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  1. bismillah (salam) Yes brother, I agree completely and voted the same. Btw, Is AMAZON really helping Israel? I never knew that :o Well I will never buy from there again :o thank you 4 the info
  2. bismillah (salam) Do you remember the story in the Quran when Allah asks the jews to sacrifice a cow?? What did the jews do?? They started asking useless questions that wouldn't be relevant in one way or the other: What colour cow? How old? How big? How much should it weigh? How big feet? etc etc. So Allah told them to find a YELLOW cow of a specific build etc etc > that would be very hard to find, this was due to their stupidity. Well this thread sounds very similar: What kind of jins? Can they be caught in glass jars? Do they look like cotton wool?? What colour wool? What type of jar?? Oh peleeez!! uh?? I know what someone is going to ask: [i:post_uid6]"Are you comparing us to Jews??"[/i:post_uid6] Well i'll let you be the judge of that. :s wassalaam
  3. bismillah (salam) Do you remember the story in the Quran when Allah asks the jews to sacrifice a cow?? What did the jews do?? They started asking useless questions that wouldn't be relevant in one way or the other: What colour cow? How old? How big? How much should it weigh? How big feet? etc etc. So Allah told them to find a YELLOW cow of a specific build etc etc > that would be very hard to find, this was due to their stupidity. Well this thread sounds very similar: What kind of jins? Can they be caught in glass jars? Do they look like cotton wool?? What colour wool? What type of jar?? Oh peleeez!! uh?? I know what someone is going to ask: [i:post_uid6]"Are you comparing us to Jews??"[/i:post_uid6] Well i'll let you be the judge of that. :s wassalaam
  4. bismillah (salam) Absolutly brothers ; AlGhaalib and Shaheed-Awwal. I agree with u both completely!! with all due respect brother Ali, now do you understand what I meant by www.vainchat.com ??? :s O Ummah,O Ummah,O Ummah,when will you wake up?? :cry:
  5. bismillah (salam) Absolutly brothers ; AlGhaalib and Shaheed-Awwal. I agree with u both completely!! with all due respect brother Ali, now do you understand what I meant by www.vainchat.com ??? :s O Ummah,O Ummah,O Ummah,when will you wake up?? :cry:
  6. bismillah (salam) due to one's piety and aquisition of irfaan, the person is enabled to carry out things that would seem 'super-natural' to ordinary people. Ayatullah Behjat once gave two hawza lessons in two different places, 100s of miles apart, at the same time!! :s = POWERS OF IRFAAN, GRACED BY Allah How did Imam Ali (as) lift the door of khaybar? From the miraculous power of Allah (SWT)?? Ofcourse!! But due to his unmatchable standards of piety!! :o
  7. bismillah (salam) WOW Subhaan-Allah amazing pictures. The 1st pic of Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei, Al-Waliyul Amr, really brings a tear to the eye! [b:post_uid0][i:post_uid0]"Qasaman Bil Mahdi, Wa bi Roohillah. Bil Khamenei, bi Waliyyillah. Bi Sayyid Abbas, bi shaheedillah. Inna Alal 3hdi YA NASRALLAH!!!!!!"[/b:post_uid0][/i:post_uid0] :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  8. bismillah (salam) So some people here ARE afraid of death?? :o Fair enough i suppose, afterall its a personal thing. But let us bare in mind: [b:post_uid1][i:post_uid1]"Death, in our regard, is a way of life!! Death, in our regard, is a source of life and vitality for our Ummah!!! Death for us is a weapon with which we fight our enemies!!!!"[/i:post_uid1][/b:post_uid1] [i:post_uid1]Ameen 3aam Hizbullah; Smahat Sayyid Hassan Nasrrallah[/i:post_uid1] I don't think that death is something to be 'feared' as such. Yes, it should help us cut down our sins when we remember death. But remember, Allah is Most-Forgiving, and who would he be most forgiving and compassionate towards but the lovers and followers of his Messenger (SAWS) and his holy progeny?? I look at death as something to be looked forward to and anticipated. Something to be optamistic about. And as one of the mu'mineen pointed out in an earlier post, that is one way to put an end to all your sins; the earlier you die, the less you sin. We will also attain freedom from this World, full of desires and distractions. :s wassalaam
  9. [b:post_uid0]Congratulati ons on the birth anniversary of the Mahdi(AJ) In His Name, the Lord of the Awaiting and Lord of the Awaited [/b:post_uid0] Once again, the glorious birth anniversary of the Awaited Saviour, Hadhrat Baqiyyat Allah(May our souls be his ransom), is upon us. Most people believe in the concept of a messiah, a saviour. Someone who will return, to fill the earth with Justice and Equity, as it had previously been filled with injustice and oppression. In the true Islam of Muhammad(S), the concept of the Mahdi, or Awaited Saviour, is one of the most central doctrines, and it is what drives us to constantly strive for justice. Among the various ahadeeth (traditions), there are many verified in all the books of Islamic Tradition, which clearly