasah / Students from western countries in Al-Mustafa International University, Islamic Seminary of Holy Qum. Listen Online: http://blip.tv/file/3113761 Download: http://blip.tv/file/get/Imfront-Rizvi_160110864.mp3
  4. Komiteye Emdade Imam Khumayni(RA) has opened a special account for Helping the affected in Haiti. Islamic Government is always with the oppressed and the deprived not like kafir and selfish regimes of United Snakes and LITTLE Britain!
  5. So ShiaChat is still the old FitnahChat, why it never changes?! I wonder?!! Which righteous Ulama are u talking about?!!! Allamah Ayatollah Hasanzade Amoli(HA) one of the top students of Allamah Tabataba'i(RA) is of the righteous Ulama go and see the video that I've posted and see how this Arif and Faqih praises Sayed al-Qaed(HA) not your phony and self proclaimed Marja's who arent even recognized by the real great Ulama Al Rabbani and Urafa! I request ShiaChat moderators/admins to carefully revise the post of this individual for his direct insult to Sayed al-Qaed(HA). You are too insignificant to be even considered a human being let alone a Muslim. Anyone who with full knowledge of the truth bares hatred against Sayed al-Qaed(HA).... I leave it at that!!!
  6. ^ It would have been better without first getting angry over nothing, to first read the post carefully before even thinking about writing a reply. I said Kuffar made mis and dis information! I was talking about spreading the lies of kuffar media. Next time read carefully Insha Allah. I trust you understand.
  7. NEW! Weekly Sessions with Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Sheikh Hamza Sodagar(HA) Series of Lectures on Basirah and Insight - Session 1 - Date: 13/01/2010 Audience and Location: Western students of Al-Mustafa International University, Islamic Seminary of Holy Qum. Listen Online: http://blip.tv/file/3084642 Download: http://blip.tv/file/get/Imfront-SheikhHamzaBasirah01721.mp3
  8. Your post is so worthless that I didnt even bother to read the trash entirely. Lets analyse just this one lie for the time being: I urge the believers to read the quote carefully! Everyone in Islamic Iran and Holy Qum knows that Ayatollah Javadi(HA) is not a Marja' although eligeble for Marja'iyah according to many fuqaha and scholars, now why the kuffar want to give him the title of Grand Ayatollah when he isnt a Marja' (at least not yet)?!!! This is how shaytan works mixing truth with falsehood! For the information of the ignorants and the enmies, Ayatollah Javadi(HA) is one of the staunchest supporters of Sayed al-Qaed(HA) and his resignation had nothing to do with current political issues in Iran, those who are in Qum know very well that Ayatollah Javadi rarely came for Salat Al Jum'ah during last few years due to his health and also due to extensive hawzah works. After this lie came in the media a group of students who had a meeting with Ayatollah Javadi(HA), there he refuted the lies surrounding the resignation and emphesised on following the line of Wilayah. If the poster had an inch of Iman and decency he should have first checked his sources before spreading Kuffar made mis and dis information.Regarding Mohammad Ali Dastgheib, he is like Sheikh Sanei a self proclaimed Marja'! His unislamic statements are not even worth mentioning, he is a nobody in the hawzah! No one even considers him something to be talked about. We are glad that during this time of trial and Fitnah all war fronts are being made clear, all munafiqeen and sickminded and or misguided groups and individuals have showed their true colours and this is a great blessing for the Islamic Revolution. Alhamdulillah.
  9. Inna A'tayna Kal Kawthar... Khamenei Kovsar ast, Doshmane Ou Abtar ast! :: Khamenei is Kawthar, his enemy is Abtar!
  10. Not as far as I know, this is up to those brothers who have the time to do that. It would have been an honor for us to do such a thing but due to studies it is very difficult at the moment.
  11. Part 1 Watch Online: http://blip.tv/file/3074968 Download: http://blip.tv/file/get/Imfront-hezbollahHistory01315.wmv Part 2 Watch Online: http://blip.tv/file/3074983 Download: http://blip.tv/file/get/Imfront-hezbollahHistory02200.wmv Part 3 Watch Oline: http://blip.tv/file/3074992 Download: http://blip.tv/file/get/Imfront-hezbollahHistory03377.wmv Part 4 Watch Online: http://blip.tv/file/3075004 Download: http://blip.tv/file/get/Imfront-hezbollahHistory04177.wmv
  12. One of the greatest scholars of Qum Hawzah H.E. Allamah Ayatollah Hasanazade Amoli(HA) Praising Sayed al-Qaed Ayatollah al-Udhma Sayed Ali al-Husayni Khamenei(HA) May the black and sinful hearts of all Munafiqeen burn after seeing this video.. Watch Online: http://blip.tv/file/3075041 Download Link: http://blip.tv/file/get/Imfront-AllamahHasanzadeAboutSayedAlQaed229.flv
  13. Ayna Ammar?.. Where is Ammar?.. Language of clip: Farsi/Persian Watch Online: http://blip.tv/file/3075017 Download Link: http://blip.tv/file/get/Imfront-AynaAmmar781.wmv
  14. Bismillah Al-Qassim Al-Jabbarin We are glad that our enemies are made out of fools! Especially the wily LITTLE britain. When the news about the martyrdom of Amir Al-Mumineen(A) became known in Sham some ignorants and fools due to the extensive propaganda by the enemies of the Truth, responded by saying did Ali(A) even pray that he was killed inside a Mosque?!!! Today history is repeating itself again but this time its not about A'immah Al-Athar(A) but about one of their most noble sons which is Sayed al Qaed Ayatollah Al-Udhma Sayed Ali al-Husayni Khamenei(HA). It is not surprising that the lackeys of the damned elizabeth the cursed are spreading such lies and rumours. With prayers for the destruction of the satanic queen and regime of LITTLE britain and her spies and lackeys, especially the munafiqeen of the Ummah. Allah Akbar, Khamenei Rahbar.
  15. Speaker: Hujjatul-Islam Sayed Ahmad Zaki Hussaini(HA) The Sayed is from Australia with a degree in Political Sciences from America and currently one of the senior western students in Qum Hawzah. Topic: Reversion to Islam in the West Audience: Western Students in the Islamic Seminay of Holy Qum, Al-Mustafa International University. Listen Online: http://blip.tv/file/3071477 Direct Download: http://blip.tv/file/get/Imfront-sayedAhmadZakiHussainiReversionToIslamInTheWest197.mp3
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