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  1. Bismillah. Salam, brother. Thank you for the reminder! Also thank you for posting messages at ShiaChat. We need reminders at all times in our life. May Allah Tabarak wa Ta'ala protect you and your family. In need of your du'as. Take care, sis hameedeh

  2. bismillah. Thank you for the post. See the chapter called "Unity of Allah (Tawhid)" in the book "Allah: The Concept of God In Islam." http://www.al-islam.org/concept/

  3. Bismillah. Salam, brother. Thank you for the compliment, but I am not momina at all. I try but fall down. At least I pick myself up and keep going, InshaAllah, with your du'aa. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234977608-the-attributes-and-signs-of-a-mumin/

  4. I think she does not want to commit to being a Muslim because she does not want her husband to insist that she wear hijab and expect her to pray five times a day. She says she does not want to change. InshaAllah the websites will be useful for her and she can teach their children something Islamic! Please pray for her. Thank you again! Take care, sis hameedeh

  5. Bismillah. Salam, brother. Thank you very much fpr the websites. Shukran! I am American Muslim and my husband is Iranian. His friend is married to the Russian woman who is familiar with Islam, but says it is not necessary to be Christian or Muslim, that they coexist peacefully in her country. After speaking to her for about three hours, I think...

  6. bismillah. salam, diddy. So sorry. I don't have messenger!

  7. bismillah. salam, sis. i don't have facebook and don't know farsi. sorry. ws

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