say that "He will come and fill the earth with justice and equity, as it had previously been filled with injustice and tyranny", with reference to the Awaited Saviour(AJ), also known as the "One Who Will Rise From the Family of Muhammad(S)" In the Holy Quran, we have verses, saying to the believers, that "What remains of Allah (upon the Earth) is better for you, if you are indeed believers". This verse, is among the many proofs given by Allah for the continual existance of the Imam al-Hujjah(May Allah hasten his re-appearance). But let us examine why he is still in occultation. Let us example what our responsibilities are regarding Imam al-Hujjah(AJ), during his absence and in a effort to hasten his return. We have ahadeeth (many hadeeth, within books accepted by all Muslims), which tell us that the Mahdi(AJ) when he re-appears will fill the earth with justice and equity, whereas it had previously been filled with injustice and oppression. We also have ahadeeth saying that Imam al-Mahdi(AJ) is known as the Awaiting and the Awaited. This means that while we are waiting for Imam Mahdi(AJ)'s return, he also is waiting to be given permission from Allah to come out of the occultation, and establish justice upon the earth. Let us examine this more deeply: In order to understand the absence of the Awaited Mahdi(AJ), we must firstly understand why it was that he went into occulation in the first place. As we know, all of the Aimmah(A), who were the ones who's task it was (as explained perviously in past editorials) to protect and ensure the integrity of the message of Allah, as brought down by the Prophet Muhammad(S). As a result, they had to endure extreme hardship and extreme oppression, for the reason that since the message of Islam is indeed true, the majority of the people (in Quran we have: "and the majority of the will NOT believe") were against this true Islam. Why? Because in the true Islam, justice is maintained, and that justice is uncompromising. Unwavering, and cannot be made to succumb to bribery or corruption. As soon as someone moves towards corrupting that justice, it ceases to be the Justice of Islam or the Justice of Allah, and becomes Injustice. This is all pretty simple and straightforward. One may now ask, why did the ImamÚáíå ÇáÓáÇãs tolerate such extreme hardships, if they were indeed with Allah, then why did they not rise up and make a revolution? This is a fair question, and can be answered very simply. They did not rise up and make a revolution because (in the words of Imam as-Sadiq(A)) "there are not enough sincere and completely loyal followers". While it is known that Allah is the ultimate power, Allah has placed humanity on this planet as a test. It is to see how we will move forward with the truth that is inate within us, and which is re-iterated within the true Islam of Muhammad(S). Will we endevour to establish the true Justice of Allah? Or will be merely be content with worshiping this temporary world and its small and meaningless pleasures? Allah could have intervened, and forced a victory for the ImamÚáíå ÇáÓáÇãs in their revolution. Allah could have created a situation where Imam al-Husayn(A) would not become Shaheed (martyr) on the barren plain of Nainawa (Kerbala), he could have made it so that none of the ImamÚáíå ÇáÓáÇãs were placed under arrest and sent to prison and ultimately murdered (via poisen or more conventional means), this is something we know that Allah could have done - without a doubt. But, since we have also determined that Allah is Just, if He had forcibally called on people to believe in Him, there why the whole of the test situation? How can you have a judgement for people who have no chioce in what they do? Not only is it totally unjust, it is completely insane. It is something that Allah would not do. In Quran, we have proof of this, where He says: "We have shown Mankind the way, it is upto him if he gives thanks or rejects" Allah, says in the Quran, clearly: "Allah will not change the situation of a people until they change themselves (first)". Therefore it is logical to say, that since the people at the time of the Aimmah(A) from the time of Ali ibn Abi Talib(A), at the point of the death of the Prophet(S), to the time of the Abbasid Regime which was in power during the time of the occultation of Imam al-Mahdi(AJ), just a mere 260 years after the Hijra (migration from Makkah to Madinah from which time the Muslims date their calendar - which follows a Lunar Cycle), had moved far away from the original message of the true Islam of Muhammad(S), they had become accustomed to tailoring Islam into a version that was compatible with their previous habits of the time of ignorance (Ayyam Jahiliyyah). It is important to understand this time, in order to work out what we do to hasten the re-appearance of the Mahdi(AJ) in our time, and so let us examine what values were in place during all three times (pre-Islamic Era, post-Islamic Era upto the Greater Occulation of the Mahdi, Present Day). [b:post_uid0]Pre-Islamic Era [/b:post_uid0] In the times prior to Islam, prior to the appearance in the Arabian Peninsula of Muhammad(S), the Messenger of Allah, the situation of people was very strange, there were practices of incestuous marriages, wealth meant that your status was higher even though you were considerably more immoral than most, and those in power usurped the rights - the basic human rights of those who were weaker than themselves. For example the practice of burying daughters alive was common prior to the comming of the Prophet(S). Based on this understanding, all of which can be verified by going to history books chronicalling post-Islamic Arabia, available at bookshops and libraries, we can deduce that three values played a part in the make up of society, they were: Wealth Sex Power This is very simple to accertain. Let us now skip past the time of the Prophet(S), when these values were broken and a solution to the ills of society was given, let us move to the time between the death of the Prophet(S) and the occultation of the Imam al-Mahdi(AJ). [b:post_uid0]Post-Islamic Era [/b:post_uid0] Following the death of the Prophet(S), regardless of the efforts of the Aimmah(A), the people began to revert back from their times of justice and equity that were enjoyed during the life of the Prophet(S), to the pre-Islamic value system, but at the very least, certain values were not destroyed, but the level of society was generally damaged by arrogance, greed, licenteousness. Islamic concepts were abused in an effort to allow people to continue down their the roads of their own base animalistic desires. Once again, if one looks at the history of the Ummayad and Abbasid Regimes, you can see clearly that their value system, they value system they wanted to give to people, was less from Islam, and more from the Roman Empire they were trying to appease/conquer (whichever resulted in supreme power faster). If one looks at the Ummayad Regime based out of Damascus, especially that of Muawiyyah the son of Abu Sufyaan and the regime of Yazeed the son of Muawiyyah, you can see that all the Islamic values were taken and thrown out. Various socially unacceptable customs came into play, such as custom of insulting the companions of the Prophet(S), and his family - most notably the brother of the Prophet Muhammad(S), Ali ibn Abi Talib(A). This is one, another was that of Yazeed ibn Muawiyyah, who had the nerve to require the then Imam, Husayn ibn Ali(A) to pledge his allegience to him - and therefore - give the Islamic stamp of approval to his tyrannical regime. An action which Husayn ibn Ali(A) refused - not out of spite, but out of love for the true Islam and dedication to it. If you look at one of the sayings of the Imam Husayn(A), prior to the massacre of Kerbala (where the blood of marytrs defeated the swords of the tyrants), he said: "If the ideology (system, religion) of my grandfather, Muhamamad(S), will not remain, except by the shedding of my blood, O Swords come and take me!". Imam al-Husayn(A), wanted to do everything - like the ImamÚáíå ÇáÓáÇãs prior to him, and those after him, to keep the original message intact, be it from a position of temporal power, or from a position of no temporal power. Temporal power to the ImamÚáíå ÇáÓáÇãs was irrelevant, since the true government, is that government that governs the hearts of people. When the hearts of enough people are governed by the truth, it will generally erupt in an explosion of light and result in the implementation of the truth as a temporal state. It is because of this that the concept of "Nationalism" is alien to Islam. This is simple and logical to understand. Therefore, the value system that the various corrupt regimes were desperately trying to implement, during their time, which were resisted by the ImamÚáíå ÇáÓáÇãs, be it from the depths of the dungeons, from the battlefield drenched in the blood of the martyrs, or from the pulpit with tears comming down their faces, we these three: Wealth Sex Power The same as in the pre-Islamic Era, the only difference is that the ImamÚáíå ÇáÓáÇãs taught the believers, regardless of how few heeded the call, they reminded the believers of the true values, which are from Allah, the Ultimate source of All Power, and the Ultimate Ruler, of the true values, and as a result, the ImamÚáíå ÇáÓáÇãs were all murdered, some had their heads raised on spears, some were burried in their prisons, others were paraded in the streets in order to humiliate them - but even from the tip of raised spears, they proclaimed their ever dying call - "There is NO GOD, EXCEPT Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah", they promoted the true social values under which society can flourish, the true values that are governed by the true Justice of Allah. Where no evil is left unanswered, where no good goes unrewarded. As we can see, the true Islam, was constantly acting as a resistance force to the corruption that had found itself into the temporal regimes at the time, regimes which promoted corruption, though