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  1. sight. Have they left this world? If so, it is accepted to say that they are dead. What the verse means is that theses people are in good condition because they were good people. This verse is to make people realize that they shouldn't be afraid of being martyrs because they don't "die" in the sense that anyone who "dies" in this world isn't really dead and will have to meet the Day of Judgement. Even kufars are not dead after their physical death, so please let's understand the purpose of the verse in order to understand it's meaning. It's a metaphor. When Allah says that the people in Hell won't die nor they will be alive, does it really mean that or does it have a higher meaning? Indeed it has a higher meaning. People in Hell will be alive, but the Fire is so fierce that it is as if they are going to be eradicated, but at the same time, Allah will renew their flesh so that they burn again. Therefore, they are not dead, nor are they alive, metaphorically. But we both know in order to be able to feel pain one has to be alive.
  2. My thread, I was the one who asked questions, I'm the one who is waiting. Your questions are laughable, you claim to be a Muslim and you're asking us why should we read the quran? You have a problem distinguishing the current dimnesion and the rest of the existing worlds. You are living here. You live in this dimension. This world is a physical world where you belong and where you interact with the different things in this world. Theses interactions is part of the test Allah made for us. You go beyond the limits and want to interact with things that are beyond this realm when clearly Allah has made haram the cult of magic and the rest of things that lead to it. Calling on the dead is witchcraft, but you're too hardheaded to understand this. As for saying that the imams and the Prophet are not dead in the physical sense, then please tell me why did Allah appoint succesors to the Prophet, and why do you cry for Hussein over and over again each year if he's still alive. Ali isn't dead? Can you go please hit your face with a sword covered with poison? Let's see if you won't die. Let me remind you that Allah didn't create another God. You're exceeding the limits. I already posted the evidence in another thread. Here: That's ~120 verses showing that only Allah is to be prayed to. But they deny, deny, deny.
  3. What do you think about asking the origins of each member here in the forum and see if this practice of calling on other than Allah is a cultural practice or not?
  4. Did it say "Had they only, supplicated to Allah's Messenger? This verse is against you. Read it again and see if it speaks about an ordinary physical action of going to the Prophet, or if it speaks of praying to Rasul. If it was praying to Rasul, then they didn't need to come to him. Our Prophet is human, not a God.
  6. The wording in the Dua and the intention behind it is important. 1st and formost, "Ya Ali Madad" isn't a dua directed to Allah. It's clear, we don't need to speculate about such clear invocations. The one who says it is praying to Ali. Secondly, there's a huge difference between Ya Allah, help me because I love Ali and Ya Ali, help me Huge difference.
  7. Did the Prophet and Allah tell you to read the Quran? Yes. Did the Prophet and Allah ever tell you to pray on other than Allah? No. Please explain why you pray to other than Allah, when you very well know Prayer is the most fundamental form of worship. Respond to the questions, stop dodging. So did the Prophet know they were hypocrites? Did he know what was in their hearts? If not, then why would you believe that after his death he would know what's in everyone's heart? If He did know they were hypocrites, why didn't he expose them?
  8. False. The idea is that one should judge the Hadith with the Quran, not vice versa. The Quran is a book, an inanimate object. "Book of Guidance" is a metaphor insinuating that what it contains is the truth from Allah. You're comparing reading the Quran with praying to other than Allah, which is absurd. 1. You live in a certain dimension. Allah has restricted the permissibility of your actions to this world. 2. The only metaphysical entity you are allowed to contact is Allah. This is why it is kufr to contact jinns, angels, and it follows that contacting human spirits outside of our realm falls under the same ruling. 3. Constructing statues is an action contrary to Islam. Now respond to the questions please.
