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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hello all, Like some, I am quite late to introduce myself, but here it goes. I am Arabic (for the most part), I am in my mid twenties and I am an aspiring solicitor. I live in London. I love learning and joined this forum to learn more about my faith. It is great that there is so much diversity within SC, as we can learn a lot from others. Thank you for having me :).
  2. I am not sure if you've done something about the situation since your first post, but I agree with a lot of the posters above. I think you should try to speak to her calmly, find out her reasons for doing what she's doing and approach this carefully, I don't know if she's your younger sister, but if so, you can come across as the caring older sister, who only wants the best for her, just make sure you listen to what she's saying and allow her to speak. I say calmly and carefully, because you do not want her to rebel and start doing things even more secretively, if somehow you can come acros
  3. It's past 3am where I live, so I hope what I say makes sense, I won't quote anything right now, but I just want to say, I believe that until you die, there is still time in this life to make up for things. Fair enough, you've done things you're ashamed of, humans are fallible, what is important is that you acknowledge your mistakes and that you are trying to make up for them. Intention means so much in our religion and Allah is incredibly merciful, what do we constantly see in the Qur'an, but 'bismillah rahman alraheem'. Just do your best to try and live a good life and ask Allah for forg
  4. I guess for some, music influences or amplifies people's moods. Whether you're sad and need to listen to something, whether you're angry and it makes you feel angrier etc. Some also become dependent on music and find it very difficult to stop listening. In those respects, music probably has a negative effect on a person, it becomes a crutch or something addictive.
  5. It must be very difficult, I am not sure if anything has happened since you last posted. Try to somehow open up dialogue with her, I know you mentioned earlier she may be afraid of you leaving her, but that is an assumption right? If you do not want to give up on this marriage and you love her, inshallah just try to be patient and try to be kind and to get into a position where you both can really speak to each other. Is there a chance you can go to therapy with her, just to show you support her/find out what is going on? With regards to her family, just try to be persistent but calm and try
  6. Alhamdulilah!! So glad Portugal equalised! Also Team Iran!!! Inshallah they beat Bosnia, it'll be difficult for them though, lol they're more equipped to draw. If they win, and Nigeria lose to Argentina, both Iran and Nigeria will equally be in second place. So we need Argentina to thrash Nigeria because they'll start counting goals. Have I got that correct? Also supporting Algeria, Italy and Portugal.
  7. It's a difficult thing to discuss. I think if you were exposed to Islam, you study it and you are not an ignorant follower and you knowingly do things against Islamic principles that you supposedly accept, then you will be held accountable. However, if you are an ignorant follower of Islam and you do wrong actions, will you not be held accountable for not seeking knowledge, if it was available to you? Exposure to 'Islam', may not necessarily be a positive exposure, especially nowadays where Muslims heavily abuse Islam. What about non-muslims who were able to find out more about Islam but ju
  8. Lol I think we've all had that at some point. What really helps me is a change of environment or routine. For example when revising in my room I get very sleepy, so I change my position, or go to the living room, or kitchen or somewhere random to revise there. I also like to go to the library randomly as again that change in environment helps, plus it's a lot more difficult to fall asleep in a place where you have to be vigilant over your belongings and where everyone else is revising. (Whatever you do though, try not to socialise too much as that happens a lot in libraries). In this way you
  9. It must be an incredibly difficult situation. I think when you're feeling completely mentally drained, you should take some time out to do something you enjoy, to try and refresh you a bit so you don't break down or self destruct. With regards to your mother, if you can't get some space or move out, there are a few things you might want to try, some of which you may have already tried. Firstly, when she upsets you, exercise patience, do not lash out otherwise it will just make the situation worse. Try to discuss the issues calmly and rationally. If done in this way, your words may have an ef
  10. It's a hard thing to define, but along with what some other posters have said, I guess: Truly accepting someone and their imperfections, as well as persevering through the hard times.
  11. It is a possibility, but not a guarantee. I'm sure the benefits of having children outweigh that risk. Being a parent (presumably) is one of the most rewarding things you can do. If you raise a child properly and provide them with a good upbringing and inshallah faith, then you've done something amazing and inshallah you will see all that in your child. Yes there is a risk of the child neglecting their faith or being immoral or whatever, but I guess you can't live life with a bunch of what ifs and we know that Allah is very merciful and knows each persons intentions etc. So why limit yourself
  12. As a female, this wouldn't bother me, as long as the comments are not meaningful and as long as it is not over the top.
  13. I guess just explain to her that feelings like these cannot easily go away. The guy will continue being hung up on her (even if he has promised to 'change' because he cannot control his feelings), especially if he is exposed to her all the time. It is both not fair on him, because it makes things more difficult for him if they maintain contact, and it is not fair on you, as it makes you very uncomfortable. The only thing is it can make things awkward for her if she sees him around, would you be okay with a hi/bye thing (but nothing more) to somewhat avoid hostility/ end things in a friendlier
  14. My belief in Islam is based upon a combination of logic, rationality and faith. As for the existence of a creator, I cannot believe that the world came about as a happy accident, and even if it did, questions about the origins of the pre existing matter that came before the big bang can be raised. A similar question can be asked about God, what created him etc? . However, I believe somewhat in the teleological argument, where the intricacies of creations point to a creator and that there also must be a necessary being. It makes sense to me and I believe in Islam 100%, however I do think it
  15. Hussainiyat Zindabad has made some great points. I think you're very stressed at this point, and it may be a good idea to do something that relaxes you. Take some time out to do something you enjoy and inshallah having a bit of enjoyment or a little break will help you with that feeling of not being able to cope. As mentioned in a post above, writing things down can also help, for example think of some things you want to achieve in life, whether it is to do with education, spiritual development or anything else, make a list and focus on achieving them one by one. Inshallah with each positive
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