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  1. Ramadan Mubarak. Please make duas for everyone. 

  2. @Mohammed Sharawy Salam and welcome to ShiaChat. This site does not allow topics asking for financial help. See here:



  3. Don't believe every thought that comes into your head. ‘Audhu billahi minash-shaitanir rajeem’ 

  4. @Real_313i.A Salam. ShiaChat is a discussion board. Please do not post your email address or anyone else's email address anywhere at ShiaChat. It can cause problems, so Mods will not approve that. 

  5. @confusedmuslim2 Salam. Please read any book of your choice. There are lots of Shia books in the links of the post over here:


  6. Live and let live only works if everyone is alive. (A wise man once said that.)

  7. Imam Sadiq AS said: The honor of a believer is his prayers at night, and his dignity is to refrain from harming people.

  8. @John Doe120 Your topic was approved. 

  9. Recite 100 times: Oh Allah, remove your mercy from the killers of the Commander of the Faithful (عليه السلام).

  10. Salam. I replied to your PM yesterday. :)

  11. @Idk14 Please search older topics at ShiaChat. Or read Chapter 3 of this book: 


  12. Karbala walk; Arbaeen. Click the image to see the walk. 



  13. "You've only got three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you've got." ~Anonymous

    1. Aliraza1982
    2. ShiaChat Mod

      ShiaChat Mod

      @Aliraza1982 Salam. If you need help in how to participate at ShiaChat, please see the topic Salam and Welcome:


  14. You can love your country, but be cautious of the government. 

  15. May the light always find you on a dreary day...

  16. @F.M Your topic was removed. There is already a topic on the homepage. See here: Film

  17. If you are here, reading this, you are where you were meant to be. May Allah bless you.   

  18. @Naqvi Sayyid Salam. We have restrictions on the new members. When you become an Advanced member, a Moderator does not need to approve your post. Please read through this topic, which answers some questions you might have.


    1. Naqvi Sayyid

      Naqvi Sayyid

      W salam

      I understand. So it my post removed as I wanted?

    2. Naqvi Sayyid

      Naqvi Sayyid

      I think it was removed so thanks.

      InshAllah I want to stay on the forum anyway. Will inshAllah try not to have writing errors so I dont have to edit my posts in the future. 


  19. @YaAli.313 Salam. Mods might not approve a post written in ALL CAPS. That is like SHOUTING! Please write your replies with normal sentence structure. Mods can also refuse to approve posts of only one word, such as Thanks.

    Please read through the following topic, which can answer some questions you might have:


  20. Home is where ... your WIFI connects automatically.

  21. What's on  my mind? The Holy Month of Muharram.  :cry:             

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