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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/Trump-mental-state-impeachment-psychiatrist-petition-congress-a9232386.html
  2. There's a movie called The Physician on Amazon Prime. The trailer blurb mentioned that it was about some Englishman in the 10th century going to Isfahan to study medicine. So obviously I took a look and thought it was a bit curious that the starting section showed various Middle Eastern books, starting with a text in Hebrew. Looking at the Trivia section on Amazon yielded this gem. I didn't bother watching any more.
  3. Thanks and thanks everyone else as well. It does seem as if al-Islam have their heart in the right place, but there are instances where their explanations etc. are not 100% accurate?
  4. There are apartments being constructed on the basis of selling a lifestyle. So they have a number of common areas for socialising etc. and this allows the developers to construct individuals apartments that are basically for sleeping. How we construct public/social and private spaces is all malleable.
  5. Surah al-Naml vs.18 Ant society hierarchy. https://www.al-Islam.org/enlightening-commentary-light-holy-Qur'an-vol-13/section-2-solomon-inherits-david Is this regarded as a social/scientific claim by the Qur'an ahead of its time, or something that was widely understood amongst Arabs of the period?
  6. Not surprised that the Iranians don't want foreigners influencing their public opinion. I am also pretty much against foreigners influencing British politics. Unfortunately the political party we have in power relies on them and won't take action.
  7. On the basis that they do not consider themselves to be Muslims to begin with I am not entirely sure what your 'joining their community' is supposed to achieve. If you are simply looking for a 'community', can't you just visit the local old folks home and provide them with some company?
  8. Han Solo is steering the Falcon, with Master Yoda on board. He asks, “am I going the right way?” Yoda replies, “off course, we are!”
  9. This person used to be the British ambassador to Uzbekistan.
  10. Sicario II deals with the possibility of Muslim terrorists coming over the border via Mexico. They have this shot 'proving' that such terrorists were in a border area. Looks like one of them had a dodgy compass.
  11. @alimohamad40 the dude had so much testosterone, the male membership of shiachat halved when he was banned. Hope he's using it wisely.
  12. sounds like they made a deep and lasting impression on you.
  13. I suppose the Shukr that Muslim immigrants into the US will be Thanksgiving for is that the Christians get all the sin for genociding and booting the American Indians off the land. And by the time we come along it's all been done and dusted.
  14. If something is wrong it's wrong regardless of whether the people being persecuted are Wahhabis, Jews or atheists.
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