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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Other Tablet(Android). It depends on the person and what they will use it for, if they're not very tech savy then iPad would be suitable for them due to it's simplicity and low maintenance however it also has limitations such as not directly being able to download audio or videos file(you'd have to do it through an app or through your computer on itunes), no slot to add a memory card and extend the memory so you're limited with the built in memory among other things. Also androids are more prone to viruses/malware and over time often slow down as the OS creates a lot of junk/cache files and often applications keep running in the background without your knowledge and the average joe doesn't know how to turn such things off to have optimal performance while iOS(iPad's operating system) does not allow apps to do so among many other things.
  2. Good relevant discussion, may give some insight. https://ahlulbayt.tv/ondemand/episode/s858i6tu/Culture_Vs_Religion/
  3. Hopefully since it's 2018 now so you can be all those nice things for a man lol, someone told me to read this after a recent thread I had started about "Why the wrong guys always approaches you". What you have mentioned is true nevertheless good and bad people exist in every gender/background/society/country/nation and to change your behavior towards others based on that is basically becoming what you disliked in the first place, being cautious and wary is a different matter. I assure you there are men who are nice and have none of negative qualities mentioned in your blog however it takes one to know one and if there is prejudice or preconceived ideas towards any gender/race/background then that will surely make it more difficult to come across such people as we never know where a nice person may come from and the prejudice thus limits us.
  4. I think it's safe to say that majority did agree(or almost agree) with what I had in mind and that people do understand that such things happen and how it may often lead to misjudgment or similarly missing out on getting to know someone who's actually nice, upon sharing this video with a friend they told me that they have had experiences where someone who seemed very approachable and pleasant at first turned out to be the opposite lateron and where an individual seemed "creepy", weird, odd, awkward or suspicious initially turned out to be the complete opposite and a nice person later on. The lesson for me from this was to keep reminding myself of this and to not quickly jump to a conclusion about someone or let their first/initial impression influence the way I think about them and the reason to share this was to know if others think the same way and understand this which apparently most do but maybe often like myself do not or did not keep it in mind in reality and practical situations so hopefully this helped them as a reminder just as how it helped me.
  5. This should answer your question(it's in urdu but has English subs), idk the guy but it's one of my favourite videos.
  6. Fair point, though I think everyone understood I certainly wasn't referring to that aspect as catcalling or similar behaviour is not appreciated even aside religion, also he's speaking about practical situations in line with his culture which may be inappropriate for us but the main point isn't the aspect you mention but I guess it's good you pointed it out as if you thought of it this way then someone else could have too.
  7. You just made the guys non-practicing/indecent and the women strange lool, volunteering, studies and work are all public places too so I'm not sure what you meant or misinterpreted by the thread :S Plus it's seems lasting and successful relationships aren't only at these places as notme mentioned she approached her husband online, though ofcourse there are all sorts of people everywhere and one should take precautions accordingly.
  8. Try opera it has built-in VPN: https://www.opera.com/computer/features/free-vpn Although you have to turn it on from settings https://www.wikihow.com/Turn-on-the-Built‐In-VPN-for-Opera-Browser
  9. It's a sign of ignorance if anything, the more knowledge anyone has in any matter the dumber they feel because the more they realize how much more there is to know which is why often you'll see that truly knowledgeable people will never give this impression and would have the opinion that they do not know much. Specifically with regards to religion it does happen and if you say something which challenges their opinion they get enraged, similarly there are people who are always pointing out mistakes in other and judging them not realizing that they are not fully aware of their circumstances like I said it just reflects their ignorance. I heard from someone that if you ever see a person coming out a winery/pub/bar do not assume they were drinking(as they may have been there out of an avoidable reason) similarly if you ever see someone coming out of a mosque do not assume they were praying(as likewise they could have been there for any other reason), we have no right nor the ability to judge the action of others, what may apparently be seeming wrong may in their situation be the only way on top of which most matters are between a person and God thus we are no one to pass judgments on his behalf.
  10. Ofcourse but everyone is different, maybe the guy hasn't talked to many girls before and thus what happens like the guy said in the video that he ends up appearing creepy while he isn't in reality lol. Agreed you got my point, at the same time I feel keeping the above in mind diminishes any false prejudice/stereotype one may have at the initial impression realizing the fact that it maybe because the person(guy or girl) isn't familiar or doesn't have much experience of it. Nothing wrong with it and some guys may even like it(though at the same time it may get to some people's heads lool), thing being if someone seems nice then I don't see why you shouldn't approach them regardless of your gender, it is these stigmas which make this more difficult for everyone. Evidence! lol
  11. This was my point that maybe he isn't manipulative lol.
  12. This is something which is has always crossed my mind and how often due to this girls end up with the wrong guy and maybe also why a lot of nice guys may not be getting a chance lol. Would like to know what everyone thinks of this, specially sisters.
  13. Agreeing with @aaaaaa it happens with everyone the difference is how some people struggle more others struggle less and at different stages in life same as how some people feel more hungry or thirsty as compared to others and I think it's often not dependent on the gender and a bit unfair to generalize in that way. The thing is that Islam would never oppress something which is built into human nature(a part of which is wanting emotional & physical intimacy) and we are told it is designed as the perfect way of life, everyone can acknowledge that not everyone is in a position to get permanently married this is where it makes sense that the concept of mutah is there for those who intend to be in a relationship with someone(either because they genuinely like them but can't get married or because they want to get to know someone better or just as a way to fulfill their needs). However there's this immense stigma and taboo around it more so in the east, people like to think that their sons & daughters are not humans and if they have any such desires that it's horrible, at the same time if someone of either gender is trying to find a potential spouse through any means(assuming they're being respectable) is usually misinterpreted(exmaple if someone tries to get to know someone), our own fault is we often have prejudice and stereotypes towards others even before we know them so in a way it's our own fault as well. To add further there's the issue of syeds and non-syeds and the spouse being only from a particular background by the parents, there's soo many blockades and false stigmas built by society that often it's not surprising people struggle to not go towards haram. Somehow it's as if being in a haram relationship is better than getting into a halal one.(maybe also because it's soo much easier) I think all we can do from our end is be more accepting of this so our children don't go through what we're going through as well as be understanding of one another and avoid judging others and having stereotypes/prejudice about people.
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