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  1. Oppression test you can do yourself Go to any MSM outlet (the ones that would have a problem when called out on outright making stuff up). Look for vox pop opinions gathered from ordinary residents (especially those critical of their national government) See whether the news outlet has used: a fictitious name to protect the individual or whether the individual has allowed their own real name to be used If it is (1) their government is more likely to be oppressive and if (2) less likely to be. I note that stories involving Saudi residents usually fall into (1) and those involving Iranians fall into (2). OK this is rough and ready and other variables are at play, but I've found it interesting that MSM don't find the distinction weird even though they are the ones doing this.
  2. Why am I not surprised? Before I became a Mod, I had a post pulled because of something I said about Kurds. Amini was a Kurd, so I have not said much on this thread. https://twitter.com/Haman_Ten/status/1573684970132066304
  3. Must watch (rather, listen) video This is a lecture given at Yale University. It's long, but it gives a full background. Well worth your time. I volunteered to do some menial admin task for work and had this running in the background.
  4. Yes, which means she gets her picture posted up in the officers' mess. You do know that she does not lead them into battle, don't you?
  5. In WWII the Germans captured entire armies of hundreds of thousands of men. But the Russians just kept bringing in more men.
  6. Partial mobilisation The Russians are not going to run away. Ukraine may ultimately get its freedom, exactly what condition the country will be in and what remains of the men, is another story. Personally I think we're looking at partition.
  7. Thanks for letting us know. If you would like to publicise this on an ongoing basis, you'll need to advertise.
  8. What I don't understand is the need for commentators to big her up to something that she never was or indeed what a constitutional monarch can ever be. Her achievements, as I see them amounted to having stayed alive a long time. And er, that's it. Although he's ridiculed, the new King at least has something that passes for a worldview or even a philosophy - though it's expected he may be forced to reign (sorry) those in.
  9. Next time there'll be questions about gender dysphoria. Answer the questions a particular way - it could lead to kids being prescribed puberty blockers while gender reassignment treatment is considered.
  10. Why is international McDonalds better than American McDonalds?
  11. Not everyone in the Union ... This is from a football match where the Scottish football team Celtic FC were playing. The chant is from their supporters, who are also known to fly the Palestinian flag on occasion.
  12. The more illegitimate the regime the more likely it is to rely on outside powers for support.
  13. U.S. law firm to split from UAE partner due to his homophobic comments on Twitter https://www.ft.com/content/a8f8c82b-48eb-4df6-ab8c-1a1ae677d7c3
  14. Schools https://www.ft.com/content/5b8fa877-82ea-42a6-aadb-9a8df4a25332#comments-anchor
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