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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I work different body parts throughout 5 days. Mondays - Chest, usually consists of flat bench press with dumbell flys. Tuesdays - Legs, Squats and machines Wednesdays - Back Thursday - Shoulders and triceps Friday - Biceps About 3-5 exercises for each day, and at least 3 sets for each exercise
  2. I burn 300 calories on the cross trainer in 20 minutes. The bike actually requires more effort and burns fewer calories. It simply helps build muscles in the leg, which is why I go on the bike on my leg days. Usually start off with 20 minutes of cross trainer, then 10 minutes of treadmill, some running at full pace and some walking. I usually burn about 400 calories in 30 minutes. Then I hit the weights for about an hour. Eating an apple immediately after a workout is not that beneficial. Best thing to have is a protein shake, or at least a protein meal
  3. Ok since you didnt reply to the earlier one, I will ask for an explanation of another question. When Sadr says that "a lesser cannot create a greater" what does this mean exactly? Is it talking about certain systems or anything that is created? A son must be lesser than the father? Or that the system of birth is lesser than another system?
  4. I was thinking about this analogy, which probably has many flaws that you wonderful people will expose. But anyways, Anyone seen the movie Castaway? The one with Tom Hanks. I was thinking about that and thought about what I would do in his situation, my first instinct would be to write out "help" or something using stones, or whatever I can find so that anyone flying above would know. Let us say that then there was someone flying above and they saw this "help" written out on the beach from rocks. Any sane person would assume that someone did this. Although it is possible to say that these roc
  5. Because a God cannot exist unless it is not any of those things He is clearly not rejecting these things, he blames "lack of evidence" to justify his view
  6. Might wanna explain that in easier terms? I did not understand how that answered my question
  7. I was discussing with one non-believer and an attempt of his refutation was "therefore invisible unicorns are outside my door". Now that makes me curious to know if "God" is a creation, or let us say, something that has been enlightened to us (by Prophets) or is He something that is naturally conceived within us? I believe Descartes takes the latter view, but I am not too sure.
  8. "I swear.. on my subjective notion of morality and truth"?
  9. So how can we prove that something has a greater quality than something it derived from?
  10. So she is free to marry without consulting her husband? What about her family? Thanks for your reply
  11. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but my question is, if a woman was forced into a marriage (threatened with death) and they are "wed" is the marriage valid or void? To which I mean could she remarry without having to divorce islamically
  12. Could you clarify the actual difference between the soul and the spirit? You seem to suggest that the spirit is the "in-between" element. I still dont understand how the spirit is both partially physical and non-physical. Maybe I just didnt understand your reply.
  13. Property Dualism suggests that our soul/mind dies when our bodies do? That doesnt seem like an Islamic belief. Materialist notion goes against Islam does it not? Does it not suggest that the mind will also perish?
  14. Well how can we explain this "body" and "soul" that we believe? We believe we have only one soul, but applying the Strawson logic could put us in trouble. I am not sure what a property dualist is, if you could explain it?
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