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  1. This is cultural. When someone in your family dies, you honor and respect them by mourning, which means men don't cut their beards and women don't pluck their eyebrows or color their hair. It depends on your family how long the mourning period is maintained.
  2. Live every day as if it were your last, because some day you're going to be right.
  3. Hameedeh

    Khums Question

    Good question.
  4. Hameedeh


    Please read the OP again. How is what you mentioned even helpful to her? She is not asking about suicide in a political sense but in a depressed and personal way.
  5. Please do. Mods do not like anyone to post their email address in a topic because you are likely to get spam emails from businesses. However, if you have your email on your profile or 'About me' page then other members can contact you. Just be sure to not give out too much personal information, for your own safety.
  6. Hameedeh


    Off-topic posts have been removed. Posts about suicide bombing are not what this thread is about. Please read the first post in the thread and respond appropriately.
  7. That is a good question! Thank you for creating this new poll.
  8. Hameedeh

    ATWK app on any Web browser!

    Salam. I could not see the images very well. Could you explain more about the app and how it works?
  9. Hameedeh

    post approval

    Salam. You wrote on the profile of a Mod (Shaykh Patience101) and I replied to you there. Please have patience as Mods find your posts in various topics and approve them.
  10. Hameedeh

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    It was an experiment to see who would even notice. Apparently it took from mid October (when the thread was moved) to the end of November for you to mention that it was in the Food Club (6 weeks). This topic was returned to the Off-Topic subforum. Bon Appetit: Enjoy your meal.
  11. Hameedeh

    Deactivate account

    Amrinkasim Apparently you logged in three hours ago, but did not reply here in this thread. Your account was unregistered as you requested. If you feel that you have been hasty in leaving and want to return, then post in the Guest Forum that you want your account re-registered and remind us of your username.
  12. Hameedeh

    Arabic Books

    Does anyone know if the book 'Uddat al-da'i wa najah al-sa'i by Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Fahd al-Hilli (RA) has been translated into English? http://en.mobile.wikishia.net/view/'Uddat_al-da'i_wa_najah_al-sa'i_(book)
  13. Hameedeh

    Ethics Book List

    Especially important is the chapter called Etiquettes and Requisites of Supplication. https://www.al-islam.org/supplication-in-the-eyes-of-ahlalbayt-muhammad-mahdi-al-asifi/etiquettes-and-requisites-supplication
  14. Hameedeh

    Thoughts 2018

    Thank you for this. It seems that everyone respects the ones who wear a turban. One of the reasons that Muslims are told to be respectful of everyone is because there may be Awliya Allah (protector, helper, friend of God) among us who we do not recognize, because they don't wear a turban. Hurting Awliya Allah by our word or our deed would be a sin.
  15. Religion And The World Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/religion-and-world-ayatullah-murtadha-mutahhari