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  1. Never direct your dua to other than Allah, so this dua would be correct. Your mind, your heart and your intention should be to Allah and only Allah in acts of Ibadah, and nobody will argue and say that dua is not ibadah.
  2. Look to whom the dua is adressed. The dua is asked solely to Allah. Not to the prophet. This is correct. To say "O Muhammad I beseech thee" is haram. Direct your dua to Allah, that is what Allah has said over and over. Where does Allah say "bow down to Muhammad and ask others than Me to grant you what you need?" (salam) btw, I do not call myself salafi or any other denominations.
  3. (salam) If you take this verse litteraly as those who say it is permissible to call upon the dead, and read theses verses You have 2 options: 1. Allah (swt) is contradicting himself (istaghfirullah). 2. You don't understand the meaning of the verse 3:169. And most surely it is option 2. I am saddened of this huge ignorance among those who say they love Ahlul bayt yet perform actions that they fought against their whole lives. It is not clear in this verse that Allah (swt) considers those who say "Allah created everything" and yet call upon other than him are liars? Not only that, but that Allah (swt) is sufficient to his servant? IS HE SUFFICIENT OR NOT TO ANSWER YOUR DUA? IF SO, WHY DO YOU SUPPLICATE UPON OTHER THAN HIM? What makes me mad is that there is not one surah in the Quran that does not speak about not calling other than him. The Quran is FILLED with verses that clearly prohibit calling upon other than Allah (swt). Please, brothers, please, do not substitute shirk with Haqq, and Haqq with shirk. Your understanding of intercession is WRONG and shakes the heart of the believer. Keep your faith in Allah (swt) instead of sinking your heart into doubt thinking Allah (swt) is not sufficient to answer your call, or that he does not care and know of your needs. What more do you need? Tell me if you are sincere in your heart, if indeed the words of Allah (swt) mean anything to you, how can you call upon other than Allah (swt) for help when He himself says this? Lovers of Muhammad (pbuh) and Ahlul bayt, how can you reject such a magnificent command from your Lord? Du'a is one of the fundamental acts of worship, do not give worship to those who cannot benefit nor harm you. I repeat, supplication is an act of worship. Will your intercessors answer your prayers? Read the verse, if truly you love Allah (swt). Do not fall into this cultural phenomenon of jahl. This is jahl, and quite frankly it is among the most dangerous jahl. As for saying your intention is not to worship them, know that intentions have no value when committing a haram act, even less when your actions speak against your words. One who steals money and says his intention is to give sadaqa, his intention doesn't even matter and he is still considered a thief. And one who steals and says that his intention is sadaqa is also a liar. Beware, one cannot do haram to do good, so don't use the excuse of intention to justify haram. Likewise, saying "Ya X Madad", one cannot even claim to even mean that he was intends intercession, just like one who says "Allah is evil" cannot claim that he meant that Allah creates both good and evil. Clearly, words are recorded, so be cautious. Do not resort to emotional whims. You can love ahlul bayt the way Rassul Allah (pbuh) wants you to love them by respecting what they love and preached which is Allah's right to be invoked without any other association. The Prophet (pbuh) asked Allah (swt) directly, and should be the example to you, therefore ask Allah (swt) directly, for this is Sirat al-Mustaqim in it's purest sense. There are no detours in Islam. If you still insist it isn't shirk, then I ask you, what is shirk if this isn't it? And how can you claim what you claim while disregarding the panoply of verses that speak against it? (salam)
  4. If I mold a statue and evoke to it as a reprentation of the prophet, while believing that only Allah bring good and harm, is it tawassul or clear shirk? If then, you say everything is in the spiritual, then how come are my actions any different than yours, but instead of idols, you use tombs and humans? Clearly it is shirk, and whoever believes in surah ikhlas leave theses types of invocation alone that you may free yourselves from the shackles of the hereafter.
