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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. But you're believing, by invoking him, -he can hear your call wherever you are no matter how you say it (exactly what Allah says of Himself "Remember Allah, standing, sitting, and reclining.") -he's present everywhere (exactly what Allah says of Himself "Naught is as His likeness; and He is the Hearer, the Seer") -he knows your intention (exactly what Allah says of Himself "And thy Lord knoweth what their breasts conceal, and what they publish. ") -he responds to your invocation (exactly what Allah says of Himself "I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on Me") -he doesn't sleep, he can't be tired (exactly what Allah says of Himself "No slumber can seize Him nor sleep") -he never forgets your supplication, can't make a mistake in what you asked for him (exactly what Allah says of Himself "my Sustainer does not err, and neither does He forget.”) -etc, the list goes on and on How is that not making ali a god? If you don't want to submit to the truth, then perhaps the people with a more sincere quest for knowledge will benefit from looking at your ignorance.
  2. Why didn't hussein do the same in case of Yazid?
  3. wait wait wait Are you comparing sulayman asking people to do something with invoking other than Allah? How far can you go? Ahlul Bayt is not sitting next to you explaining the verses, nor are they sitting next to your scholars to explain it to them. So always referring to ahlul bayt as your defense is silly because you haven't been thaught by them. Secondly, you are attributing theses powers to them by calling on them for help whenever you are, in silence or in loud voice. Allah never said anyone other than him has the power to hear your invocations. No where in the quran did Allah ever say this or imply this. You're making things up. Ahlul Bayt never talked to you, so why do you act as if your interpretation is their interpretation? Just because you claim it? Theses are not my books, I don't take any book of hadith, be it sunni or shia, over that of the quran. I'm not the one guiding the book of guidance with fallible books. I guide theses hadith with the Quran, not the other way around like most people do. Ali loves Allah and his prophet more than himself, so please praise things accordingly. Ali is inferior to the prophet and Allah, yet your praise is mostly towards Ali. The quran praises Allah more than anything else. Clearly you haven't opened the Book. Al-Hameed is Allah, not Ali. So why don't we see you praise Allah as much as you praise ali? Ali isn't a true god, yet you still call on him. Your actions define your worship, not your tongue.
  4. "Surely, We have sent down the reminder, and We will most surely be its guardian". (Qur’an, 15:9) " .... and most surely, it is a mighty book. Falsehood shall not come to it from before it nor from behind it; a revelation from the Wise, the praised One". (Qur’an, 41:41-42) Do we need to go any further?
  5. Shaytan was still adressing Allah in his wording and he was directing the dua to Allah. You're confusing using the honor of a thing in a supplication and calling upon someone other than Allah. "Ya Allah, for my love of Muhammad" is different than "Ya Muhammad, so and so" In the first case, I wasn't adressing anyone other than Allah both in my intention and my wording the second case you're adressing Muhammad and not Allah, in your intention and your wording. Try again.
  6. I'm asking a question, I need an answer. Until now, you've not given any. What did Ali do to defend his wife, and what did he do about the Islamic law concerning murder? Muhsin was murdered right? Ali being with the truth, what did he do about justice in this case?
  7. Ahlul Bayt never commanded you to follow people blindly or to derive things from the quran that are nonexistant, such as saying that they are omnipotent omniscient and know what is the hearts of people. Who is the enemy of ahlul bayt more than the one who leaves the Quran? You don't believe in the 2 things, you believe in a third one, called ignorance. Also, the Truth is a divine name of Allah, not that of Ali. No wonder people think you worship the imams. ali isn't Haqq, he is abdul Haqq. Know the difference. And what I find is that you praise Ali more often than Allah and the Prophet, even though you say you don't believe Ali is higher. 22:66 That is because Allah, He is the Truth, and that whereon they call instead of Him, it is the false, and because Allah, He is the High, the Great.
  8. False. Killing an infant in Islam has it's consequences. Opening a door without saying "salam 3alaykom" and waiting for a response also has it's consequences. Pushing someone's wife and hurting her also has some consequences. This is about justice, not about revenge. Did Ali charge people with murder?
  9. Ok, so basically you're saying that 1. You can't understand the Quran because you're a layman 2. You don't know what each scholar's position on every subject because you're a layman 3. You follow a particular scholar in everything he says Tell me, how do you chose which scholar to follow if you don't know what the Quran says and how the scholars derive their arguments? Blind. It shows you don't know the Quran. So in other words, what you're saying is that Allah has lied over and over again when he says the Quran is clear, or that Allah isn't wise enough because he called it the book of guidance yet he made it so complicated that less than 1% of the world can understand it. Istaghfarallah. Truly very little people believe in the Quran in the real sense. The truth is simple, it wasn't made for a restricted class of men with IQs of 140+. A layman and a scholar can both understand the Quran, the difference is that the layman may not be able to appreciate the deepness of the verses as a scholar would. So please stop making it seem as if Islam is a difficult religion to understand and practice.
