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  1. Thanks alot for your comment. Its good to know that what he is doing is not ''abnormal''. So its not like he is totally ignoring me. I dont know if this is ''normal'' but one moment its like I dont even exist and the other is like im the only person. And when he ignores me his friend stares. Which is very frustrating. And I dont think I could even approach him and talk to him. First of all, isnt that a turn off? Secondly, I dont think I have the courage, I have never approached a guy and made the first step. What makes me wonder, what WOULD hold a guy to approach a girl and make the first step? I mean we are like this for like six months. Id love to hear your views about the above. Thanks again :)
  2. Lol brother dont worry. Just because girls have feelings for guys doesnt mean they are ''modern'' and dont care about their respect. Its nice to show how you care for your shia sisters :) Anyway just because he stares doesnt mean he is a flirter. I know he is not and time will tell InshAllah. Brother dont worry, living in the west doesnt mean we forgot our religion, culture or respect. Nor does love let us forgot them.
  3. No, I live in Europe and I am Arabic...What made you think Im Pakistani?
  4. I am not stupid. I have feelings for him but I would never have a relationship with him. I would never go so far, I cant even look him in the eyes let alone get myself so low to speak to him. And like you said, if he is really interested ill tell him to come and bring his parents to see if he is serious. Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it. We will see what happens, Allah Kareem :)
  5. So lets say this guy im talking baout notices my attention.. What would you guys do if you notice a girl you like/liked looks/wants your attenions?
  6. @Naro. I would never go to him myself and take the first step. In his dreams. I never did it before and will never do it. I think the man has to take the first step. Thank you Raza Amir and everyone else for the advice. I will take it, I will try not to think about it and ingore him. if he takes action it will be khair if he doesnt then so be it :)
  7. You are right. I should stop thinking about it and see if he takes action..If he doesnt, everything will be clear...Thank you :) But what about the smile? I know there is something because i notice that he changes when we see eachother but I am not sure if he feels the same way.
  8. I saw him today..I was walking with my best friend and we saw him..I never look into his eyes and try not to look to him but my best friend said that he looked and smiled..thats a good sign right?
  9. Thank you for the advice, I was thinking about ignoring him so thank you again :) But so what if he is ''shy'' and I keep ignoring him? Isnt that demotivating for him to take action? And are there man who ignore the girl sometimes just because they are shy? Maaaaaan, you guys are so complicated :P
  10. I think thats the case here too then lol..When he stopped ''looking'' everytime we saw eachother a friend of him looked, always the same guy, who is (i think) his best friend. They are always together. So his friend startes a lil bit and then says something to him :S I never knew guys could be sensitive...I dont know why but i cant imagine how a guy could have feelings for a girl.. @Leb Cool..Lol the situation you described is not the same as mine here..Women know when a man stares at them and wants their attention so its not my imagination :P
  11. Salaams... Well I am new to this forum...Actually i didnt know where to ask this question exept to my best friend so I though why not here.. Well..I am a Uni student and since this year there is a new student here who for months tried to get my attention but i wasnt really interested and ignored him for months...We never spoke or something but i just saw that, if you know what I mean. Anyway since a couple of weeks I saw him somewhere at uni and i dont know but somehow he had all my attentions..And from that day I started having feelings for him...Now I am not ignoring him anymore and yes I do look sometimes he started ignoring me..but the problem is he is like not seeing me anymore and im desperatly confused..He is Shia by the way...so do you guys change like that? or is it because i ignored him first..having guys replying would be awesome My best friends said that I should leave it but I like this guy and dont know why he changed of all sudden..I mean how do guys think when they like a girl? before anyone starts judging me I have never had a relationship of any kind with a guy..never..I dont want people lecturing me if what I did is good or wrong I just want your thoughs about him and the way he is acting.. Thanks and salams.
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