  5. And to evoke ali in order to make your dua more acceptable to Allah, then one must conclude that for each dua you make you then have to call unto ali instead of Allah, until the name of Allah disappears from your lips and ali has become an associate with Allah. think about it. Also, we know that amongst the jinns there are muslims, and muslims are according to you are litteral intercessors, yet Allah has said evoking the hidden world is magic, and His Majesty has called it shirk. Al mushrikeen have wronged themselves. Do you not agree? Who has wronged himself more than the one who disbelieves in Allah and his messenger? This verse has not said that. This verses makes a clear connection between accepting the prophet's words and believing in Allah and thus being able to be forgiven by Allah. Read it again: "We sent not a messenger, but to be obeyed, in accordance with the will of Allah. If they had only, when they were unjust to themselves, come unto thee and asked Allah's forgiveness, and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them, they would have found Allah indeed Oft-returning, Most Merciful." [4:64] THEY NEEDED TO COME TO HIM PHYSICALLY. DID THE VERSE CLAIM ANYTHING ABOUT CALLING UNTO THE PROPHET FROM AFAR, LET ALONE CALLING UNTO THE PROPHET FOR FORGIVENESS? Clearly Allah is saying they should have asked Allah for forgiveness, and if they had come to the prophet to accept islam, the prophet would have prayed for them too. NOT "come to the prophet or your sins will not be forgiven". Look at how the first part of the verse is speaking about obeying the prophet. And the seocnd part says they have asked Allah for forgiveness, not asked the prophet to ask Allah for forgiveness. Exactly, to teach mankind to invoke none but Allah. The pagans before islam believed in Allah but called upon other than Allah. They did not believe that theses idols had any power, yet Allah called them polytheists. If calling on other than Allah is not shirk, what is? Are you saying that all recepiants are all knowing and all hearing and all seing? Or are you attributing the names of Allah to other than Allah? If dua is worship according to Allah, and you direct your dua to other than Allah, then you have directed your worship to other than Allah. The verses in the quran are plenty, and no ahadith is above the quran. Haram. Haram. Are they better than Allah to grant help? Are they able to teach Allah something He does not know? Haram brother. Leave this cultural practice in the fire where it belongs.
  6. It is haram. do you not believe that Allah knows your needs more than anyone else? Do you not believe that only Allah knows everything and listens to everything? Those who say it is permissible do not understand tawassul. In tawassul, you direct your dua to Allah by the right of someone. Where Islam fundamentally differs with other religion is that we have the privalege to ask Allah directly. Putting a medium between your dua and Allah is an insult to Allah and not believe in his attributes, by insinuating that he will not listen to your call. And people who say it isn't shirk because of your nya, know that a thief who steals and his nya is to give sadaqa he is still considered a thief. The quran's main message is to promote a direct connection between the slave and his Master. Do not compare Allah to an earthly king, who is unreachable and who considers you unworthy of his help. If you truely believe Allah is al rahman and al rahim then call upon him. If you do not, call upon other than him istaghfurallah. This is a serious issue. DO NOT CALL UPON OTHER THAN Allah. THE QURAN IS CLEAR. You don't understand the verse. Theses people didn't even believe in Allah, let alone the mission of the Prophet. If they come to the Prophet, the prophet would have thought them the religion and he would have prayed for them to Allah, thus Allah would have forigiven them. The Prophet was alive at that time too. And please don't quote me the verse about martyrs not being dead, they are dead, but alive in a spiritual sense; they are not suffering in their graves. “Such is Allaah, your Lord; His is the kingdom. And those, whom you invoke or call upon instead of Him, own not even a Qitmeer (the thin membrane over the date stone).
  7. (salam) Does anyone have a (trustworthy) list of the narrators and how much each have narrated in both of theses books? Thanks.
