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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Allah said, ﴿æóíóÞõæáõæäó ØóÇÚóÉñ﴾ (They say: "We are obedient,''). Allah states that the hypocrites pretend to be loyal and obedient. ﴿ÝóÅöÐóÇ ÈóÑóÒõæÇú ãöäú ÚöäÏößó﴾ (but when they leave you), meaning, when they depart and are no longer with you, ﴿ÈóíøóÊó ØóÂÆöÝóÉñ ãøöäúåõãú ÛóíúÑó ÇáøóÐöì ÊóÞõæáõ﴾ (a section of them spends all night in planning other than what you say). They plot at night among themselves for other than what they pretend when they are with you. Allah said, ﴿æóÇááøóåõ íóßúÊõÈõ ãóÇ íõÈóíøöÊõæäó﴾ (But Allah records their nightly (plots).) meaning, He has full knowledge of thei
  2. Then on what basis are you placing such a claim as part of your Aqeedah? If you acknowledge that the verse refers to Bani Israel & no other nation, then how does this ayah give you an essence of Imamah when it doesnt even refer to such people!! JZ These hadiths are nothing new, and do not state that the Imams receive divine knowledge when they need it. Jz
  3. This ayah refers to the Pagan Arabs & Jews who "claimed" to have embraced Islam, but secretly were trying to infiltrate Islam & sow discord between the Muslims & NO this ayah does NOT refer to Abu Bakr (ra), Umar (ra) & Uthman (ra) JZ
  4. How about a hadith where someone asks the Imam a question & in that hadith it is implied that Allah (SWT) gave the Imam knowledge of the answer there & then! Come on Zufa, read the text & dont just pluck out verses just because it says Imams!!! This ayah is referring to Bani Israel!! & not your Imams!!! So give me Hadith where the Imams state this please explicitly. Otherwise you are no different to the Christian who "claims" that Isa is God JZ
  5. How does this prove that the Imams receive divine knowledge when they need it? It is not known who Dhul Qarnayn was i.e a Prophet of Allah (SWT) or someone whom Allah (SWT) granted great power by his will, again how does the above equate that the Imam was given divine guidance when he needed it? If the Imam meant that he was similar to Dhul Qarnayn, then what did he actually mean here? Because in the below the Imam EXPLICITLY states the he was a scholar!!!! Exactly, the Imam stated that he was a scholar & not a divinely appointed person, who gets knowledge from Allah (SWT) whenever he ne
  6. Im not rejecting them because they are in a Shia book, I am rejecting the premise that an Imam recieves divine guidance when he needs it!! Theres a big difference there, the hadiths which have been posted above do not conclude the fact that the Imam received divine guidance when he needed it!! Good analogy, but lets stick to the topic. Well the hadiths dont really explain what I was looking for & merely explain the knowledge of the Imams. Can you provide specific examples of what was asked if you have any? JZ
  7. Err..isnt this thread supposed to be presenting evidence about Imamate in the Quran (which the Shia on this forum still havent produced) Can you provide an articulate argument & not keep on side stepping & dancing round other issues!! Lets simply concentrate on the actual topic please. JZ
  8. Sister Hameedah, have you not found the hadiths yet? Jz
  9. Sister Hameedah, when you claim that an Imam recieves divine knowledge & it is part of your Usool-e-Deen, then really you should have abundant hadiths which state this fact. I meant that his answer to the question of when he was asked "What is intelligence" I am sure if another Imam was asked the same question, his answer would be different! Again, no doubt that the Imams were learned men, but can you give me a hadith which I asked for? Surely you must have one? If you cant find one, then please I would ask you how can you believe in such a thing when your own hadith DONT even mention it
  10. I think you forget that most if not all plural words in Arabic can mean "2 or more"!!!!, so when the word for eyes is used in Arabic, it can mean both!!!. Like I said, I affirm his sight, but you dont & I dont go into the how & physical characteristics. JZ
  11. The translation like you stated is "eyes", how have you understood this to be more than two?..LOL...When someone says "my eyes hurt" that doesnt mean he has several eyes!!!. Like I said before, Allah (SWT) has sight (which you seem to be denying) but we dont go into the how or physical characteristics.. As above
  12. This still doesnt prove that Imam Ali or the other Imams recieved divine knowledge from Allah (SWT) when they were asked questions from the laymen. Their is no doubt that Imam Ali (ra) was knowledgeable, but to say he received divine knowledge when he needed it, well thats something else!! Sister Hameedah, this again still DOES NOT prove that the Imams recieved divine knowledge, but refers to Imams passing knowledge to one another before he passed away!!. Again, can you show me an instance when a laymen has asked the Imam a question & then in the hadith he states or indicates that Allah (
  13. Hameedah am i missing something here?, where does it state that Allah (SWT) gave the Imam this knowledge? This is just the opinion of Abu Abdallah (ra)? If you were to look to hadith's of Ahle Sunnah when someone would ask the Prophet (SAW) a question & he didnt know, he would remain silent & wait for wahi & this is explained in the books of hadith. I cant see how you have made this distinction of whenever someone asked the Imam something Allah (SWT) gave them the knowledge there & then (when its not even quoted in the hadith) and when it didnt even happen to the best of creati
  14. Like I said, Allah (SWT) has sight but we dont go into the how!!! Same as above, are you denying that Allah (SWT) has sight? When did I do this, i merely stated that when Allah (SWT) says he has Eyes, hands etc, I merely affirm this, but dont go into the "how" as we have been created limited we cannot comprehend the unlimited!! All of these hadiths do not go back to the Prophet (SAW) can you show me hadiths with Isnads from the Imams that go ALL the way back which hold the same view as the ones you have given above? JZ
  15. OK, lets say for arguments sake "I agree" on this. OK, so you dont know (or my knowledge) the imams havent stated how Allah (SWT) gave them this knowledge when it became necessary. Can you quote any hadith when it became neccessary? How have you linked "Almost Hidden" to the Ahlul Bayt?
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