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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salams there are many types of music that can intoxicate you, or can effect your inner self which is haram. Music that is islamic and can give you a spiritual feeling is allowed in islam. Many scholars say that classical music is allowed, but not what i just said before. alayk
  2. welcome to shiachat , hope u enjoy ur new home

  3. Thanks for posting, i recommend this to all.
  4. cool sig.. u made it?

  5. Well im 100% sure he does allow azadari.
  6. probably because some of them are not religous :/
  7. Ayyatullah khamenai does allow matam, if he dint allow it then how come his followers do it?
  8. ^ Well if they dont pray normally 5 times a day, then u can do it for them when they are alive. ;)
  9. i dont remember. Probably in my childhood days.

  10. ordinary human like everyone else.. :D

  11. Yeah im khoja but i dont look like one :/

  12. Im actually tanzanian, but i have never lived there :/

    I know the language but not fluently.. :]

  13. سلام من ایرانی هستم اما من می دانم زبان ، من صحبت نمی کنم صحبت. اما می توانم بهتر از من می توانم صحبت می کنند را درک کنید. btw: im not good at writing farsi
  14. Btw do you know swahilli? Cause i c ur from tanzania

  15. im actually not new to sc. Ive been here for a very long time since 2004.

    But thanks anyway ;)

  16. i'll be the second to welcome you to shiachat. I hope you enjoy your new mansion were many people live. I guess ;)

  17. Those were the old days. I used to engage myself in fantasy books, but now i dont have the interest anymore. ;)
  18. Hello will u be my new friend? im also 10 yrs old. xD
  19. hello Zaigham

    welcome to sc, hope u enjoy ur stay a sc.

  20. InFinite

    Sufi Comics

    Splendid work. Keep it up :) ;)
  21. drinking coffee atm

  22. I think they are those who were the enemies of Mohammed and the children of Mohammed (s.a.w)
  23. Brother is seems u did not understand what that verse is trying to interpret. Please read this tafseer which is from Tafseer Al-Mizan
  24. Children in today's time are addicted to the cp rather than spending time studying, reading...etc Its hard to stop them.
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