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  1. Hello, please answer my questions if possible, thank you

    What is the population of Shiites and Sunnis in America?

    What are the factors of Shiite and Sunni integration and disintegration ?

    What is the integration and disintegration of American Sunnis with Iran?

    How can you assess the emergence of new ideas among the intellectual communities of the Sunni community in the United States? thank you

    1. ShiaChat Mod

      ShiaChat Mod

      @mohammad1990 Welcome to ShiaChat. Hameedeh is on a break from ShiaChat, so she cannot reply to you. She answers questions if you need help about ShiaChat, not those type of sectarian questions.  Please start a topic in a forum to ask such questions so that all members might read your questions and reply to you. So many questions. :cuddle:

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