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  1. Salaam alaikoum habibi, First of all never lose hope! There's a cure for everything and that's what's so beautiful about Islam Now this is a habit so that's why it comes back all the time even when you stop it for some weeks. Everything can become a habit. Even praying can become a habit and it doesn't mean it's always good. It all starts with the eyes. Our Imams (a.s.) say that the eyes are the spy of the heart. Now the thing is that we can train the eyes by forcing it to not look at non-mahram when we are at school, work, walking at the street etc. But the issue will be still the mind that is used to these wrong thoughts. So it still asks the eyes for new information and views. In order to stop this whole proces it needs a lot of dedication, but eventually you will get rid off it step by step. 1. Start by forcing your eyes not to look at women who are non-mahram. When you are out on the streets just keep looking down and not look too much here and there. It will automatically bring more peace to the heart and mind. It's actually something adviced by the Holy Prophet (s) that we shouldn't let our eyes roam freely. Because everything the eyes see will be transmitted to the heart. This will be very hard at the beginning because your heart and mind are still used to it. But in order to stop this you have to look at the root of the problem and that are your eyes. They can't just roam freely and they have to understand this. So disciplining the eyes is your main goal. The mind and heart will follow eventually, because the mind will receive less 'bad' views from the eyes and the heart will find peace. Allah says that remembering Him will put the hearts and ease and will give it comfort so imagine what will happen to the heart when we do the opposite of remembering Allah. It will be stressed, overloaded with trash and discomfort. 2. Reduce your speech (step by step). There is nothing wrong with talking but only when it is meaningful. Try this step by step and you will notice difference in the heart and mind. 3. Eat less (step by step). Don't overload your stomac with food because a full stomac all the time will stimulate your desires and bad behaviour. Eat what you need and khalas. Also this step by step. 4. Sleep less (step by step). Try to wake up little bit before Fajr and pray 1 rak'aat Witr. It's the last rak'aat of salatul layl. This salaat will be the key you need for Dunya and Akhira. Now maybe we have hard times by waking up before Fajr so let alone waking up a little earlier to pray nawafil. So if you are having hard times waking up before Fajr then first start with doing your best to pray Dohr, Asr, Maghreb and 'Isha on time. This will give you the Tawfeeq (success) to wake up for Fajr. It's the advice of Ayatollah Bahjat (r.a.). 5. Do you have any hobbies what you can relate to the Ahlulbayt (a.s.)? Like poetry or something. Try to do it more often. 6. Observe yourself more and more. This needs a lot of practice, but it is possible to observe yourself while you are performing an act. Eveluate your day before sleeping. Remember your sins, ask forgiveness for it and try to not commit them anymore. This is the meaning of Astaghafirullahi Rabbi Wa Atubu Ilayhi. Verily, I seek the forgiveness of Allah, who is my Lord and Sustainer, and I turn to Him in repentance. Turning to Him means we will not commit that sin anymore. 7. Remember Allah (s.w.t.) more and more even by just talking to Him in your mind when you are walking on the street or at school etc. Let your mind get used to these Divine thoughts. Be dedicated bro and don't be too hard on yourself. You have to fight this step by step. It will take time. Like mentioned in point 4. Read about salatul layl. Here is a link with explanation and below is the video in which it is explained step by step. Believe me salatul layl is the solution for your worldy problems and a rescuer for your afterlife. Please try step by step and never lose hope. Allah is all merciful and forgiving. https://www.al-Islam.org/salatul-layl-h-t-kassamali/salatul-layl
  2. Thanks bro. How much time do you spend on these things at night?
  3. Salaam alaikoum dear brothers and sisters, It's highly recommended to perform the night prayer. This prayer has a lot of benefits and will help you in this life and in the hereafter inshaAllah. Imam ‘Ali (a.s.) said: “Staying awake in the (last part of the) night is healthy for the body, pleasing to the Lord Almighty, a means of Divine Mercy and adherence to the akhlaq of the prophets (a.s.). (al-Khisal: 121) My question is how do you spend or how would you like to spend your night in worship? Do you read, study, pray in the night? And how much time do you use for it? What are your personal experiences and miracles/benefits? Jazzakum Allahu khayr!
  4. Alaikoum Salam, Jazzak Allahu khayr for your message. Insha Allah :)
  5. Yes, but Pakistani culture is a special category :) Don't know if that will work out well, to be honest
  6. Ehm yes I must agree with Zulfiqar, because you really see it a lot of times. Nowadays our generation starts to accept other cultures, especially the ones who were born in Europe or America. But their parents are still against that idea, although they do accept more that their sons marry somebody from another culture. So it's hard and I noticed that the girls and their families who live in the Arab or Persian world they do accept foreigners/reverts subhan Allah. But the ones who live in the West they don't accept. Thanks brother Sami :D well actually I am just looking for a nice Shi'i Muslima who accepts me and my family, who wants a simple life and who is openminded. The way of thinking is very important for me, because our deeds come from our minds. And of course I would like her to be attractive insha Allah. I think this is standard
  7. Jazzakum Allahu khayr for your replies. No, that's a problem. I do not know Shia here. So it's extra hard :) and on the websites mentioned there are mostely (with all respect) Pakistani girls.
  8. Salaam alaikoum all, Marriage is a very good thing, but finding a partner is sometimes terrible. I know that it is easier for Arab / Asian people to get married, because their families know other Muslims. But how is it for converted people? I mean they normally don't have a lot of Muslims around them and the family also can't help in this matter. So actually they are obliged to search on the net, but as we know there are mostely Sunni girls on the internet. For example Muslima.com So, help needed :) fi amanillah
  9. Jazzak Allahu Khayr Zahra! But now another question :P Can women divorce their husbands according to the Sunni schools of thought? Because what I know is that if the woman wants to divorce her husband (both Sunni) then she just do it for the law.
  10. Thnx Zahra, Sorry my Arabic is not good so can you translate it for me?
  11. Salam Alaykoum, I wonder if it is allowed for a Shi'i man to marry a divorced Sunni woman? The Sunnis don't have witnesses when they divorce and mostely they divorce for the law. Of course they have their 3 months 'Idah period of divorce, but I don't know if the divorce is in order? Does anybody has more info about this issue?
  12. Wat je zegt klopt ook wel. Echter is het zo dat er ook gebruik wordt gemaakt van beeldmateriaal en dat zouden de vrouwen dan niet kunnen bezichtigen. Dus wat ze doen is een open scheiding tussen de mannen en vrouwen en de mannen zitten met hun rug naar de vrouwen toe.
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