  9. Those who deem permissible to call on other than Allah, please respond to theses questions. Let us see if the action is based on shirk/innovation or not. 1. Did Allah, when mentioning intercession, ever say that you can invoke them? 2. Do theses intercessors know what is in my heart? 3. Knowing that a Muslim is prohibited to make dua for a disbeliever, do they know who is calling on them? 4. If they know what is in my heart and who is calling on them, why would you ever call Allah, if indeed your dua will be answered more effectively? 5. What if I said "Ya Muhammad" intending poetry, can he know that I said poetry, or will he automatically make dua for me? 6. Do they know my thoughts, or do I have to speak outloud for them to hear my cry for help? 7. If they know my thoughts, why the sudden increase of power? Our Prophet didn't know that he was befriending hypocrites right? (Unless you want to insult our Prophet of intentionally hanging out with hypocrites) 8. If I'm alone in a room, who is watching me, hearing me, knows my desires? Just Allah or other than him are also all-hearing, all-all seeing, ever-present? 9. If they have been given such powers, where did Allah say that they have been granted such powers? 10. If we can call on the saints, how do you know if they were true in their faith and that they weren't hypocrites? What if you're calling someone who is getting punished in the grave, would you be committing shirk, since "you took the wrong intercessor"? 11. If I build an idol in the imaginary form of Ali and go in front of it, believing that the idol in itself has no power, and I call on Ali to help me, would it be shirk? 12. Why did Allah prohibit us from invoking jinns and angels, and how come this prohibition is different than invoking departed souls? 13. Can theses intercessors refuse your call? 14. If they can refuse, why not call Allah since He said "I will answer you"? 15. Can theses intercessors hear all the calls at the same time, and respond to them all at the same time? So in other words, are their faculties bound by time and space? Are they omnipotent, almost omnipotent, sometimes omnipotent? 16. If they are not bound, how then can they be in barzakh and wait for the day of Judgement? 17. From the conditions required to answer anyone's call on earth, weither secret call or loud call, and being able to differentiate between a genuine call and just a normal expression, could way say that you believe Allah created smaller gods, since you believe theses people have been given partial attributes/divinity of Allah? 18. Did they possess such powers when they were alive on earth? If not, what evidence that Allah has granted the dead such ability? 19. Concerning The verse saying "do not say they are dead, they are alive": if they are alive in the sense like they was on earth, why then didn't they have theses powers when they were on earth? Surely theses intercessors had souls on earth didn't they? 20. You say that the Prophet, imams, martyrs worship Allah in the grave, considering that alot of people call on them each day, do the Prophet, imams, and martyrs have any time left to worship Allah? Were they more capable of answering the calls of everyone back in the days, and now they've got too much on their hands? If not, are you also saying that they do not get tired, that they do not sleep, and they can do what they want at the same time, oddly, again, giving some of the divinity of Allah to them? "There is no diety except He, the Ever Living, the One Who sustains and protects all that exists. Neither slumber, nor sleep overtake Him." 21. Is there a delay between my call and the hearing of the intercessor? If there is a delay, then why would anyone call on other than Allah knowing Allah knows everything before it even happens? 22. Can I go in a church and invoke Jesus to help me? What about calling his mother to help me? 23. Can I bow down to a representation of Jesus, intending to bow down to Allah? 24. Can I build status and kiss it and talk to it, in the intention of kissing and talking to the person it represents? 25. Can I call on Uzza, while believing that Uzza is just a pious saint? 26. Can theses intercessors know what we write on the net, such as when you write "ali Madad"? 27. Why would anyone say "Ya Ali Madad" when the Prophet is greater in status? 28. Is the Mercy and Power of Allah greater than your demand and greater than the intercessor's concern for you? If so, why ask other than Allah? 29. Is Prayer an act of worship? If so, how can you justify praying to other than Allah? 30. If Allah answered Shaytan's direct request for delaying until the Day of Judgment, is the excuse of being "too sinful to ask Allah directly" any valid? 31. Concerning the verse telling us that the martyrs are alive, does Allah mean it literally? It is accepted that people will be punished in their graves, and therefore we understand that they have to be alive in order to be punished. Can we then say with rational deduction that this specific verse is metaphorical, and therefore cannot be used to support calling on the dead? (salam)
  10. (salam) It's a disgusting innovation. You've got people around here trying to justify it by whatever means necessary. What did Allah say in the quran? "I am nearer to him than his jugular vein" Now let's ponder, who's more ready to answer your call, who is closer to you, Ali or Allah? Enough said, truth stands out clear from error.
