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  1. ha we killed whales today
  2. ha qatar is soooo bad, geting killed by ecuador
  3. Poor girl rest in peace sister. this is neda aghasultan all over again.
  4. we r playing them in world cup qulifiers in a few days and we will beat them
  5. wooooooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! 14-0 baby!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. the game is tomorow and I think we will destroy cambodio Thousands of Iranian women fans are to attend a football match freely Thursday for the first time in decades, after FIFA threatened to suspend the country over its controversial male-only policy. The Islamic republic has barred female spectators from football and other stadiums for around 40 years, with clerics arguing they must be shielded from the masculine atmosphere and sight of semi-clad men. World football's governing body FIFA ordered Iran last month to allow women access to stadiums without restriction and in numbers determined by demand for tickets. The directive came after a fan dubbed "Blue Girl" died after setting herself on fire in fear of being jailed for dressing up as a boy to attend a match. Women were quick to get their hands on tickets to attend Iran's 2022 World Cup qualifier against Cambodia at Tehran's Azadi Stadium on Thursday. The first batch sold out in less than an hour, and additional seats were also snapped up in short order, state media said. Iranian women were able to support their team during the 2018 World Cup in Russia Credit: Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images The sports ministry said the 100,000-capacity stadium - whose name means "Freedom" in Farsi - was ready to host even more women. One of the 3,500 women to have secured a ticket was Raha Poorbakhsh, a football journalist. "I still can't believe this is going to happen because after all these years of working in this field, watching everything on television, now I can experience everything in person," she told AFP. But Poorbakhsh said she was aware of many other women without tickets and some were expected to travel from as far away as Ahvaz in southern Iran in the hope of still getting one. There have been rare occasions in recent years when Iranian women have been allowed to watch matches, but this time they were free to buy their own tickets, albeit a set number. Those lucky enough to attend will be segregated from men and watched over by 150 female police officers. People on the streets of Tehran said they supported the decision to allow women into stadiums. The death of a female football fan sparked an investigation Credit: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP/Getty Images "I would like there to be freedom for women, like men, to go freely and even sit side by side without any restrictions, like other countries," said a woman who gave her name only as Hasti. Nader Fathi, who runs a clothing business, said the presence of women could improve the atmosphere in stadiums. But he said "they will regret it" if they are exposed to "really bad swear words" and "bad behaviour". The bumpy road Iranian women have travelled in order to gain free access to stadiums has not been without tragedy. Sahar Khodayari died last month after setting herself ablaze outside a court in fear of being jailed for attending a match. Dubbed "blue girl" because of the colours of the club she supported - Tehran giants Esteghlal FC - she had reportedly been detained last year when trying to enter a stadium dressed as a boy. Her death sparked an outcry, with many calling for Iran to be banned and matches boycotted. The judiciary dismissed reports she had been told she would be jailed, and Khodayari's father said she did not "sacrifice" herself for any cause.
  7. wow they have now incresed it to 10 thosand tix and they r still seling!
  8. Wow so far they have opened 4 sectons of the stadium for women and all 4 have sold out. I think there going to open morw sections 4 them cuz there is still intrest.
  9. more news on dis. looks leik the women will be let in 4 next game On match days Iran's young female soccer fans cram Tehran's shopping centres and cafes, their faces painted with the Iranian flag and beaming with excitement, as they follow their national team on giant television screens alongside male fans. Iranian women have been banned from men's soccer matches at football stadiums in the country since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, but that has done nothing to dampen their determination to enjoy it. Iranian female fans have long campaigned to be allowed to watch men's soccer and occasionally a limited number of women have been allowed into the stadium. The death this month of a female fan who set herself on fire in protest at her arrest for attending a match has drawn international attention to women's exclusion. Iran is also under pressure from soccer's governing body FIFA on Iran to change its stance. Following a match in a busy cafe, Iranian fan Somayyeh Rajabpour said "watching like this is more exciting." Another female fan, Mahsa Alipour said "All the people love it. They love soccer a lot. For me personally, although I may not know much about soccer, I am so excited by the games." Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's chief of staff said last week that women would be allowed into stadiums if foul language in chants and sporadic violence was curbed. "We don't see a problem with women attending if the atmosphere in stadiums is convenient... but with so much foul language among fans and violence, this is not advisable,” Mahmoud Vaezi told state television. Government spokesman Ali Rabiei told a news conference, "We believe that women can enter stadiums, but I am sure you agree that a portion of society is worried about their presence." He said women would be present at Iran's game with Cambodia. "Their presence will increase step by step." The move is seen as a first step towards opening national games to women. Vaezi said the sports minister would contact leaders of supporter groups to "improve the atmosphere from a moral standpoint" and special areas for women would be set up in stadiums. FIFA officials are expected to visit Iran on Wednesday, as part of preparations for Iran's World Cup qualifying games, the semi-official news agency YJC reported. Sahar Khodayari, dubbed "Blue Girl" after her favourite team's colours, died in hospital just over a week ago after setting herself alight outside a court where she feared being jailed for six months. She had tried to attend a match disguised as a man. "They do not let us inside the stadiums. But we were so good like this today, inside the shopping centre," said Atieh, who was among a group of men and women watching a soccer game at a cafe in Tehran. "Men did not say anything improper at all, and we were all together, all fine, watching the match." A female architect, who did not give her name, said however that she objected to women at football stadiums, "because of the cultural problems we have, not just in grounds but even in our normal urban atmosphere."
  10. varzesh3 is reporting that for our next game in qulifyinh 5000 woman will be allowed in the stadium
  11. iranian legend Ali karimi is telling everyone to not go to stadiums any more
  12. Iran team captain shohai also wrote about her death saying that even tho Iran one there game yesterday but we realy lost. respect
  13. hahaha we destroyed china, japan is next we r going to win this!!!!
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