wore the face of religion. Let us now look at the situation today. [b:post_uid0]Present Day [/b:post_uid0] In today's society we see many social ills, we see that justice has become a flawed concept, we see people claiming to be peacemakers, but who in reality are proven as being mischief-mongers. We see that the original three values have become totally prevalent - the values of: Wealth Sex Power We see that the truth has become falsehood, and falsehood is paraded as a lie. We see that self defence is labeled terrorism, and that terrorism is labeled self defence. We see that theft is condoned and the thief is rewarded. We see the murderers recieving "peace prizes" from "globally decent and acceptable institutions", and those who condemn the murders and work to prevent such attrocities from happening again as the terrorists. The entire value system, is now being imposed forcibly on people who want their original values system, who have respect for the family - the value system of no family is being forcibly imposed, a value system were henious crimes and social ills such as fornication have taken on new and more frightening forms, such as the new concept of "Cyber Sex". Fornication has now become a normal occourance, something which is not considered strange and wrong is society, this in itself is evidence for the complete corruption of society. Usury, a crime, which Jesus(A), the Prophet of Allah, reprimanded the Jewish Holy Men for performing, a crime for which Moses(A) reprimanded them. A crime which is against the very nature of justice, is now commonplace. It is not possible to buy a house without having to pay interest (usury) on things. Usury has taken on new "socially acceptable" forms such as that of the World Bank and the IMF, which use the excuse of usury to rape and pillage the natural resources of entire peoples from Alaska to the Mauris in New Zealand. Having seen this as a fact. Something which no-one can deny, it is important to do some serious introspection, and think about what we can do to rectify the situation, how can we elevate the level of society, and help the oppressed on the land. It is incumbant on the believer to prepare the way for the return of the Mahdi(AJ), there are those who say that we must do nothing, we cannot do anything, we must just sit and wait, and pray that Imam al-Mahdi(AJ) returns quickly, and fixes all our problems, but these people have to examine the Holy Quran, and the verse I have quoted above and many other parables that are given as evidence by the All-Mighty. We must work towards implementing as socially just a society as we can. Starting from within ourselves, moving towards the family, to the locality and ultimately the world. We must also become ready to take orders from a single leader, regardless of who he is, whatever his race or ethnic origin, we must go beyond these destructive concepts of racism, nationalism, tribalism, and move towards to the sublime goal that Allah has given us - we must start to utilize the standards that we've been given to judge people - Allah clearly says in the Quran: "Oh Mankind, I have created from ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN, and organised you into tribes and groups that YOU MAY KNOW EACH OTHER, VERILY THE MOST HONOURABLE AMONGST YOUR IN THE SIGHT OF Allah IS THAT PERSON WHO IS MOST RIGHTEOUS". This is a very important concept. It is a concept that can elevate humanity from these petty feuds. It is the concept that if adopted by the glorious and victorious Palestinian people will result in their victory over the Zionist Entity. This is the promise of Allah, and has been proven in Lebanon, with the humiliation of both the New Roman Empire (United States of America) and that of its Zionist Sibling ("Israel"). In order to be able to take orders from a single Leader, we must begin to trust our true and honest Leadership, something that was revived by the late Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Leader of the Muslim Ummah, Imam ar-Rahil al-Khumayni(A). We must move towards the system of Wilayah, and utilize it, for it is indeed a system that is designed to protect the oppressed in the World, and it is the system that will hand over the riegns of power to the Awaited Saviour, Hadhrat Baqiyyat Allah(May our souls be his ransom). We must now, give our complete allegience to the Leader of the Muslim Ummah, as we would give our allegience to the Awaited Saviour, that we are prepared to enact commandments of the Leader, even if they are against ourselves. Since we know for a fact that the Leader, will never do anything that will be against Islam, and there are safeguards to ensure this (during the time when the Leader of the Muslim Ummah is not an infallible). It is important to learn about our responsibilities, and to reflect on our rights and the rights of the true and righteous Islamic Leadership during the absence of the Awaited Saviour(AJ). We have seen that being committed to the path of the Wilayah in the absence of the Awaited Saviour, gave