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  1. Salam alaykum Does Allah swt consider the repentance of a believer during his last moments? What I mean by this is that I know that Pharoah, upon seeing his death coming, said he believed yet Allah swt did not consider his repentance since it was too late. He refused the truth until the last second. Now the question is does Allah swt accept the requests of believers during their last breath? Or even during times when he thought he was going to die? Thanks.
  2. Even if it does not talk about fasting, the hadith contradicts the reasons proposed by the site as to deny the joyful events related to Moses on Ashura. What are the proofs that they invented theses hadiths to conceal the martyrdom? What if if it was just a coincidence that hussein as died that day and the fasts were actually prescribed?
  3. http://www.al-islam.org/an-overview-of-mahdis-government-najimuddin-tabasi/11.htm Imam al-Baqir (‘a) also said: “Hadrat Qa’im (‘a) will stage the uprising on Saturday on the day of ‘Ashura’, the day when Imam Husayn (‘a) was martyred.”[165] He (‘a) also said: “Do you know what day—’Ashura’—is this? It is the day when God accepted the repentance of Adam (Adam) and Hawwa (Eve); the day when God split the sea for the Children of Israel, drowned Pharaoh and his legion and made Musa (Moses) triumphant over Pharaoh; the day when Ibrahim (Abraham) was born; the day when God accepted the repentance of the people of Yunus (Jonah); the day when Hadrat ‘Isa was born; and the day when Hadrat Qa’im will stage the uprising.”[166] If this hadith is true, it kinda says that the sunnis are right when they say that the day is mostly a joyful day other than the martyrdom of Hussein as. Therefore I find some problems with the arguments presented here: http://www.al-islam.org/al-serat/fastofashura.htm Has someone ever thought of this?
  4. Think: 1. Do kuffars get punished in their graves? If so, they are alive, for the dead cannot receive punishment. If martyrs and good people are also alive in their graves, then one must ask himself what the word "alive" mean in the quran when Allah says "do not say martyrs are dead, they are alive". 2. Understanding that Ghayb is only relative to the knowledge of Allah, it is NECESSARY that other entities cannot know everything, for if they did, there would be no "ghayb" for them, making their knowledge infinite. 3. If a woman dresses like a prostitute, walks like a prostitute, acts like a prostitute, can we, as human beings, consider her a prostitute? If it is only logical to do so, then how can we not call someone a mushrik if he prays like a mushrik (spiritually invokes other than Allah), talks like a mushrik (says other than Allah hears spiritual supplications), acts like a mushrik (puts his spiritual trust in other than Allah)? 4. What is a god? Since "divinity" cannot be only limited to "supreme power" (since polytheists do not believe all of their gods are supreme), then when is the barrier crossed between divinity and non-divinity, i.e. what attributed caracteristics or functions does Allah consider to be shirk? 5. Why is going to sorcerers shirk? Is it not because they claim/you believe they know what is unseen? 6. Did holy people ever possess theses supernatural hearing and responding abilities during their lives? Who during the time of the Prophet ever said "O prophet, help me" from afar? When did people, in mass, ask the Prophet thousands requests at a time and was able to absorb them? How can we claim that death unlocked theses hidden powers?
  5. If I'm not mistaken shias have nafila prayers of more than 2 rakats http://www.al-islam.org/laws/rulesofnamaaz1.html I don't feel my questions have been answered. Thanks for your response tho 1. Can I do salat whenever I want? 2. Can I do the number of rakats I want during theses salat? 3. If so, do I proceed like this nya, 2 rakats, salam, 2 rakats, salam, etc? Would like to get answers from both sides (salam)
  6. (salam) Question for both shias and sunnis Can we do salat whenever we want throughout the day? And if so, is there a specific way to do theses rakats? I'm not talking about the obligatory prayers or "defined" nafl prayers (like 2 rakats before fajr). Example: Can I pray 10, 15, 100 rakats in the middle of the night, or during the day, if I feel like it? If I can, then how do we proceed with the tasleem? Every 2 rakats? (wasalam)
  7. there's absolute answer. There are certain actions that are considered shirk/kufr. Scrificing an animal in the name of other than Allah Bowing down to a statue wearing amulets and talismans making haram halal and vice versa invoking other than Allah etc Just like some actions are haram, some actions are kufr intention is important once the action is halal
  8. tafsir ibn kathir is weak? ok you don't care about the truth have fun
  9. http://www.tafsir.com/default.asp?sid=2&tid=3373 How about you explain to me how you think this verse proves that there are 12 infallible imams after the prophet that we should follow.
  10. lol, that's why Allah doesn't include ulil amr, amirite?
  11. Lol. Tell me, is there shirk in actions or does it only exist in intention?
  12. Have you not noticed the rest of the verse? When Allah says obey authority, he of course means obey those who are in charge because in any type of group, in order to have cohesion, you must obey those in authority. Now the question comes when this authority is not islamic, thus Allah says "If you quarel, return to the messenger and Allah", meaning, don't obey authority if they tell you to do something unislamic.
