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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ehsan

    Don't fear

    Yes. It's nothing spectacular, just some mere feelings and thoughts that I could not express otherwise.
  2. Ehsan

    Don't fear

    Salam, That is one interesting meaning of what "both sandals" could represent. Another one could be This World and the Next. I.e in the presence of God, both this and the next world are nothing more than sandals, i.e means to reach Him, and in themselves they hold no other value than this. The one whose aim is only some rivers and forests in the next world, whose like can also be found in this world, will not be allowed to passed the threshold into "The Holy Valley of Tuwwa", i.e the Sacred Presence. This should also be a reminder when we stand in our daily Salat prayer, which is no
  3. Salam, Today is the day that marks the heavenly ascension of Imam Khomeini from the lowest degree of the worlds, Alam al-Nasoot. Many have had personal experiences, memories and feelings with this man who changed history forever. Some, only by looking at his photos, feel hayaat in their hearts. Some even dream about him merely by watching his videos! Some have had their entire life course changed just by seeing him, reading something from him or somehow taking a stand hand having to fight for the truth. For inspiration and softening the heart, please do share if you have any persona
  4. Ehsan

    Don't fear

    What do you think "both sandals" symbolizes?
  5. Hi There

    I've posted a poem - Don't be Afraid - what do you think?


    I like your "Rank"  - My Lord, Stand by my side

    Could you explain it to me?


    1. Ehsan


      That rank was written a loooong time ago when I felt alone against the world on a journey to the Lord, with the only wish that He would be by my side.

  6. This land is holy, don't fear This fire is holy, don't fear Dunya and Akhira are mere garment, don't fear Take off both sandals, don't fear When the spark becomes a flame Burn your clothes, don't fear Muraqabah is a wine in the tavern Bring forth your empty cup, don't fear When Saqi comes forth, forget all Drown the noise in intoxication, don't fear Are you not tired of all terminology? Burn your knowledge, don't fear In this market books are not bought Come dressed in bare air, don't fear Open your chest for God's hand, Ilm is a ligh
  7. Salam, Abu Hanifa raised this question and critique and Bahlool answered by picking up a piece of stone and throwing at him, hurting him. "Sorry, I don't believe you were hurt since you are from clay and so is this stone," he ironically said. A human punching another human will hurt that human. Hell is a special kind of place though. It's pain is both external and internal, and Islamic sources allude that the internal pains are more troublesome than the external ones. We see this phenomenon in this life as well: some persons who has deep depressions relieve their internal pain by phy
  8. Salam, Regarding the Ruh, or the spirit, the Qur'an mentions that it is from the Amr of God, but we know little of it. There are several types of ruh. Sheikh Sadooq counted them to 5 for example. The lowest of these are Roh al-Mudraj (spirit of motion) and after that Roh al-Shawha (the spirit of desires). Even a stone has Roh al-Mudraj as it has motion, even if its motion is less than we can observe. The Qur'an mentions that on Judgement Day the earth, the heavens - all these material things we don't think has consciousness, actually will witness against mankind. In hadiths we have that t
  9. Salam, @Guest OnPoint: Interesting! How did you plan on doing that practically? Write one book at a time, or swap between them depending on your mood or according to a planned schedule? What length did you have in mind? Have you finished writing a book before? The real work with a book starts after writing the first draft. Apart from proof reading you need to go through your writings several times, am I on point? Am I making my point clear enough? Have I missed something? And others need to read it to give you that feedback.
  10. Salam, The nights of Qadr have passed. The nights were you determine your own capacity, your qadr. Whatever cup you brought to the Ocean, that is what you got. A tiny cup? A big bowl? An entire tank? The night of Ahd and vows and goals for your coming year has passed. Whatever goal you set, now is the most important question: Have you made a plan how to reach those goals? Islam has a detailed plan for everything you do. How to eat/sleep/fast/pray/worship/work/live, when to do it with the utmost details. Now that the Qadr nights have passed, is the time to spend the last nights of the
  11. The book is 440p long but covers many gems and stimulates many reflections and deeper insights. I particularly enjoyed how historic contexts of the Masumin(A) are explained in a timeless and contemporary fashion. It's not like I'm reading history, but rather a living model of how I can be. Example of such a passage, under the chapter dedicated to the biography of Fatima Zahra(A):
  12. Salam In Sweden we have a completely independent organization called Den Väntades Vänner (DVV - Friends of the Awaited), consisting of members from all nationalities with one common ground (apart from the faith): Swedish as language. DVV focused on cultural work, among them translation and authoring Swedish books about Islam. Last year a very important book, "An introduction to Shia Islam" was published in Swedish. It's a comprehensive book covering everything from the fundamentals of faith to the history of the 14 Masumin(A). I've read a couple of books introducing Shia Islam, most
  13. Salam, I have not followed the debate so excuse me if I'm repeating what has been stated. Just wanted to throw in a couple of words since I was tagged by sister @Laayla(HA). Many high ranking Shia scholars classify Maolavi (Rumi) as adherent to the Wilayah of Ahl al-Bait(A). Allamah Qadhi(رضي الله عنه), the Master (ostad) of almost all present Shia urefa scholars, including Allamah Tabatabai(رضي الله عنه) and Ayatollah Behjat(رضي الله عنه), was of the belief that it is impossible to reach higher spiritual ranks without the rank of Imam Ali(A) being manifested, unveiled and establish
  14. Assalam Alikum brother 

    How are you?  You are so near, yet so far....

    Why don't you participate on Sc anymore?

    1. Ehsan


      Salam sister,

      Yes I am, near yet far, that was a good description.

      I am and have been busy in closed forums and groups for a longer period now. I might return some day though. Nice of you to stop by and say hi. :)

  15. Salam, Humble Bundle has chosen to put Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" in their latest collection of audio books that they sell for a cheap price. A comment has been made on their Facebook-page and it would be great if you could support and answer the comment, especially considering that it is done at the same time as it is the birthday of our beloved Prophet!! https://www.facebook.com/humblebundle/posts/657211527655488 Please spread this so we all who love our Prophet(S) can make a stance!
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