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  1. I am the stage of complete isolation from any Sunni friends I have. The only Sunni I haven't decided to ignore is my maternal grandmother, but to me, the rest are like pebbles on the road I couldn't care less about. You guys didn't even let my topic stay up for more than a couple of hours. Great job you guys. You care more about Sunnis' feelings than your own fellow Shias. Thus I am done. I get that open tabarra has made it worse for us Shias as a whole, but I disagree that it's the cause. Shias have been hunted for 1400 years and now you wanna show more sensitivity to Sunnis? [Edited Out] that [Edited Out]. If this account exists it will keep me coming back. I don't wanna be associated with a forum which believes it can turn around people who worship demigods like Umar and Demagogues like Ibn Baaz. So please, dear admins, while I still have any semblance of respect for you, delete this damn account.
  2. Sorry for your loss brother, may Allah(SWT) grant you and the affected families patience!

  3. My condolences, brother. May Allah comfort those who have lost loved ones and curse the oppressors.

  4. Salam, @Praetorius. Condolences for the loss of your friend's brothers. May Allah bless all the martyrs and give patience and steadfastness to those who are grieving. 

  5. To all those clueless folks here who still didn't get the memo, this farce of an election between Trump and Clinton is nothing but a facade, because independent research shows Clinton was picked right from the get-go. It's gonna be Clinton whether you like it or not. And as someone else has pointed before, this "lesser of two evils mentality" is nothing short of a misplaced obsession to vote. Choosing who screws you over "less" for the next four years is no damn choice at all.
  6. B-b-but I didn't curse him! I was simply pointed out something he did Edit: What about people praising Muawiyah with "RA" in so many threads within this subforum? Doesn't that go against the rules as well??
  7. Yes, may Allah guide us to blowing ourselves up because the other person disagrees with you over your Bakri demigods. We all should enlist with ISIS right? /s Seems you've forgotten how your demigod Umar ran from uhud, setting a new record for single track sprints. Modern day sprinters take him as an example.
  8. I see some regurgitated mention about wives being part of Ahlul Kisa (sigh, here we go again). Dear Sunnis of this thread, please explain to me why Allah would include, in the verse of purification, two wives who are viciously threatened and condemned in Surah Tahreem after they mocked (refer to the verse about the honey incident, well-documented in your Sahihain) and deceived Rasul Allah (pbuhaf) (refer to the verse about one wife divulging a secret confided by the Prophet (P) to another wife). I'll give you the number of guesses equal to three quarters of the number of rightly guided caliphs, as to who those two wives were, and who their fathers were. EDIT: Winner gets a free camel and a 10,000 man army.
  9. I sincerely disagree on the bolded part. I have friends from my college days who unequivocally support the apartheid state of Israel, and are supporting and voting for a bloodthirsty warmonger named Hillary. It's more about being wise, and less about being educated.
  10. ^How exactly is OP trolling? He's struggling with something that I used to struggle with as well. Oh so if he's a Tanzanian immigrant, his English is automatically bad? I've seen Chinese immigrants write better English than native English speakers.
  11. Oh oh can I have a go too? Cool. Umar denied the Prophet (P) a pen and paper in what is known as "the Calamity of Thursday", and called him delusional. Would you have the audacity to call a Prophet of the Lord Almighty delusional???
  12. When the eastern boogeyman called Osama bin Laden, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIL, ISIS, Iran wears thin and loses credibility in the eyes of the average person in the West, we get these desperate garbage attempts to regurgitate and refresh the negativity surrounding the subject. Here we go again... 'We won't wear hijabs': Chess queens threaten to boycott world championships in Iran after being told they MUST wear Islamic headscarfs There's even a Reddit thread which had around 9000+ upvotes yesterday, but is going down rapidly. WARNING: If you wish to avoid cancerous comments regarding Muslims, Iran and its citizens, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT visit the comment section of either the article or the Reddit thread.
  13. ^Had a busy week, so here's my delayed reply. Guess what cupcake, the same "countless research documents" are continuously referred to by defecting doctors and dentists, who repeatedly remind us that such research was done under severe conflict of interest. Again:- tl;dr - if I cannot bury my trash in my neighbor's garden, then I can get around that by funding some bogus research titled "burying trash underneath gardens provides fertilization of the soil" and paying off all the right people. That's how water fluoridation came about. Reduced the size of the letters. Legible now? Or you prefer to suck up to government officials? The same ones who were fired exposing the massive cover-up of data at the CDC? If you're such an "expert", genius, please explain to me why there's a huge warning label in all fluoridated toothpastes against swallowing, but zilch when it comes to drinking water which contains the same, sometimes higher, concentration of hydrofluorisilic acid? Also, you do realize that it's mainly the US that actively fluoridates its water supply right? Majority of Europe has banned fluoridation.
  14. Oh really? It doesn't take a genius to figure out the mess that water fluoridation in the US has become. All you need is basic mathematical skills and access to your local government's datasheet on what they mix in the public water. You can even go to any certified dentist, regardless of his/her position on water fluoridation and inquire about how much water has equal amounts of fluoride compared to a peck of toothpaste. I did so several years ago, and what I discovered made my jaws drop. One of the first things to look at is a tube of toothpaste clearly carrying the warning: "Do not swallow," and "in case of accidental ingestion, contact the poison control center." The amount of fluoride they're talking about is a quarter milligram of fluoride, contained in a pea size amount of toothpaste. But here is the kicker, This is the same amount of fluoride you find in 8 oz of water (in some cities and/or states, the concentration is much, MUCH higher). Yet toothpaste carries a "Do not swallow" warning, whereas you're typically told to drink eight 8oz glasses of water each day, without any concern for the amount of fluoride you will ingest. And then there's the ever-so recognizable pattern of vested corporate interest when one examines history surrounding the official policy of water fluoridation. Here's a crash course for you:- tl;dr - if I cannot bury my trash in my neighbor's garden, then I can get around that by funding some bogus research titled "burying trash underneath gardens provides fertilization of the soil" and paying off all the right people. That's how water fluoridation came about.
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