  13. Messengers , i.e Prophets. Next. Long tafseer and suppositions, no verse. Getting tired.
  14. Intention doesn't matter when the action is already haram. Allah will not look at your intention if you commit zina, steal money or pray to an idol. You cannot say it is halal for me to steal because I have the intention of giving that money to charity. The whole basis behind this wasela thing is lack of faith, they reduced Allah to an inaccessible agent, who has some demi-gods responding to people's prayers. Psychologically people are weak so they fall for anything physical that can replace Allah in terms of practice, and that is the basis of idolatry. Do you find it weird that the same people who pray to the imams have their pictures and go to their graves? Do you honestly see any difference between this practice and that of christians who go in front of a statue to pray to Allah? Honestly, it doesn't even need a whole lot of thinking. did anyone pray to the imams when they were alive? Did anyone ever ask the Prophet something from afar while he was alive? Or did the people go to him to ask him something? Then why the sudden increase of power? WHERE DOES Allah EVER SAY PRAY TO SOMEONE ELSE THAN HIM????????????????????????????????????????????????? Allah says in a verse send salam to the prophet. He never said pray to someone other than Allah.
  15. If Muslim troops killed innocnet men under the leadership of the Prophet, will you hold the Prophet responsible for it? Think again. Did she herself call the people to form an army, or was there already alot of rumble after the death of uthman? She was among those who were intrigued of the death of uthman, and knowing that she was the wife of the prophet, she politically did have some power and thus she became the representative of this group. Remember she's a woman, I don't think that he could physically call people to an uprising. There was already an uprising, she being among this and being the wife of the prophet, she was put at the head of it. Ali was of his family, so aisha, being of his family too, served a political purpose. She was wrong in the act of making a scene and actually be in front of this uprising, but you cannot blame her for the deaths if Ali himself did not punish her. Did he punish her? I would like to know.
  16. What point? Did Allah ever say in the Quran that he leaves us 12 men from the progeny of our Prophet that we are bound to follow them? Does he even say that he leaves us the progeny of muhammad to follow? Does he even say that he left divine guided men after the prophet? Did he even say that he appointed leaders after the Prophet? No he doesn't. All of this is fabricated. You believe in it because someone told you about it, not because you found it in Allah's words. You guide Allah's words with this concept in your mind instead of actually looking at the book of Allah and see if this thing exists. Show us all the verses you think somehow "hint" to that, then we will look into the context of theses verse.
  17. If you quarel, Allah says return to the Prophet and Allah, not to the ulil amr. Thus, ulil amr can be in the wrong.
  18. Aisha's error was to go out in public and make a scene. Both sects agree to this. shias go a step furthwer and say she was the one who ordered the army to attack his troops, while the truth may be that the army went out without her signal, as there was already tensions and insults being thrown at each side, thus the battle begun. And it makes more sense, since Ali didn't kill her nor disrespected her after the battle. Believe what you wish.
  19. Typically, people ask about the mehdi because the claims about him are huge and at the same time obscure. And I don't see why there should be a hujjah at all times, I just resorted to saying that there were already hujjas on earth, so him being a necessity isn't valid. So yes, can you provide the documents about the mehdi being your 12th imam? When and where he was born? Any documented existence of him in books of other groups?
  20. "Your" mehdi, because back at that time many were claiming to be the mehdi. I am unbiased. Why is your mehdi more valid in terms of evidence than someone else's claim? Even according to your own stories the Mehdi was hidden from the public and went through a minor occultation, how am I supposed to believe that your mehdi even existed? Can you provide evidence from other books where Al Askari had a son, and that this son was the mehdi? That he was hidden, etc.?
  21. As I am free of this sectarian game, there's no set of hadith that defines me. I'm restricted to evidence, no labels. And the fact that he prays in front of him doesn't mean there are 12 infallible imams appointed by Allah. I fail to see your point. Why is your mehdi any more valid than someone else's mehdi? Look back at history, mehdis were everywhere. Why is yours the correct one? Because your own books say so? In both cases they are in occultation, as occultation related to be hidden, out of sight, in the gheyb. There's Khudr too on earth, amirite? And I fail to see how one would be out of the fold of Islam.
  22. Yahia didn't live for 600 years, and to my knowledge he came at the time of Jesus. And of course, point out the source for the rest. And ofc, we can play the game and say Jesus was already a hujjat after the prophet as he is in occultation, so the existance of mehdi isn't needed for this constant hujjat concept. The more this discussion goes on, the more ludicrous theses claims are. Allah declared himself and didn't wait for anyone to find him. It follows that the proof of Allah would declare himself, not hide. No, it isn't the fault of the reader if Allah talks off Imamat in a so obscure way. Your claims are only insulting the Book of Guidance of being esoteric, dark, secret, when truth should shine, and should be evident. The word Imam appears not so many times, and it has been used for disbelievers too. It also has been used for something else than "leader". You can't blame me for not believing your claims. If you passed primary school, you should know words have more than one meaning, and they depend on context. and when words are clear, you can't invent another meaning to it and go against the context. The projeny of Abraham is most likely Isaac and Ishamel. If one goes to a larger sense, it also includes the subsequent prophets, knowing that Allah said the prophets are of one family. No way could this mean something else. And yes their heirs are their kins, just like we all consider ourselves heirs of the Prophet. You,re telling me that I have a narrow view while you've been discussing theses words only in a narrow view. I'm not narrowing down anything, you're the ones who keep telling me the word Imam here refers to Imammat, while I'm saying it refers to something more general. Your sentence is as obscure as your concept. Using mysticism to cover reality is not a valid way to convince someone of an evident matter. Mariam herd an angel, and maybe even saw him. I fail to see how a relationship with jibrel can define your mission. Allah talked to Moses directly, wouldn't that mean he's more than a messenger?
  23. Yahia was a Prophet. I haven't heard of the rest.
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