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  1. Hameedeh


    See PREGNANCY AND STAGES OF FETAL DEVELOPMENT ACCORDING TO Islamic SOURCES. Muslim Shia scholars have mentioned this:
  2. Hameedeh

    Duas by the later Imams

    Some Imams AS were under house arrest and had less contact with people, so written records (from their spoken words) are sparse.
  3. Hameedeh

    A Muslim Thriller Novel - NAMELESS SOLDIERS

    Salam. I am reading the "Look Inside" at amazon and love the way the book starts! See the image below:
  4. Hameedeh

    Takbir when moving from sujood to sitting

    When saying the name of Allah during your prayer, your body should be motionless for respect to your Creator. If you are moving while saying Takbir, then you are praying too fast and without concentration.
  5. Hameedeh

    Little boy killed in Medina just for being Shia

    Wahhabi, not Sunni. There is no doubt in my mind that this innocent child is already in Heaven. My heart is breaking!
  6. Hameedeh

    Thoughts 2019

    Congratulations to members who were Popular Contributors! Thanks for your participation. @Salsabeel @Irfani313 @IbnSina @Shia farm girl @Ibn al-Hussain @layman @Marbles @aaljibar @Sirius_Bright @realizm
  7. Hameedeh

    Can any Persians translate this latmiya?

    Salam. Thank you for sharing this. May Allah's blessings be upon those people who recognize her status as the Daughter of the Holy Prophet SA, the Wife of Imam Ali AS, the Mother of Imam Hassan AS and Imam Hussein AS, and the Grandmother of our other Imams AS.
  8. Salam, Sister. Since many Islamic burials are performed within 24 hours of death, travelers cannot get to the funeral in time. Since you do not live near the place where your Mother will be buried, your family cannot expect you to be there immediately whenever she passes away. The hygiene regulations and cost of moving the body from one country to another is very high, so if your Mother wants to be buried in Iraq, I hope that your relatives do as she requested. Anticipating the death of anyone is stressful, so please do not dwell on this.
  9. Hameedeh


    Brother, Shias and Sunnis differ on the date when Lady Fatima Zahra AS was martyred and buried. The period between Jumaadi al-Awwal 13 and Jumaadi al-Thani 3 are known as the Days of Fatima AS (Ayyam-e-Fatima AS). Nevertheless, if you have to do something that is wajib (pay your rent, pay your car payment, fetch water, cook food), then you can travel and do what you must do. Avoid fun and pleasures on shahadat days.
  10. Jumaadi al-Thani 20 - Congratulations on the Birth Anniversary of Fatima Zahra AS! https://www.al-Islam.org/fourteen-luminaries-Islam-ahmad-ahmadi-birjandi/third-infallible-hadhrat-fatimah-al-Zahra
  11. Hameedeh

    Jumaadi al-Thani 13 - Condolences

    Jumaadi al-Thani 13 - death of Umm al-Banin (p), mother of Abul Fazl Abbas (p).
  12. Hameedeh

    Jumaadi al-Thani 1

    First day of the month of Jumaadi al-Thani. Important Islamic events this month: 3 Jumaadi al-Thani - Martyrdom Anniversary of Sayyida Fatima Zahra AS (according to the third narration). 13 Jumaadi al-Thani - Death Anniversary of Lady Umm al-Banin (p), mother of al-Abbas (p) 20 Jumaadi al-Thani - Birth Anniversary of Sayyida Fatima Zahra AS.
  13. Hameedeh

    #57 How is Your Diet?

    MashAllah! Please tell me that you consulted a dietitian, nutritionist or a medical doctor before making a change in your diet.
  14. Always have hope. "Dwell in Possibility"