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  1. I'm a bit worried about the 'ham' in hamster.
  2. There are comments on Youtube that the hose does not fit very well into the tap. That's the real trick with these things, so many different tap sizes and styles, how do you get a coupling that fits everywhere (without lots of different adaptors). Work out a solution for that and you have a winner.
  3. ^ men travelling on their own might just about fit these into a suitcase, but not if you have a woman in the group.
  4. Preserving the water bottle for toilet use and hiding it from housekeeping is a persistent feature of our travels.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/mar/17/cambridge-new-mosque-marks-barfield The firm of architects http://www.marksbarfield.com/#/projects/cambridge-mosque?filter=location&layout=gallery&gallery=project&image=6
  6. There's a website I go to which has videos of workplace/car accidents/shootings etc. many of which happen in countries with black/brown populations. Judging by the comments a lot of the other users are people such as the guy below and the videos usually give them the chance to air their racist opinions. Obviously anti-Muslim comments are very common. Anyway since the attack, all comments on all videos have been disabled.
  7. Sounds worth a taste, at least. Though a complete one could lead to cardiac arrest. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/15/move-over-mcdonalds-french-taco-poised-for-global-expansion
  8. In the examples, I gave asking for vegetarian is not enough, you do have to specifically ask for food that has no meat etc. It's very difficult because in some cultures (If I recall correctly Spain) the bacon garnish is not considered meat. Knowing some locals can help a lot. It can be difficult. In the late 1990s in Hong Kong, I used to live on tins of tuna that I had brought over from the United Kingdom. The cuisine is much more diverse now.
  9. In some countries 'vegetarian' food may be cooked in lard (pig fat) and in others a vegetarian salad may have a sprinkling of bacon (for flavour). Just two examples, but you do have to be careful.
  10. They've tried the radical anti-Shia approach using extreme Sunnism, it didn't work. So now they are trying for the irreligious approach I.e. relaxing the rules around religion in the hope that people do other things instead.
  11. I've wondered for a while about the halalness of a type of financial product which has been very popular over the past 20 years. In the United Kingdom the way it works is that if you have say £10,000 debt on a credit card (charging 15% interest), you can pay it off by taking out £10000 on another credit card to repay that initial debt. Now the second credit card typically offers the following options. You can either go for: (a) paying interest at 4.5% annually on the loan (which is still much lower than the initial card issuer would have charged). This figure is usually fixed e.g. for 3 years. OR (b) paying a 'fee' of 3% on the entire amount and 0% interest and not being liable for any other payments (other than the return of the capital) for say 12-18 months. The fee is paid upfront. The way the card company really makes money in this scheme is that once the 12-18 month period is over the interest rate reverts to normal market rates I.e. 15% and a lot of people will end up on that. Smarter people either pay off the capital in that 12-18 month period or they have a good credit rating they'll likely find another credit card company offering another 3% deal. As I understand it option (a) is haram, but (b) I am not so sure about. Any ideas?
  12. Admittedly there is no reference to these in any authentic Islamic text published before 1965. And if you take your reference for authentic Islamic behaviours from Iranians or Arabs, they're as likely to be as puzzled by the religious concept as the flavour of the food - which likely will excite taste buds they never knew existed. I've posted pictures in previous years about the traditional foods served on this occasion, so this time a drink that one of my banker cousins concocted.
  13. Lots of action/fighting. Caucasian dad and daughter killed by Hispanic drugs gang and the soccer mom takes revenge. Made for the U.S. audience who'll be chanting 'build the wall' throughout and waving MAGA hats. At least Muslims aren't the bad guys.
  14. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/military/article/2188196/did-Pakistan-use-its-chinese-jf-17-jets-shoot-down-Indian-planes?utm_source=mailchimp&utm_medium=email&utm_content=190310&utm_campaign=GME-O-enlz-focus&MCUID=f9535c6b1e&MCCampaignID=62415d90e2&MCAccountID=7b1e9e7f8075914aba9cff17f
  15. This movie seems to be dividing opinions, I'll post later which one it is .
  16. If you want to be really honest, it's pretty lame. But it kept me amused for a while and a bit longer thinking about posting it here. In my humble opinion the trick to avoiding depression is that if you set the bar to happiness this low, it's pretty easy to rise above it.
  17. She had a number of different options open to her. Here are two. Have the meal without her friends and wait till they arrive. She tells them she would have waited but has to attend another 'do' with people who are sticklers for time. So she has her post-meal tea with them, but during her polite overstay, she gets a call (on speaker) asking why she isn't somewhere else where she is expected. She comes across as a martyr for friendship and the CLs are made to feel awkward for having delayed her. Instead of leaving entirely she could have gone to the cafe next door. When the CLs arrive at the appointed place they phone her and she tells them she has left already. They make a fuss and she puts up a limited struggle about how inconvenient it will be for her to come back, but in the name of friendship, she will do so. She tells them what to order for her. Having made sure that they spend a certain amount of time waiting for her and just in time for the arrival of the meal, she leaves the cafe next door and arrives 'hot foot', blaming the traffic, but a loyal friend who forgives her friends and makes sacrifices for them. HTH, Next.
  18. You should go to work. Not with a view to doing any work, of course. Rather your appearance will be in order to show the extent of your injuries, the inconvenience of your presence to everyone else and your demonstrable inability to do anything other than be an object of sympathy from your colleagues. This should elicit your employer's imprecations that you should not come back to work until you are fully healed. BTW contributors to this thread tend to lead such transparently moral lives that there are no conundrums, rather it is only ever their cousin that faces the issues we talk about here.
  19. I was at a presentation by the agency which came up with the second execution. Quite interesting the research about consumers' behaviour which led to the change. Basically, the sales of the older (yellow) packet had been falling. The problem was that people associated the older version with being healthy, but when people want a snack they want a bit of pleasure. The agency said that the solution was staring them in the face. People associate nice things with baking and the new packaging emphasises that. It also focuses on the flavours etc. so people buy the second one as a flavoursome offering that happens to be healthy. Rather than a healthy offering that they have to endure. Test markets were U.S., Turkey and China and it was then rolled out globally.
  20. Posted here and not the joke thread because you need to speak Urdu to get it. Why did Drycola go to the hospital? Because he wanted a blood taste.
  21. If your husband is in the taqlid of Sayid Sistani he should not be doing this with a Christian woman As I understand it if your husband undertakes mutah with a Muslim woman he does not need to tell you or seek your permission and it does not matter whether you think you satisfy him You may find the following thread useful.
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