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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. mashaAllah, i'm ethnically ashkenaz. i wonder if theyd let me in with another one of their aliyah. hell, they let in ukrainian skinheads last go around lolol they claim hamas/hizbullah are terrorists (mashaAllah they're killing policemen and firefighters, are these terrorists?) but irgun, stern gang (founders of israel) were legitimite terrorist groups. double standards abound. as they say, "if it ain't white, it ain't right" khaibar khaibar ya yahood jaysha muhammad sawfa ya'ood
  2. no, this is completely wrong. focus on tawheed first.
  3. He was by a kafir by unanimous opinion. May he enjoy his eternal abode in the fire.
  4. Here we go: to explain what Allah says we have people coming dangerously close to denying ayaat. What Allah says he has, I confirm always keeping in mind "lam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad" and "laysa kamithlihi shay".
  5. completely forgot about this "The History of The Quranic Text from Revelation to Compilation" by Muhammad Mustafa Al-Azami Very good read. It was written primarily as a refutation of orientalists and cheap missionary smear artists.
  6. i dont debate. its an iman killer. if anyone has questions, i try to answer but i dont go out to do any of that argumentation stuff.
  7. do you have any idea what is going on in this thread or do you just like shouting NAASIBI, WAHABI? not the biggest fan of hamza yusuf but this lecture can inshaAllah shed some light to the qira'at questions With regards to the "Furqan" thing: it exists and it is a cheap shaytaan missionary tactic. The dajjal Anis Shorrosh was notorious for such things but alhamdulillah Allah aza wa jal humiliated this braying donkey.
  8. I'm glad you speak for Allah. Has he told you anything else?
  9. Deobandis follow closer than that of the Brelvis. Everyone is out to get each other in the subcontinent though, its a damned disgrace.
  10. theres a famous quote by david robinson to the effect: "hakeem was unstoppable in the muslim fasting month, it was unreal"
  11. i've gone over this with the shia brother i live with. my objections are as follows: (this isn't strictly to shias as well) 1. labelling as anthropomorphism. i take a dhahir/athar approach to aqeedah. i dont put a spin on anything. anything Allah describes himself as, i take it, always keeping "laysa kamithlihi shay" in mind. you call me an anthropomorphist for this and i throw it back that you come dangerously close to kufr by seemingly denying ayaat by saying Allah doesn't have "hands", a "face", etc. what i mean, when Allah says it, Allah knows what he's referring to and i dont, and i do
  12. lol so you just kinda follow what you think sounds good then? i dont do mass takfir of anybody default ruiling is muslim unless you give me a reason to think otherwise
  13. bhaijan you are avoiding the question again. im just asking for a common, accepted definition here.
  14. bhaijan, what is wahabi ideology then? is ali zardari,the corrupt shia secularist western dog a wahabi? is the isi wahabi? is the pak army who is killing muslims in nwfp wahabi? is the ttp wahabi? define terms man. its like the shia brother i live with, calling deobandis wahabi then calling saudis wahabi and this and that. theres not much in agreement between the two beyond kalimat so you have to mean something now.
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