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  1. y dont u just donate to the non muslim groups that u said u know r doing this? that will still free the slaves.
  2. there r videos of it, u can watch it to see for yourself.
  3. none of this is needed. the only thing that was needed was for the 4 people to restrane and hold him instead of 2 of them just standing around and having a "who can look cooler without saying a word" contest.
  4. i have no sympathy for him and agree with the judges sentence for his death. its just unless he is superman i dont think 4 men would not be able to restrane him unless they were too lazy to do it and instead opted to just beat him into submision which seems to be the exact case here. common sense says 4 people r stronger than 1. lol a punch straihgt to the face is reasonable physical force when u have 3 other guys to help u?
  5. look i dont see it the way u do, i dont think any of this was an emergency especialy when u have 4 people there. i think its unreasonable to think the only way for 4 people to hold someone still is to punch him. what kind of man can break the restraning of 4 peole?
  6. i have perfect eye sihgt which is y i had no problem seeing the rihgt hook from the guy rihgt after after he jumped on the stage and wiythout making any effort to first restrane the guy. u did see that, didnt u? also i should say that while i disagree with them punching the guy at least u r saying they did this in self defense as oposed to other people in this thread who were saying he is a rapist or murderer and he deserved to get punched and thus clearly ignoring the fact that the judge had already decided what he deserved which was death but not a beating.
  7. becuz almost rihgt off the bat they chose to punch. they didnt even hesitate after he made the first kick just to get it done with fast. its a joke to belive 4 people couldnt restane one person. if it is true i definitely want that strength ha ha ha cops can tackle u and handcuf u if u attack them, if u have a weapon they can shoot u if u dont drop it but they cant get violent with u. these guys seemed just too lazy and angry so tried the fastest way possible to end this.
  8. wow u really r gonna claim that 4 people were not strong enuf to restrane one person? just wow. this is not HHH or john cena they were dealing with. they could have restraned him if they chose to do so instead of taking the easy way out and punching him into submision. may god give me the strength of the executed man so that i can beat 4 people ganging up on me in a fihgt lol....
  9. its a stupid rule given that those same games r shown on TV so its not leik not letting women in will stop them from what is assumed to be ogling and sinning male soccer players. what is awra?
  10. They could have just as easily held him and restraned him. no need for taking there anger out on him by punching him. stick to the punishment given by the judge.
  11. well all those guys there they could have just restrained him but they took personal anger out on him. besides does no one have leg restrains or maybe just a piece f rope they could use before they got there? if u r carrying out the law u cant let personal anger influnce your actions.
  12. if this ban is becuz of the men cursing at the stadium one solution would be to make some games for women fans only. that mihgt even make themen behave better so that they dont miss out on the games that only women were aloud in.
  13. so do i. how hard is it to understand that u must carry out wat the judge sentenced him to, no less no more?
  14. the judge already told them what to do. they should have just restraned him and carried out the senetence. no need to add there own sentence and beat him before killing him as that was not part of the judges sentence.
  15. i propose they act out the judges sentence and not add there own sentence to it. if we r gona dish out our own sentences then we dont need judges now do we?
  16. this law makes no sense speciually since there were pictyures of the wives and daughters of officials in the stadium watching the game and also foren women too. how can u apply to law to some women but not to others?
  17. i already got this on my facebook and signed it. hopefully she will be freed soon. i feel bad for her for getting arrested when all she wanted to do is watch a volleyball game. the let the forein women but not Iranian ones.
  18. the reason that i will be paying for you since u wont have a job that covers your expenses. seriously to make your point u r bring a verse that talks about marrying female and male slaves?
  19. u cant with the salary u posted above. or if u do then we will be paying for your rent. either way we will be paying for your expenses becuz u cant raise a family on 9000 a year.
  20. dude if u dont have the money dont get married becuz then we all r gonna be paying for your expenses through welfaere. wait till u get a job and can support yourself and a family.
  21. ifthey r thinking of ending there lifes than the first thiung u should do is call a suicide hotlin and get a therapist for them.
  22. i cant wait for the family guy simpons cross over episode this month.
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