  11. We don't care about intention when an action is haram. Please see the difference between "Ya Allah give me so and so/help me/etc because of my love for alee muhammad" and "Ya Ali give me so and so/help me/etc". There is a clear difference. In the first case, you're asking Allah to grant you something. In the second case, you've made Ali a divinity by making dua to him, EVEN IF YOU DENY IT. The Christians deny worshipping 3 different Gods, yet Allah calls them polytheists. Does Allah accept their intention of monotheism? Certainly not. Dua is Prayer, and Prayer is the essence of worship, so no matter what your intention is, you've committed an act of shirk by invoking other than Allah. Likewise, nobody can justify making salat to other than Allah, or zakat to other than Allah, or sacrificing an animal in the name of other than Allah. Clear cut acts of worship, no intention can permit a person to do an act of worship to other than Allah. In the same logic, if a person tells me that he is not invoking Ali, then I ask him, to whom are you asking help in the words you said (Ya Ali Madad)? Certainly, it isn't Allah.
  12. So if someone says that, then their intention does not matter as "Ya Ali Madad" and "Ya Allah Madad" are not related, as one is true and one is false.
  13. Tell me, if you've been shot, in extreme pain, and surgeons need to perform an operation, you think they will not give you morphine to calm you down?
  14. If someone says "Allah is Evil" with the intention of saying "Allah created Shaytan", can you seriously consider the intention when someone utters such a thing? Obviously, no. Likewise, saying "Ya Ali Madad" cannot mean that one is calling on Allah by putting emphasis through the name of Ali. Rather, one is to consider such an expression as a divine call to Ali, even though the one who says it denies such an intention. (salam)
  15. If at the time of the Prophet his entourage was filled with hypocrites, why is it so hard to accept that today the hypocrites are also rampant? True or not, this story only exposes people's blind following of leaders just because they speak under the banner of Islam. Look at most of you guys, already making it sound like a conspiracy when you haven't even verified the report.
  16. Ok now seriously, please shut up. A lover of Imam Ali doesn't leave the greetings the Prophet imposed on us. (salam) is the sunnah of the Prophet. "Ya Ali Madad" is a shirkiye expression invented not so long ago in a particular region of the world. Are you equating the name Ali with the name Allah? If you want to resort to tell people that they hate Imam Ali because they don't believe Ali is a God, you need to wake up. A Muslim greets another Muslims with (salam) . Islam 101. Don't use the love of ahlul bayt as an emotional argument, it doesn't work on people who are rational in their approach, especially when it only exposes how you disregard their traditions. I don't even understand why people leave aside the most basic/simple Islamic practice of all that even the kuffars know about it and know how to say it.
  17. And how does hating the enemies of the Prophet related to saying (salam) to another Muslim? Obviously there is no relation. Stay on thread. (salam)
  18. :squeez: 1. The Islamic greetings is (salam) 2. To change it is to change one of the Islamic etiquettes 3. You're supposed to say Ya Allah Madad not Ya Ali madad, which is an innovation. (salam)
  19. Ok thanks, now according to the sunnis, what is the problem with the chains of transmission of theses hadith?
  20. Sadly, Sunnis (most?) do see the shias that way.
  21. I know about theses ahadiths. That wasn't what I asked. Other than them being "rafidi", is there any other reason to reject theses ahadith? Are the chains valid, etc. I need a sunni to respond to this and shias to respond to the sunni claims. (salam)
  22. (salam) Can anyone post up the shia ahadith about the twelve imams, their names, and who they are? Then, I would like a sunni who's knowledgeable with ahadith to tell us why theses ahadith are to be rejected according to their criteria. (salam)
  23. Thanks, I'll read them when I have time. (salam)
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