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  1. Looks like protests in the US are having some effect https://www.ft.com/content/c36c0386-8acb-48bc-a84b-8dfa636d00b4
  2. This is quite an interesting observation. The Iranian government renamed the street on which the British Embassy sits in Tehran to 'Bobby Sands'. He was a member of the IRA who died while on hunger strike. I am just flagging this as a data point while I don't personally follow the line that whatever the Iranian government does/allows automatically sets the seal on right/wrong. Worth noting that the IRA were a proscribed terrorist group (in the UK), although they had support from Irish Americans. Also worth noting is that they were brought into a peace process by Clinton, and their leaders became accepted politicians.
  3. ...not a member of Netanyahu's coalition... but still
  4. You mean the way that J.F. Kennedy publicly admired the Buddhist priest who set himself on fire in South Vietnam? https://medium.com/lessons-from-history/the-photograph-that-generated-so-much-emotion-around-the-world-f03c4c9bffeb
  5. Given what is at stake, he could also have had an unfortunate 'accident' and we'd never have heard about him at all. He appears to have taken some trouble to make it very clear that he is a serving member of the US armed forces and the link with his self-immolation. Epstein did not kill himself.
  6. Can't vouch for the accuracy of this ... https://x.com/warfareanalysis/status/1762375394563346512?s=20
  7. I don't know whether the following is fake or real, but it adds some colour as to why someone may act in the way that he did. This is dated November 2023, but who knows what mandatory orders have been issued since?
  8. As a serving member of the Forces what courses of action were open to him? Resign without making a fuss Make a public protest I don't know whether you always get to choose when you leave the military. So (1) may have been difficult. I don't see too many instances of (2), presumably he felt that there was a chance of him being killed anyway if he did (2). So what he did was the only way of publicising what he believed in.
  9. Another scam artist seems to be working this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-67703018
  10. Some people are saying that the police action was right, because this is not a time for politics and others are posting examples of other occasions where pilgrims have held up flags - without police interference. My view is that the entrances to the Ka'aba have the following names: https://www.muslimacoaching.com/al-masjid-al-haram-gates/ Nothing to do with Islam then and everything to do with politics. Perhaps there is a difference between the entrance and other areas? Perhaps someone could explain?
  11. Bailed out by the Emiratis Note the rationale below. The real reason is that they don't want the Muslim Brotherhood to come back. https://www.ft.com/content/bee16520-abf1-45c5-90c1-00128fe9f426 And the latest injection could be the down payment for taking in the Palestinians from Rafah.
  12. Based on my limited use of the Nusuk app, it's absolutely essential for gaining entry whether you are with a group or not AFAIK. I have been told that if you are with a group you need to make sure that the times that you want to go are in synch with others. OTOH if you are going at a non-busy time, as long as you are in ihram, they'll let you into the Ka'aba area. But much stricter rules apply if you want to enter the Rawdah area in the Masjid Nabawi. No booking on the app, no entry.
  13. Israel co-opting other Arab states to 'deradicalise' Palestinians One-page document released by Netanyahu. https://www.ft.com/content/063495e8-645c-4cec-8b8e-290fdc32044f
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