  8. (salam) Dialogue should not stop. But this hatred and division obviously has no place in Islam. As for those who replied with sahabas disobeying the Prophet, either by making Fatima sad or any other story narrated by the "shia", know that the "sunnis" would not follow theses sahabas if they associated such behavior with the sahaba. They do not believe the sahaba did this, and this is where you should understand that they are not different than you. As for the "sunnis" who think they are righteous and have the right to make takfir on the "shias" and call them innovators, know that: The shias and the sunnis are much closer to each other than what people might think. The only deep reason to why difference exists is the way people believe history has taken place. Because in the end, each one of you believes he's following the Prophet (pbuh) according to what the Prophet (pbuh) told us to do, and that is enough to accept the difference. I believe that the things Allah (swt) will hold us accountable for have nothing to do with what school of thought you believed in and what sheikh you followed. Allah (swt) knows best. There is huge misunderstandings in each side, and by keep hanging on theses stereotypes one can only wonder when will the ummah come back to it's senses. This reminds me of people who quickly judge someone according to their appearance. They keep telling the story of the prostitute who was forgiven by Allah (swt) by giving water to a thirsty dog, but they themselves show no mercy with their tongues to humans, let alone to animals. "The teeth should act as a prison to the tongue when indulging in loose talk." When it comes to my personal opinion, I find that both the shias and sunnis hold positions I agree with and some I disagree with. As for judging what is really is true and what is not, I find it hard to say with certainty, because obviously, regarding historical events, each side has it's own version and own arguments. I wonder if anyone here ever holds a possibility to be wrong, not in terms of Iman, but rather in terms of historical events. (salam)
  9. (salam) Brothers in faith, I have been lurking this forum for some time now and I am displeased to see this blatant secterianism. I was aware of the tensions in Islam between different sects, perhaps the most evident is between those who call themselves sunnis and those who call themselves shia. But it seems to me that this is beyond acceptable. Tell me, what would the Prophet (pbuh) think of all this? For you sunnis, what would the Sa7aba think? And for you shia, what would the Imams think? Do you think that your respective masters would agree with such behavior? Is it too hard to accept the differences, and realize that one should label himself Muslim and only Muslim? Have any of you opened the chests of your brothers to see what is in their hearts? Even Allah (swt) the All-knowing does not hasten His Judgment. How dare any of you ask Allah (swt) to forgive you of your ignorance when you're incapable of accepting (relative) ignorance amongst your brothers? How dare any of you ask Allah (swt) to grant you rest when you keep tormenting your brothers with accusations? How dare any of you ask Allah (swt) to be gentle with you in punishment when you show no mercy in your hatred to Muslims? How dare any of you ask Allah (swt) to disregard your flaws yet you keep looking for flaws in your brothers? Do we all not have the intention to worship none but Allah (swt)? Do we all not have the intention to follow the Quran and sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh)? Do we all not have the intention to do salat? Do we all not have the intention to pay zakat? Do we all not have the intention to pray in direction of the same qibla? Do we all not have the intention to do hajj in the same Mecca? Do we all not have the intention to fast during Ramadan? Do we all not have the intention to strive to reach the Garden and keep away from the Fire? How then do any of you dare to accuse your brothers of something clearly different than what they intend? How do you expect this ummah to grow and expand and be of some kind of example to the world when we keep ourselves busy with accusations and hate between each other? Are you all blind of the unnecessary bloodshed in our lands because of our arrogance, incapable of accepting that we might be wrong, or that our brothers think differently? Do we all seriously think that we have time to accuse each other of disbelief when all of us are surely in dire need of Allah's (swt) forgiveness for our innumerable sins which we are all accountable for? Do we really have time on dunya to call x brother's belief wrong when our own actions are demonstrative of kufr? Do we all keep our prayers perfect and on time? Do we all give sadaqa according to our capacities? Do we all keep patient in times of anger or in distress? Do we all show the respect our parents deserve? Do we all humble ourselves in our daily lives or do we all carry this seed of arrogance that fuels the fire of akhira within us? "If your recording angels demanded wages of you for writing down your sins, would all your money soon be gone?" Do not carry this devilish