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  1. if the world does end in 2012...i wouldve spent most my life at school -_-
  2. cuz the top is abitt on the outside for me..but the jeans are way too far...get cargos, look good aswell
  3. in australia we call tite jeans gayyyy...but stik to henleysss
  4. hassan, hussayn, abass ow ali.... dam il shii3e naar ow byighle ghale.... Its arabic btw
  5. i play fifa and call of duty aswell...lol lebo soljah add me....my fifa just got wrecked though :(
  6. If anyone can go out of their time to help me it will be deeply appreciated... I need to find (been searching for a while now) 2 bias feature articles with opposing views about a topic from 2 different sources. If you cant help me with that can someone please give me a hint of where to find feature articles... p.s i would prefer something about the burqa or burning the quran. Thanks, Ali
  7. Its an amazing game(400/cards), just wondering if it was allowed though...preferably by Sayed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullahs (Allah yirhamo) thoughts Btw no money or betting involved, just for some fun with cousins after we pray in Ramadan after ftoor
  8. is it allowed on your arm where you do your whudu, even if its sistani???? i thought that you could only do upper arm and back
  9. is that what i really said...i said set out yet..meaning: not given clearly and was happenin live did i say go on presstv or al manar....y not try sbs, an australian tv channel
  10. he is the smartest man out. in 2006 hezbollah were blamed for igniting the war. in 2010...he will wait for the call i spoke while it was happening, info wasnt set out yet.. btw your speakin, it seems your against lebanon. lets set somethin str8. israeli soldiers didnt step onto lebanon. they had some sort of crane thing that held the soldier over the borders fence. so before claiming to know everything...get off yahoo, ninemsn, and try to head to something not biased
  11. this is how it goes...any updates would be great israel was cutting a tree on lebanese side, lebanese army went in car to ask why. before they reached the israelis...they were fired at with a rocket 2 lebanese injured lebanon attacked back and hurt 2 soldiers israel called unifel and asked lebanon to stop and wait for the israeli army to move their injured as soon they moved their injured soldiers, they fired more rockets and how now killed 3 confirmed soldiers.... god destroy these zionists war is breakin out right now 5 lebanese injuries newspaper journalist killed
  12. i wouldnt get it, but you cant say they are ugly...for example
  13. lmao i learnt dekolasadr ya shia, to mean beat your chest ya shia...it was a gess, and my mum said its rite :D
  14. thanks so much, im already good at it, but need more confidence when speaking in a convo
  15. is it possible to learn another language. i speak a little arabic, but slang, so when the sheikh is speaking i dont really understand. is there any way to learn a language fluently...(i can read and write, but i cnt speak) wassalam
  16. my dad told me. who heard it from the sheikh at kingsgrove, australia. the mosque(arrahman) are good friends with the sayed Allah yirhamo, and his children, as they are part of his organisation.
  17. how can you possibly not feel upset for such a great leader. he spoke the truth, he was very open, and was the first lebanese marja3. he helped raise the status of shia, and helped the sunni-shia, cristian-muslim relation. He said 3 last words before he died. 1. Masjid(Mosque) 2.I'lm(knowledge) 3.Destruction of Israel inna lillah wa inna illayhi raaji3oon may Allah send us someone nearly as good as you
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