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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "Whenever I felt weak, You bestowed strength on me, whenever I stumbled, You held me, whenever I was sick You cured me, whenever I called You, You answered me.” Imam Ali (as)

  2. Wa alikum salaam, I had no idea it was that... Sorry! Darn, I was planning to attend there cause Islamic Masumeen Center is in Urdu. :( No I do not. I wish I did, because I dislike not having a masjid to attend for Muharam. Keep me informed if you find out. I will do the same. (FYI I am a sis.)
  3. '"Take of knowledge whatever seems good to you, but beware of seeking knowledge for four reasons: in order that you may contend with the scholars (ulamā'), or in order to wrangle with foolish people (sufahā'), or that you may show off with it in gatherings (majālis), or in order that people may look up to you to lead them" Imam Ali (as)

  4. have you tried this link? http://www.imammahdicenter.com/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabindex=13&tabid=28 It guided me to one that is 30 mins away. But sadly, that masjid is only spoken in Urdu. I found a fb group and contacted them. A friend also told me that there are several in Boston. Well, 1 main one, and its Persian mostly. So if you speak either of those languages, you are set. :) Let me know if I can help you further. THIS IS VERY CLOSE TO LOWELL!! Look below. The info was from the site above that I listed. Anjuman-e-Ezzi Boston 246 Rangeway Road North Billerica, MA 01862 (978) 250-5818 http://jamaats.mumineen.org/boston
  5. This topics brings us into the discussion of Akhabris VS. Usooli. Although I would like to say that from the hadith I think it is talking about purely following a person based on what they say. For example, some people will believe a person when they said they have found a "new" book. A cult is created all of a sudden following this one person. In the hadith it refers to Rabbis and Monks as being lords. It is because sometimes people will literally pray and fast for these religious figures but the rabbi or monks have not done that either. As it refers to in the hadith. This hadith emphasizes the need for the Muslim ummah to search for the truth and to continue to learn, as many of our hadith tell us too.
  6. “When my dua is accepted I become happy because this is my wish, but when my dua is not accepted I become more happy because this was Allah’s Will.” - Imam Ali (as)

  7. Backbiting is a sin. In fact many of the women that will be in nar will be because of backbiting. Now if it is ok to backbite another person that is not muslim, idk. But to me that shouldn't be the issue. It should be how can we avoid doing it. Remember that if a person is not our brother in faith, he is our brother in humanity (Imam Ali (as)). So please keep that in mind. Also, that backbiting is going against the peace that our ahlul bayt (as) taught us. So our focus on this thread should be what are the ways of backbiting and how can we avoid it. There are many interesting gheebas that many of us don't know. So lets learn and lets avoid hell. Yes I know the thread was about who does backbiting count for. But my suggestion would be to do the above instead. :)
  8. I agree. I just stated what I know and saw. Of course there is always more to the whole story of each situation. Both have wrongs that each side can state and they are not acceptable.
  9. Saddam was with and supported the salafi. Hated the shia and waged war against us. Assad has protected the holy shrines for many years and has supported Shias.
  10. If anything, I think the war is at its peak now. Esp with the recent events in the southern parts of Syria.
  11. Imam Ja`far as-Sadiq [a] was facing the qibla, and before starting his prayer, he said, "O Lord, do not cause me to lose hope in Your favors and to despair me of Your kindness, or become careless about Your displeasure. No one except the lo...sing people become careless toward the displeasure of Allah." The narrator said, "May I be your sacrifice! I have not heard this from anyone before." The Imam [a] said, "Of the greatest major sins before Allah is to lose hope of the favors of Allah, despair of the mercy of Allah and to become careless about the displeasure of Allah." (al-Kafi, Volume 2, hadith 3332)
  12. I really enjoy Abdul Basit. We have a complete set of his recitation.
  13. Imam Sadiq (as) said, "The disciples of Jesus complained to him about what was meted to tem by the people. Then he said, verily, in the world the believers are always disturbed." (Bihar 78,194) It is reported that Jesus (as) found fault with property and said "It has three characteristics." It was said, "And what are they, O sprit of Allah!" He said "One acquires it illegitimately, and if it is acquired legitimately, it keeps one from one's duties, and if one performs one's duties, its improvements busies one rather than worship of one's Lord." (Bihar 14, 329, 59) Abu Abdullah (as) said, "Verily Allah, the Mighty and the Magnificent, made his greatest name from seventy-three letters. then he gave Adam twenty-five letters of them, and he gave Noah twenty-five letters of them, and he gave Abraham eight letters of them, and He gave Moses four letters of them, and He gave Jesus two letters of them. So, he revived the dead by them, and cured the born blind and leper. And he gave Muhammad seventy-two letters and He kept a letter, so that it would be known what is in Himself, and He knows what is in the souls of the servants."
  14. Imam Zaynul 'Abideen (a) said: "If all the inhabitants of the east and the west perish - so long as the Quran is my companion and confidant - I will never be the victim of loneliness."

    1. Ali Musaaa :)

      Ali Musaaa :)

      SubhanAllah that is beautiful

  15. MashALLAH! EnshALLAH he lives a long and blessed life with great knowledge and wisdom like his ancestors. :wub:
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