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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam! Alhamdulillah, any questions, thoughts or general comments are more than welcome.
  2. Episode 3: The Battle of Wills III What is the result of The Battle of Wills? What happens when your will is aligned to everything? What is the secret in the Battle of Wills? And what role could Satan have? Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/se/podcast/the-battle-of-wills-iii/id1556831915?i=1000512615626
  3. I started an official thread now that the podcast is live: https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235070220-pure-islam-podcast-official-thread/
  4. Episode 2: The Battle of Wills II How will you win the Battle of Wills? How can you strengthen your will? How does the modern way of living affect the will compared to the ancient times? Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/se/podcast/the-battle-of-wills-ii/id1556831915?i=1000512149330
  5. Episode 1: The Battle of Wills Why do I want what I want? What affects my will? How truthful am I in what I really want? Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/se/podcast/the-battle-of-wills/id1556831915?i=1000511692896
  6. Salam! So two weeks ago after some encouragement from the community we decided to publish a new podcast called Pure Islam. What began as an experiment now feels like it needs it own room to grow further. The podcast is now available on all major platforms, and there is a Facebook page and this official thread to interact with, give comments, questions, feedback etc. The background idea was that most podcasts are panel discussions which cover a wider angle of perspectives, but usually don't go very deep into the topic. Apart from this there are few Islamic podcasts overall. So this po
  7. Salam, The name of the person is important for the interpretation. I understand it is sensitive, if you prefer, contact me privately and we can take it from there.
  8. Salam, So last night I recorded the first episode in one go and published it. It is still only an experiment for me so I'd greatly appreciate your feedback and what you think before I spread it to a larger audience.
  9. Salam, Attached is a before and after photo of the cabinet doors I spray painted white several years ago. I bought a Black and Decker Spray Gun for roughly 70-80USD (https://www.amazon.co.uk/BLACK-DECKER-HVLP200-GB-Sprayer-Orange/dp/B006XBT358). You mix normal wall paint with water to make it thinner, approx 50% water 50% color, so its a cheap alternative. It's excellent for covering tracks, paths and textures on uneven surfaces. And it gets really thin and professional, the only down side being that it isn't very resistent against physical touch (over the years). I spray painted it twice
  10. Salam my friend, Aisha is not considered a disbeliever, if she was it would have been impermissible for the Prophet(S) to stay married to her. But she did rebell against the caliph (and in our view the Imam) of her time, this is facts. As to why the Prophet(S) never divorced her, we must keep in mind the mentality of that time and age. Just because the Prophet(S) came with the Qur'an doesn't mean that the people changed their ways and customs over night. Among Arabs of that time, and even to this day in some areas, customs, relationship, blood bands and kin weigh heavier than Qur'
  11. Salam, Its up to you what you like, but I can appreciate that you would want to have white cabinets instead of the wooden color. If you spray paint it, the color will begin to exfoliate after 2-3 years around the handles and other areas that are exposed to physical contact. Especially since your doors, like mine, are not flat but have some texture. If you have the budget and want to keep it over 3-4 years, buy only the doors in the color you want, and place them on existing cabinets. If there are any sides of the cabinet where the wood is exposed, you can paint only those areas.
  12. Salam, I have some experience in this field. I chose to spray paint all kitchen cabinet doors in white when we moved in to the house some years ago. Do you have kids? Are you satisfied with the kitchen other wise or are you thinking of changing or renovating in couple of years? Could you upload a photo?
  13. Salam, I've thought a lot of starting a podcast. There are few Islamic podcasts out there and most tend to be structured like a panel discussion which is good for touching a topic from multiple perspectives, but harder to get into really deep. My idea is a bit more raw: take a topic, grab a mic and start diving into it layer after layer and go as deep as I can. I've listened to some historical podcasts that can talk up to 8 hours on a single episode about some historical event!! That really inspired me. For example in one episode to explain a death sentence in France during the 18th centu
  14. Salam, It is very brave of you brother to ask such personal questions in a public forum. Let's discuss them together and learn from each other! The concept of mourning for Imam Hossein(A) is a concept that began at the beginning of mankind. We have numerous Hadiths that mention for example Adam(A) being informed of how his descendant Hossein(A) will die and cried. Or how Prophet Ibrahim(A) cried when God revealed that "the great sacrifice" isn't his son Ismail(A) but rather his descendant Imam Hossein(A). We have in the Qur'an how the Prophet Ya'qoob(A) cried for his lost son Prop
  15. Do you know who Ali is?! Secrets of the universe are his Paradise and hell he cleaves At his arrival the enemy flees The shallow religion he fought The path to spiritual climax he taught Beyond "qaba qawsayn ou adna" he appear His light illuminates the angelic sphere When the Prophet ascended Ali's voice was there God holds Ali dear and draws his lovers near Ali cried, "The one who asks learns, The divine mysteries in my heart burns!" Wisdom and knowledge from his words gushed Love was taught passion from him and rushed All darkness, devils and demons he fights Wi
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