the Party of Allah (Hizbullah) victory in Lebanon against the most powerfully equipped army in the Middle East. This is the strength of the concept of the Wilayah. As Imam al-Khumayni(A) has said: "The resistance of Hizbullah in Lebanon, is a proof for those who know." On this great occasion of the birth anniversary of the Awaited Savioir, Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Mahdi(May Allah hasten his re-appearance), the islamicdigest.net would like to extends its congratulations, firstly to the Awaited Saviour(AJ) himself, then to his representative, the Leader of the Muslim Ummah, Imam as-Sayyed Ali al-Khamenei(May Allah protect him from the enemies), to the Secretary-General of Hizbullah (Party of Allah), Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah(May Allah protect him from the enemies), and to the entire community of the martyrs and living martyrs, to the sincere and the truthful, and to the Muslims and oppressed people of the World. Allah, the Exhalted has said in the Quran: "And we desired to bestow a favour to those who were oppressed on the Earth, and to appoint them as Leaders and to appoint them as heirs." [b:post_uid0][i:post_uid0]O Allah! Be Now and for always, For your deputy Hujjat the son of Hasan al-Askari, Peace and blessings be upon him and his fathers, In this hour and in every hour, Master, Protector, Guide, Helper, Proof and Guard, Until he resides peacefully on your Earth, And let him Enjoy your bounties for a long time to come.[/i:post_uid0][/b:post_uid0] With Salaams and Dua's The islamicdigest.net Team Edited By AlQaadim on 1035323788
  10. bismillah (salam) I fee this is a very interesting topic. Did you know that Imam Khomeini was a great Aarif?? One of the biggest Arif still alive is Ayatullah Samahat Sheikh Behjat. What you all think??
  11. bismillah (salam) Hmmm, a whole mixture of attitudes and opinions here :wacko: As for those of us who are not afraid of death, one thing is for sure; we want to be killed along side the Mujaahideen in the army of our Imam Al-Mahdi. :P :P
  12. bismillah (salam) I think I know what you are talking about brother. Me and you had an interesting talk in person at a certain Islamic centre. Afterwhich a thread was posted on this site. No offence was launched on you personally and your REAL NAME was never mentioned in any post! If what you believe and say is true, then you should have no problem at all with it being discussed publicly. wassalaam
  13. bismillah (salam) I am sure that this discussion site was set up by righteous people with the purest of intentions. But what has it come to??? :( I have visited topic after topic and all I have seen until now is useless chat, hopeless waffle and aimless wastes of time!! I mean COME ON shia brothers and sisters, we are the primary targets of the World right now!! Lets do something constructive about it! It is saddening to see that people claiming to be shias are attacking each other to no avail! There is no positive result for the Muslim Ummah if we carry on like this :s . I have seen people trying to defend our Ulama, and others come back and condemn the rulings of those Ulama, while their knowledge is not even comparable! People are putting up public apologies (fine, thats good). But then 10 other people see it necessary to spend time condoning that first person, I mean come on please!! :s Another person puts up a suggestion to visit another discussion site (www.islamicdebate.net), again for the betterment of the ummah. But 20 other people see it necessary to post 4 replies each condemning that discussion site!! :angry: What is wrong here??? Why are we wasting soooo much time on futile pettiness?? Is this how the followers of Ali and his Wilayat should act?? If so, we are in a sorry state :cry: [i:post_uid7]By Time, Man is at a great loss[/i:post_uid7] With no offence to those who started up this site, with all pure intentions, but looking at the way things are going now, WE MIGHT AS WELL CHANGE THE URL OF THIS SITE TO WWW.VAINCHAT.COM Come on, let's turn things around and use our time, and posts, more constructively, for our own sakes. wassalaam PS: PLEASE DO [b:post_uid7]NOT[/b:post_uid7] REPLY TO THIS POST, FOR OR AGAINST, I COULD'NT CARE LESS. INSTEAD USE THAT TIME TO DO SOMETHING A BIT MORE CREATIVE AND USEFUL. ;)
  14. bismillah (salam) Brother, if you have any questoins or disagreements regarding the fatwa that you have quoted; then why don't you just ask the Sayyid yourself by email or telephone? As opposed to posting his fatwa on a web forum and asking ordinary people what they think of it. If you disagree with any of his rulings, you can contact hi and ask him on which grounds he has derived such a ruling. That is if you are his 'muqallid', thereby have a problem with what he has said and are uncomfortable to follow him. If you are not his 'muqallid', then the ruling does not concern you one way or the other and you are, therefore, not affected anyway. wassalaam
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