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  1. ShiaChat Mod

    Thoughts 2019

    Happy New Year to everyone at ShiaChat! Welcome to the new Thoughts thread of 2019!
  2. ShiaChat Mod

    Continue The Poem

    Some amazing members
  3. ShiaChat Mod

    Colouring the Hair in Islam

    I got this from Google translate. Maybe someone else can also give a better translation. Question: If the taxpayer has dyed his hair with artificial dye, should the dye be pure, or is it obligatory for ablution and ablution? Sayed sistani: It is not required to be pure if it is possible to cleanse the dyed hair afterwards and the dye is pure and it is not preventable in wudoo.
  4. The best among you are those who have the best manners and character - Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.a.f).

  5. The couple are in my duas.
  6. ShiaChat Mod

    Eugenia Cooney

    Quote from the article:
  7. ShiaChat Mod

    Pet cat

    Yes, that is true. Cats can get leukemia and flu and other medical problems which will need treatment. Cats and dogs (any animal) can pass some germs to people. Do a google search with these or similar words: diseases that cats can give to humans
  8. ShiaChat Mod

    Pet cat

    A robotic cat can purr and meow like a real cat, without the expense of feeding and clean up.
  9. ShiaChat Mod

    Roll call for Real King vs. Boorger King

    Bro, you posted a few hours before the fight. I didn't even know about it in time. Everyone replied after the fight, which is fine, but they could not make a prediction because it was too late.
  10. If you read the news story (in the link in the OP) there are obviously misspelled words. This could mean that the story was written quickly, clumsily, and without any fact checking by an editor. The first part of the following sentence is believable, but the bold part of it makes no sense at all:
  11. ShiaChat Mod

    Roll call for Real King vs. Boorger King

    Next time, please let us know sooner. We can't predict after the event has occurred.
  12. ShiaChat Mod

    Thoughts 2018

    Never heard about grapeshot before. It was special ammunition for a cannon during the time of Napoleon.
  13. ShiaChat Mod

    Thoughts 2018

    Congratulations to ShiaChat members who were Popular Contributors from September 18 to October 1! We appreciate your participation. @Miss Wonderful @SoRoUsH @Islandsandmirrors @Quisant @IbnSina @2Timeless @King @Mahdavist @Zaynab McCabe @Husayni @Sumerian
  14. ShiaChat Mod

    How to make a 5ire

    The Off-Topic subforum is not the place for serious questions, so some members were joking. Inappropriate posts were removed.