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  1. I love how the gender thing says not telling.

    1. syedabatool


      Although my name gives it away.

  2. Alhumdulillah. How are u?

  3. OMG! Haha . Kiya mazak hai yaar. Seriously this is too much. I don't know why, it just sounds funny.

    Actually, I prefer "Assalamu Aliakum". Lol.

  4. Ok. But dont u need 50 posts first?

  5. ok. but don't u need 50 posts for sending Pms?

  6. Ah, well my exams don't start untill May ^_^ , but my dad is pretty worried so I have to miss some of my relatives majalis.

    I am sure you can catch up with lectures on line?

  7. Muharram is going busy. Not much with Majalis though, I am actually busy with studies. I feel so bad when my relatives ever so lovingly invite me for their yearly Majlis, yet I don't go. Oh well, Ilm is also important too.

    So how's your Muharram going?

  8. Nothing much on my side. Whats up with you?

  9. Salam.

    Yeah, I just saw my name in the last visited box thing. Lol.

  10. Hmmmm... I'll send u a msg.

    Keep waiting =P .

  11. I am fine Alhumdulillah.

    Thank you. But really, I am just as sinful as the next person. Lol.

    You seem polite too. And may Allah's blessings stay on your side too. :)

  12. wa aliakum assalam.

    how are you?

  13. Lol. Just incase you are wondering, my comment is on the second page. ^-^

  14. Hope you make good use of your upcoming free time.


    Allah Hafiz.

  15. Waliakum Assalam.

    Yes I am fine, Alhumdulillah, how about you?

    Yes , it is very tiring, the whole process. Especially when you have things that keep you busy, cuz then your mind also gets tired. Well, mine does lol.

    But Inshallah, you will do good, and become a better Muslim. But if the stress gets too much, then try mdeitating for half an hour, if that is possible. Hope you ma...

  16. smaller chat rooms :D.

  17. You know, I am not exactly supposed to give it out. But I am the cute one sitting right beside my sister, when you both were chatting. :D

  18. I am so sorry I didnt mean to write Virginia but I got excited sorry!

  19. Guriya Naqvi from Virginia???? You added me on fb remember??

  20. Sorry I meant lines!

  21. sorry sorry! Istagfirullah! I meant lines!!

  22. I saw ur post in this topic .Do u live in Pakistan? I attended a function of Eid-e-Ghadeer and the same lies were said.

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