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  1. u could have avoided the hole thing if peopel were just on time.
  2. naw there shouldnt be any problem. hopefuly they will be abel to go and visit soon.
  3. yes we killed india! team melli rules!!!!!
  4. chilewon the south america cup and we beat chile. we r better then them all!
  5. well its a soccer site so i asumed most people come to it for soccer news about iran.
  6. y do u say that? i get all my soccer updates from iran from there even the league games. they were even givving links for live streams for games. i think its a great site.
  7. i have an accountthere but i dont post much.
  8. i am from iran and can anser any questions u have about iran.
  9. call a suicide hot line asap. they r trained for these situations.
  10. Realy? i think shes horrible. they should replace her.
  11. sardar is also good plus hes young. we r gonna be a force to be rekoned with for years.
  12. im still upset anytime i remember who the ref robbed us in autralia.
  13. they r useful i have many family members in iran and i use viber so i get to talk with them for free.
  14. no one has even scored aganst us. we rock!!!! iran all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. dude u do realize that even some men get emotional. u r pretty much saying every man who has ever lived and will be born in the future is not emotional while every woman from past and present is. this statment in itself is sexist.
  16. i certanly hope there isnt!
  17. haha yes iran is dominating inthis tournement i think they will winit all or make it to the final.
  18. instead of making fun of my spelling tell us who u think will win.
  19. the asian cup is starting in a few wqeeks in australia. who r u rooting for? i think iran will win it becuz they have a very strong team and they havent won if for so long that its gotta be there time now. players leik dejagah and guccinejad can smolke any asian defense. who do u guys think will win?
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