  10. Is this the belief of everyone here?
  11. So some people are questioned and punished in their graves, correct?
  12. he didn't know about his prophethood until the age of 40 he told khadija about his mission after the first verses were revealed to him. Thus khadija didn't become a "muslima" until the prophet told her about what he heard from Allah. So your idea that the prophet was born a prophet and he hid his prophethood for 40 years is illogical, it would only mean that he was hiding the truth for 40 years, you accept that from the prophet of truth? i don't think anyone does You're not giving any clear answers. What did Ali do to defend his wife? Is the question simple enough for you?
  13. Have you ever invoked the doctor, the plumber, the lawyer, the engineer? No you haven't (unless you are insane). Likewise, you don't try and contact a doctor who has passed away, you try and find a doctor who is available i.e in this world. As for Allah, he's always available, and to ascribe such an attribute to other than him is committing shirk through the attributes of Allah. 7:180 Allah's are the fairest names. Invoke Him by them. And leave the company of those who blaspheme His names. They will be requited what they do.
  14. 1. It's not proper to compare Allah to his creations. 2. Allah is closer to you than Ali, so your analogy is incorrect in the first place. 50:16 We verily created man and We know what his soul whispereth to him, and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein. 41:6 Say (unto them O Muhammad): I am only a mortal like you. It is inspired in me that your Allah is One Allah, therefor take the straight path unto Him and seek forgiveness of Him. And woe unto the idolaters,
  15. someone answer me this question and let's just clear this concept in the mind of everyone: Are the kuffars suffering in their graves?
  16. Do you even know what bacteria is? You don't seem to know, otherwise you would know any cut is open to infection, thus you get inflammation and your immune system ready in the area of the cut. You're speaking with a microbiologist, not a layman. Islam? Islam? Islam? "no harm done"? Go away. Your ignorance is disgusting.
  17. But the Prophet never hid his prophethood from others. Simple question. Imagine someone that comes to your door, forces it open, pushes your wife. What would your wife think of you if you just sit there and do nothing?
  18. Because most people follow culture and associate it with religion. They also follow liars who speak under the name of religion.
  19. You're comparing food to mutilation of the skin with a needle?
  20. I don't get why you think i want to "absolve umar". Dude, get rid of this sectarian vision of others. I'm nothing but a Muslim, I don't believe in name calling people according to their sects, myself included. The truth might very well be a mix of sunni and shia beliefs, who knows really, especially when each sect writes it's own history books, it's own facts, it's own chain of events. The more I read, the more confusing it becomes. I already reflected on what you said. Hussein was outnumbered yet he didn't remain quiet in front of injustice. Why would the lion of Allah not defend his wife's honor, who happens to be the daughter of the Prophet, and speak about Muhsin? I don't get it. I can't imagine Ali not saying anything, not doing anything, at least he would defend his wife's honor, but it seems that you're saying that Ali remained silent in front of an injustice, when al hussein had less supporters than ali if I'm not mistaken. To me it seems like this version of the story insults him more than anything else. This too.
  21. this isn't even bid3a, it's shirk in it's most obvious form. I can't believe people like this call themselves muslims.
  22. So in other words, Ali didn't defend the daughter of the Prophet and he didn't do anything about the miscarriage because he was outnumbered. He just stood there and let injustice happen. You're belittling Ali. Explain if you have anything to say. My purpose is see if you have good reasons to stand against the criticism I put in front. Theses are my legitimate questions about the shia view, and I want rational and complete answers. Perhaps even history books (ebooks, pdfs, english plz) about that matter which is the least biased possible. I am just trying to look for the truth. I'm not denying that something obviously went wrong, but I need rational answers and valid sources to support your view. (salam)
  23. What do you call someone who claims to be a man of knowledge that invites others to hit their skulls with swords, slash their flesh with chains, while at the same time, prohibit us from smoking tobacco? You know that the body you have is not yours? Do you go and hit people's stuff with swords or do you respect and take care of what has been put under your responsibility? Don't you do wudu before salah because it cleans you? Then how can you match this fundamental practice with the cultural practice of drenching your whole body in blood, exposing yourself to bacterial and viral infections? How do you match our stance against wasting resources and spilling your blood instead of donating it for Palestinians who are actually using their swords in the right manner? How do you match this practice with the Quranic verse that says "martyrs are not dead, they are alive"? And if you can't see who is dajjal and who is right today, then how would you to see the dajjal at the time of the mehdi, if indeed you hold that belief? (salam)
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