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  1. Dear brothers, Its really sad that you say something like this. We muslims should hold together and should love each other but you are all hating me. :( If you really hate me then I will stop making so much posts and I will try to read more rather than posting here. Dear mods, I hope you dont ban me because I love this site and I want to share my feelings with my muslim brothers. I will stop if you call it spamming but just please dont ban me. What did I do?Did I insult anyone? Why are you so rude? I thought we are all brothers so why do you hate me so much? Brothers, I hope you understand.
  2. My brothers, what do you think of "honour killing"? Do you think that is the right way?
  3. Such threads are very unfair. EDITED
  4. What does weed have to do with this topic? WHy are you personally attacking me when I am asking a legitimate question and asking for guidance on it?
  5. My brother, it’s not just Hollywood, many sources indicate the world will end in 2012. Plus with all the chaos and corruption rampant in today’s world is it that far fetched to think we are close to the end?
  6. Assalum Aleikom all my brothers. I'm very happy to find this forum as I have many questions to ask and knowledge to share with my muslim brothers. There are not many muslims where I live so anytime I try to engage in a discussion with coworkers or friends I'm often ridiculed even what I am saying to them is legitimate. I look forward to some healthy discussions and exchange of information with all my newfound brothers here.
  7. if smoking weed, which is clearly not stated as haram in the quran(its not an intoxicant), why is it haram? if i smoke it and it never affects my relationship with Allah and i always smoke it after final prayer. Is there a hadith or anything that says its haram, beside the quran?
  8. if 2012 is supposed to be the end of the world, wouldnt imam mahdi come to save us before?
  9. if i masterbate like three times a day, how bad is it really? better than having sex with a kafir right?
  10. why cant Iran be secular and religous at the same time? have you ever thought about it? why are you all against the freedom of the people? why do you hateeeee western clothing so much? why do you care about what other people wear? why do you care about teens going out and partying? why do you care about teenage boys and girls flirting in public? Why cant we be secular in goverment, and religous as well? If we are a secular goverment, people will still have the freedom to practice Islam freely. Its not like muharram and ashoora will all go away. mosques will still be there and everything. Al-qods day can stay. Why cant you all just see beauty in freedom? Why are you so against it? and i want to know your views on the rape, torture, and killing of political prisoners? is that right??? thats the work of kafirs. what about neda agha-soltan? and dont come with that conspiracy bs. what about the basiji midnight dorm raid on tehran university? what about the beating in the streets by basij and riot guards? is this real islam? or has the IR corrupted it? i think the IR has corrupted it.
  11. Some toilets are just disgusting and it looks like they havent been cleaned in weeks! You can actually see traces of nejasat on them. Im not too trusting of the toilet paper either as nejasat may have been transferred to it via the previous persons hands so what I do is I always bring a piece of paper with me. I tear it in half and place each half under one of my hands as I push on the seat. Essentially I am hovering above the seat in a sitting position but not making contact and supporting my weight with my hands on the paper.
  12. I think it's best if you didn't and rather let it fill in naturally. Other than the natural growth which is preferred you also run the risk of cutting yourself with a razor which will need taharat if you bleed.
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