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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The most funny thing is...In the OP it says as a source "Al Kafi Volume 9"....As far as I know Al Kafi only has 8 Volumes... Though I have read those kind of Ahadith elsewhere....just saying
  2. Salam aleikum

    Akhi I would like to talk to you in private. Would you be able to contact me?

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  3. Salamualeykum I think i am misunderstood. I dont want to talk about weather this Hadith makes sense or not, or in which way we should interpret it. Once again: There are people in Ahle Tashayyu that believe Kitab Al Kafi to be an authentic hadithbook. One of the most controverse Ahadith is the one where (if you add up) 13 Imams are mentioned. Its impossible that anyone from Ahle Tashayyu believes in 13 Imams. So for somebody who believes Kitab al Kafi to be completely authentic what is his explanation for the 13 Imams Hadith? Again: I dont want to talk about weather or not Al Kafi is authentic or unauthentic or whatever. I only want people to write about the situation i have explained. To answer one question, it wont make sense even with Rasulallah (saa). Inshallah I will post the Hadith with References if i can find the time for those who dont know about it. Wa aleikum salam
  4. Salamualeykum Thank you for the information. I have read about that which you talked about before tho. I didnt want this to become the topic here. I only want to know a way to refute the "13 imams" Hadith in Al Kafi. I already have read about one refutation, but i am looking for more. So please if there is anybody who can share knowledge about this Hadith in al kafi... Please remember, as i stated before... Wa aleikum salam
  5. Salamualeikum Some people believe or believed Al Kafi to be completely authentic (some only according to Thiqat ul Islam Kulayni). Having this in mind I would like to know if anybody here knows about the Hadith in Al Kafi which is talking about 13 Imams, or which can be described as talking about 13 imams? Some people claim that this Hadith alone refutes the complete authenticity of al kafi in any way? I am looking for an answer to this. I already have read about a reason for such a hadith to appear in al kafi, but i am looking for someone who knows even more or has read about this topic and knows a refutation for the case i have described? In short: What is the answer to the "13 Imams" Hadith that still would give al-kafi authenticity (complete or according to kulayni) By the way, i dont want this to become a place to talk about the authenticity of al kafi, but only about how this hadith can be reconciled with the assumption of al kafi being a sahih book Wa aleikum salam
  6. (salam) The Messenger of Allah said: “The first thing that Allah made obligatory upon my Ummah was the five prayers; and the first thing from their acts of worship that shall be taken up will be the five prayers; and the first thing that they will be questioned about will be the five prayers.” --- Kanzul `Ummal, Volume 7, Tradition 18859 Imam Al-Baqir [as] has said: “The prayer is the pillar of religion and its parable is that of the prop of a tent – when the prop remains upright, the pegs and ropes remain straight and upright, but when the prop bends or breaks neither the pegs nor ropes remain straight.” --- Biharul Anwar, Volume 82, Page 218 The Messenger of Allah said: “The prayer is the standard of Islam. Whosoever loves prayers, and observes their limits, timings and methods, is a true believer.” --- Kanzul `Ummal, Volume 7, Tradition 18870 Imam As-Sadiq [as] has said: “Surely the Angel of Death repels Satan from the proximity of one who had adhered to and guarded his prayers, and makes him speak out the testimony of ‘There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’ during that terrifying and frightening state (of death).” --- Wasa’ilush Shi`a, Volume 3, Page 19 The Messenger of Allah said: “For every thing there is a face and the face of your religion is prayers. So see to it that none from amongst you damages and disfigures the face of his religion.” --- Biharul Anwar, Volume 82, Page 209 The Messenger of Allah said: “The position of prayers with respect to religion is similar to that of the head with respect to the body.” --- Kanzul `Ummal, Volume 7, Tradition 18972 Imam Sadiq [a] said: "If there be a stream at the house of one of you in which the one washes himself five times a day, will there remain anything from the dirt over his body? Verily, the likeness of prayers is the same as the stream. The person who establishes ritual prayers clears out his sins thereby, except for the sin that takes him out from Faith he believes in." --- Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 82, p. 236 Rasulallah said: "Whoever performs a 2-rak'at salat without paying attention to any worldly matter, Allah, the Exalted, will forgive him his sins." ---Mustadrakul Wasail, "Book of as Salat", chs. on "The Acts of the salat", ch. 2, hadith 20. The Messenger of Allah states that Allah, The Exalted has said: “I have made the five prayers obligatory upon your Ummah and have made a covenant with Myself that one who maintains his prayers with respect to their timings, I shall place him in Paradise. As for the one, who does not maintain the timings, I have no covenant (with him).” --- Kanzul `Ummal, Volume 7, Tradition 18872 (wasalam)
  7. Salam aleikum Are there any english books on Ilm al rijal? Online or bookform? Thanks Wa aleikum salam
  8. Salamualeikum Dear Brothers and Sisters, yesterday I came across a Sunni (probably Salafi) Website, which states the following: Number of Ahadith narrated by Ali(as) compared in Al-Kafi and in Sahihain (Bukhari&Muslim) 72 in Sahihain and 66 in Al Kafi Number of Ahadith narrated by Fatima(as) compared in Al-Kafi and in Sahihain (Bukhari&Muslim) 1 in Sahihain and 0 in Al-Kafi Number of Ahadith narrated by Hussein(as) compared in Al-Kafi and in Sahihain (Bukhari&Muslim) 4 in Sahihain and 1 in Al-Kafi Number of Ahadith narrated by Zain al Abidin (as) compared in Sahihain (Bukhari&Muslim) Sahih Al-Bukhari: 25 narrations via Zayn Al-Abdidin and 25 narrations via Uthman Ibn Affan Sahih Muslim: 15 narrations via Zayn Al-Abidin and only 9 via Abu Bakr. Abu Dawud: 11 narrations via Zayn Al-Abidin, 11 narrations via Abu Bakr. Can someone please tell me if these statistics are true or not? I mean basically I dont care because we still have the other three books and if not still the other 100 books which are far more valuable and full of traditions from the Ahl-ul-Bayt(as). Just want to find out tho, cause i am curious...so if someone knows anything it d be appreciated Thank you Wa aleikum salam
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