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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I have not followed the debate so excuse me if I'm repeating what has been stated. Just wanted to throw in a couple of words since I was tagged by sister @Laayla(HA). Many high ranking Shia scholars classify Maolavi (Rumi) as adherent to the Wilayah of Ahl al-Bait(A). Allamah Qadhi(رضي الله عنه), the Master (ostad) of almost all present Shia urefa scholars, including Allamah Tabatabai(رضي الله عنه) and Ayatollah Behjat(رضي الله عنه), was of the belief that it is impossible to reach higher spiritual ranks without the rank of Imam Ali(A) being manifested, unveiled and established for you. Now, Rumi does describe certain spiritual states and ranks that are very high, which indicates that at some point he must have passed the rank of acceptance of Wilayah to each higher. Further, those who have read Maolavi's works will realize that his opinions on Tawhid, Imamat, Nobowwah and Qiyamah match those of Shia faith. His poetic work "Mathnawi" and his spiritual discourses "Fihi Ma Fihi", both which are translated into English, has many examples of this. These works do, however, also contain references to certain Sahaba that were opposed to the Wilayah of Amir al-Momenin(A). There are a couple of possibilities for this: Rumi was a Sunni scholar and judge prior to being introduced to the spiritual path by his master (Shams Tabrizi). And Rumi himself didn't compile most of his works, much was written down by his follower and scriber Hosham. Hence, it's not obvious that the order of the poems in Mathnawi for example actually are chronological and according to the timeline of utterance. So, the mentions of Sahaba could have been done prior to the rank of Wilayah being manifested to Rumi, even if such poems appear later in the book. Further, he could have used those examples to point out a higher spiritual truth when preaching in an orthodox Sunni audience, which he usually was surrounded with and ultimately killed by.
  2. Assalam Alikum brother 

    How are you?  You are so near, yet so far....

    Why don't you participate on Sc anymore?

    1. Ehsan


      Salam sister,

      Yes I am, near yet far, that was a good description.

      I am and have been busy in closed forums and groups for a longer period now. I might return some day though. Nice of you to stop by and say hi. :)

  3. Salam, Humble Bundle has chosen to put Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" in their latest collection of audio books that they sell for a cheap price. A comment has been made on their Facebook-page and it would be great if you could support and answer the comment, especially considering that it is done at the same time as it is the birthday of our beloved Prophet!! https://www.facebook.com/humblebundle/posts/657211527655488 Please spread this so we all who love our Prophet(S) can make a stance!
  4. Thank you for your kind comment sister. I wish you the best, in this world and the next.
  5. A thousand untold stories Rest in my silence The soul raised to the heavens A body cast down on dust Listen to the whispers in the dark My sleepless dreams And a treasure of tears Thrown into the hidden Please come back Listen to the whispers in the dark Shadows of the heart Unfold frozen lips The cheek on soil Awaiting unseen feet Listen to the whispers in the dark I have become restless A ghost in the tavern Moaning to the moon From the depth of this dungeon Listen to the whispers in the dark Salute the burnt heart Dancing to chanting breaths Be the embodiment of madness Raise beyond the light Listen to the whispers in the dark
  6. An escape from prison A moment of truth A declaration of faith A hymn of hope An explosion of light A thousand odes of love
  7. SobhanAllah, what a maniac the poet was who thought he could comprise love in words!
  8. Ehsan

    Ode To Self

    I liked this one. May Allah bless you.
  9. Strip the soul naked Touch the floor of heaven Ascend the throne of love Submerge in odes of silence Return to the presence Scatter seeds of wisdom Be the fountain of fire Light and burn away Rise from the ashes Ride the wind like Salomon Whisper poetry to the wind Behold the echoes of eternity Bury yourself in the memories And your tomb shall forever walk From heart to heart in men.
  10. In His Name, the Most High Salam New episode out! Episode 17: Erin Brockovich Reflecting upon the prejudice that exists in our Islamic community not unlike the one Erin Brockovich had to endure. http://www.ehsan.me/index.php/2011/11/02/episode-17-erin-brockovich/ Salam Ehsan
  11. Ehsan

    Inspiring Souls

    From the abyss of self Emerge words unspoken The poetic pen is the flute Singing ideas to the heartbroken In the shadows of conformity Inspiring souls are woken With echoing oaths of sacrifice They engrave tears on paved ways Revolutionized from within The earth under their feet sways Mythical legends arising from dust Heroes born at the end of days Unknown flowers hidden in society Reflections of an Unseen Face
  12. In His Name, the Most High Salam For convenience a Facebook Fan Page has been created for the blog where new posts are published to the stream to notify the readers. You may find it here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Spiritual-Path-of-Ehsan/161477957267050 Salam Ehsan
  13. In His Name, the Most High Salam Your spouse is a spiritual shelter One of the Ulema whose name I won’t mention narrates that I visited Ayatollah Behjat In the year of 2002. Ayatollah Behjat asked me where I have been... http://www.ehsan.me/index.php/2011/08/19/your-spouse-is-a-spiritual-shield/ Salam Ehsan
  14. In His Name, the Most High Salam The immediate answer of Imam Hassan(A) Today marked the blessed birthday of the grandchild of Prophet Mohammad(S), the heir of Imam AliÚáíå ÇáÓáÇã, the darling of Fatima Zahra(A) – Imam Hassan MujtabaÚáíå ÇáÓáÇã. I would like to take opportunity of this auspicious event and share a personal incident of mine related to the generosity of Imam HassanÚáíå ÇáÓáÇã. http://www.ehsan.me/index.php/2011/08/17/the-immediate-answer-of-imam-hassana/ Salam
  15. In His Name, the Most High Salam Does the body need vitamins? One of the characteristics of Ayatollah Behjat was his indifference towards food. At the time when he was a poor young student in Najaf the poverty lead him to be content with one loaf of bread as his daily meal and this custom lived on even after him reaching Marjaiyyah and recognition. One of his students writes in his memoirs… http://www.ehsan.me/index.php/2011/08/15/does-the-body-need-vitamins/ Salam Ehsan
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