pride that reads "I am better than you" that is contrary to anything that Islam teaches. How come apartment buildings in kuffar's lands are filled with people with different religions and cultures are capable to remain in peace while we have the same religion and the same values but are incapable of supporting each others company, so much that some of us refuse to pray in the ranks of other Muslims if their opinions differ from ours? This is sickening. Not only people are incapable of disassociating themselves from scholars, but they end up playing their political games on so many levels. You do not have to associate yourselves with denominations other than Muslim. You do not have to follow a certain scholar on any verdict he omits. Do not be blind and disregard the political conditions of our countries and the role the religious authorities play in fueling theses conflicts. You, as Muslims, are not chess pieces, you have minds, you have critical thought, and surely you have been ordered by Allah (swt) to reason and be united and fight against manipulation, even if it is with word or thought. If a certain authority makes takfir, you have no business with them. Do not be naive and think all of the scholars on earth are pious and want your good. No, many of them, in each denomination, has his own agenda, his own support group, his own financial aid. Do not be blind, do not play the games of the kuffars. We are Muslims, reject any word of hatred between each other, our lives and our future generations depend on it. You are Muslims, and Allah (swt) will not change our condition until we change our own selves. Direct your hatred to those who are at war with Islam. Do not direct your anger towards other Muslims, direct it towards those who benefit from our disagreements. If anything, know that Allah (swt) will look at our intentions, and since our intentions are the same, be tolerant and accept difference among you. It is the only way that you will attain wisdom. Otherwise, expect your hearts to remain void of patience. Most surely man is in loss, Except those who believe and do good, and enjoin on each other truth, and enjoin on each other patience. (103:2-3) How pathetic that we waste our time disagreeing and insulting each other while our egos eat from this nonsense. Do not disregard the verses above. There are no sects in Islam. We do not make a difference between Prophets of Allah (swt) and their respective believers, yet we, followers of Muhammad (pbuh) Messenger of Allah (swt), make uncountable excuses to make differences between ourselves in this present day. If anything, we should be ashamed of our current situation, and if anyone believes he has the time to blame someone for this condition, blame yourself. (salam)
  10. Also, can any of you talk about the authenticity of Nahj al-Balaghah? Is everything in it authentic? Who was the compiler, and what is his biography? I'm just trying to learn. Salam.
  11. What are the names of the books that contain theses hadiths? That was my question. salam
  12. Salamu3alaykom I have a few questions for the shia brothers concerning practices and such 1. Can you give me the name of the books which are used to draw conclusions on beliefs and practices? If possible, provide links. 2. Can you explain to me and give sources: Why is it haram to wear leather while we pray but not while doing anything else, if indeed the leather is najass? More questions to come. salam
  13. This is my very first post in this forum. I'll try to make it simple and clear. You shouldn't be ashamed of having feelings for the same sex. That doesn't mean that you should act upon them. You see, everyone was born with certain tendencies. Everyone has envies against which he has to fight. The problem here is that you blame yourself for theses feelings when in reality the only thing required from you by Allah is to stand your ground and remove/control your feelings. Believe me, there is much more to attraction than simple desires and feelings. You have a huge say on your feelings and what you are attracted to. It might be easy to be attracted to men in your case, but that doesn't mean that you should not marry a woman and or even develop a relationship with her. Many many of our own thoughts are our own enemies, especially when you believe you have no say on them. Some people are attracted to children, others to drugs, others to murder. You might think it's inconceivable to "like" to kill but you're first to witness that you can feel emotions which you thought couldn't be possible. Accept your emotions as a reality. Put your foot on them and destroy theses thoughts in your mind. You have to accept theses emotions within you to be able to get rid of them. If anything don't be afraid to contact me. Have faith, Allah tests everyone with something. You might feel no want towards alcohol while others are addicted to it. Everyone has built-in attractions. Remember, you will be judged only on the actions you perform, not on what you feel. I can hardly call you a homosexual for having certain feelings, just like I can hardly call someone a murderer for possessing a knife.
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