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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hhmmmmm You know sister! there is one universal truth, That love is blind. I can only pray 4 you and him. GOD bless you.
  2. Oh so you are not Pakistani. Even I dont know why i was feeling that you are from Pakistan. Anyhow, whatever every where boys character is almost same, so its my responsibility, as a shia and as a brother i have to guide/show you the right way and to give you advice to stay away from such stuff. Realy i am extremist about the respect and value of shia girls. I swear to GOD i cant bear miss use or flirt with my sisters. And i dont know why now-a-days most of shia girls are very very modern and doesn't care about their respect. Why they don't understand that they are the most valuable and most p
  3. Ya i am in pakistan. Are you not in Pakistan? Means you are not Pakistani?
  4. MIss naro i think you are not living in pakistan, for your kind information to be a muslim you should follow the rules of islam, dont compare it with modernsim. You people forget the message of islam, so it is better for you to shut your mouth.
  5. Hhhmmmm good question! How can i explain this! Okay, most of the guys just think about friendship when they noticed girls attentions, then they think about dates, then try to come close to kiss, etc etc, and finally finish the relation and find another. I swear i am telling u the true and real nature of boys. Sister you are new in this field so thats why i want to keep you stay away from such things, i swear you will suffer later. And the guy about whome you are talking, he is new in university, he is not mature, he can never accept you 4 ever, if you are thinking that i am hurting u or discou
  6. Oh miss naro or whatever! Why you are putting her on a wrong way, she is so innocent, she doesnt knows any thing about guys character, and please for GOD sake dont give example of our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMED (S.A.W.W), HE was and is Maasoom, you should know this, here is the case of sincere and flurt, you are saying that our sister should go and talk to him to damage her image and respect, i cant understand what the hell you are saying, i dont know you are giving her advise and want to throw her in hell, unbearable, you are making me crazy. OH GOD, show the right way to all girls. I dont know
  7. Oh my GOD! Sister you are so innocent. Never believe/trust in boys smiles. Always smiles of flurters are more attractive than sincere ones. You dont know boys attitude, I am not sure about him but i have passed uni life, i know each n everything. You will shock to know this that in uni more than 95% guys try to catch girls just for time pass, Even many of my shia friends did like this and even doing now. I think you are mature girl, you should think about this. 1 thing more i want to tell you, which is very very common, if in case he will try to approach you through your friends, you should a
  8. Sister! if he realy loves you, he will must try to approch you through your friends bt if he realy loves u, i mean true love. Because for real sincere guy it is not possible to throw away all his efforts so quickly, for true and sincere guy its too hard to live without or forget his love. But if he wanted you just for friendship and time killing, he will not come to your friends. Its my personal experience sister, believe me. I have seen 2 many flurters and very very few sincere guys. Even if he is shia, it doesnt mean that he will must be sincere. Further if you have some more questions about
  9. Sallam! In your case two possiblites are normally common. 1. Most of serious boys think, if you love or like someone give her much importance and care, if she is ignoring or trying to stay away from you just leave her, when she will come back to you, then she will be always yours and will never leave or ignore you. But this is the concept of serious boys not flirters. Lol 2. Second is may be he thinking from your behavior of ignoring him, that you are either engaged or already in love with some one else. Thats why he got fedup and left his struggles. Here i would like to give you 1 advice. Yo
  10. But sister problem is that i hate resposibilites, i think here it means tension. I like to spend tension free life. But life without wife is also boaring as i am feeling now :( lol.
  11. Dear Allah doesnt allow you that your wife waiting for you in home and you go out and search woman for night just for your bu[Edited Out] desire and pleasure. This is just miss-use of Muta.
  12. Oh sister! you are realy very very open minded wife. Unbelievable and unacceptable.
  13. Oh my GOD, this is realy miss-use of muta, islam never allow to use it for your desires, even if a man is un-married he cannot do it with young girl, with young girl muta is not harram but it is MAKROO. Muta is only musthab with women whose husband is not alive, (about husband working in foregin i dont know, that in such case is halal or haram). This is a clear sin (Gunnah-e-Kabir) to have a wife and kids and you going to involve with others by miss-use of islamic rules. This is unacceptable. Realy now-a-days many people are miss-using and taking wrong advantage of Muta. Thats why many non-shi
  14. Thank you so much sister, it means it is better to stay away from marriage life, to be single is good, and i you asked yesterday about names meaning, but i found meaning of kinza only, kinza means ZAHEEN (intelligent). Aansa meaning i couldnt find. Thanks
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