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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Not really, you just pissed me off with your stupidity ;) Please do NOT lie and say I've said things that I have definitely not said. Where on EARTH did I mention these lies?! Learn how to read, I've never ever said that girlfriends and pornography is halal I've only said that it's really stupid to marry someone who'll give you a life of struggles, that parents' have no obligation to support their married children and that people should be smart and realistic about their choice of partner. Nothing else So why would you advice people to sponge off their parents? If that's not mooching then what is? So why marry them?! Wait a couple of years till they have a job and CAN earn a living of their own! Also, this STILL doesn't obligate parents to pay for their children AND their spouses...if you wnat to get married then be a man/woman and take care of your own business instead of imposing the burden on other people who have no role in the marriage Unless your parents are the royal family of Saudi Arabia, I very much doubt that any parents can afford to take care of themselves, their children AND their children's spouses and their children. And I disagree that there's nothing wrong with it...I think it's pathetic to mooch off parents and make the marriage their responsibility
  2. Salam I keep great company thanks ;) Whatever. I actually had you specifically in mind when I wrote that women are boring in here. All you do is being rude, sarcastic and joke around and chitchat with your little e-girl friends..so boring I've too met intelligent women. But they still lack personality and excitement
  3. Salam I'm not saying they present all of their personality but they present a big part of it and it's boring. And no, I don't want anybody to be like me or copy me, where did I say that? Please don't put words to my mouth. I was just stating my own opinion. If you think women are hilarious and interesting then fair enough but I don't feel that way. Female company bore me because females are boring. Even here, the female members almost just chitchat about useless things with one another so nobody else can join in to their conversation..that's how it works in real life too unfortunately
  4. Salam I'm with both some of Mehvish's points and some of the rest's too...interesting discussion
  5. Salam I voted "some" - I wear makeup daily but I don't cake it on my face. I just use a tiny bit of foundation (usually blend it with my moisturizer), some blush and gloss :D My weakness is eyeshadow...I absolutely looove experimenting with different colours and styles (but for normal work days obviously not with a lot of glitter and shine, lol). 2 links I want to share: Halal makeup (don't use it myself, I'm a MAC fan) YouTube site of a pretty talented makeup artist who guides through various different makeup looks
  6. Salam Yep I am. There probably aren't a whole lot of native Greeks who are Muslims but we do have Muslim minorities in Greece
  7. Salam I thought this was the sisters' section only and only women would read this
  8. Salam What did I say that was so terrible? :S When you insult somebody, please specify what makes you say those things And no, why should I get over myself? I like things exactly as they are
  9. Salam I'm making this topic to spread awareness of polycystic ovary syndrome, also knows as just PCOS. It's an inherited condition that approximately 1 in 4 women suffer from, often without even knowing it. I think it's important for both women and men to know about PCOS because some of the symptoms of this condition are very physical ones, and women who suffer with them often are judged by people - who think women inflict these physical "flaws" on themselves. Anyway, please read this short, but elaborate description of PCOS: Netdoctor
  10. Salam Alcohol in moderate amounts can make the arteries in the heart bigger so the blood flows through it better; that's why people who've undergone bypass heart surgery are recommended to drink a glas of wine regularly. But you can get the same, if not a better, effect by just eating red grapes or drinking the juice of red grapes (the same type of grapes which are in red wine). Alhamdulellah, what the nature grows from bushes and trees always beat the haram, chemically fabricated stuff. Alcohol is not necessary for anything..except sterilisation of objects and wounds
  11. Salam I used to detest getting my period. But now I would feel like I'm not a woman if I didn't get it. I'm not looking forward to menopause...
  12. Salam I'm very confident about myself, and I don't compare myself to other women. Why? Because I know who I am - that I'm unique. I see how majority of women I bump in to are extremely boring (sorry but that's my opinion...lol) and have no special personality at all. They think they do but they don't. The bimbos, sarcasmos, feminists, wannabe hippies, the ghetto chicks, tough chicks, the obedient weaklings, the quiet reading horse...what's so special about any of that? Every woman you meet applies to onw of the mentioned personality types...I'm not arrogant but I don't fall into any of them...so I feel like I'm unique. Actually, everyone who meets me, especially men, tell me I'm like no one they've ever encountered - alhamdulellah. That was the internal bit. There's obviously a physical bit too but I haven't mentioned it so much because I've come to learn that beauty for men is NOT what's on the outside only - it's just a small part of it (if it's serious relationships we're talking about here). I've noticed that it's really just stupid (yes, literally dumb/stupid = low IQ) men who find plastic attractive, or very young boys/underdevelopped men. Sorry but I don't envy women who have those type of men in their fan base LOL. But men aside, I don't aspire to look like models and actresses. I ahve a very different FIXED idea of what a woman should look like: she should have curves. Not talking fat here, just some meat on the bones...women are supposed to have breasts, thighs, hips and butts...those curves are what seperates us from the male body...so I don't at all understand why women these days are so busy with hiding their womanhood...trying to get slim hips, slim thighs. There's a reason why most women can't naturally achieve that kind of tooth pick body: we're not supposed to be that way! I'm personally very content and proud of my physical appearance...I'm proud to be FEMININE and the curves that I'm supposed to have. I don't care that I can't squeeze my butt into a size 2...the day I can, I'd know that I need to eat an extra burger. I care about fashion, I care about make-up, I care about grooming...and take ½ hour every morning to put myself together. It's important to me to keep up my appearances and look my best - but because it makes me feel good. Like I'm doing what's naturally in me...as a woman. And yes, it also feels good to know that a man is enjoying it too. I'd never not make myself attractive for my husband. And I wouldn't get a husband who finds plastic attractive...so I'd probably not go under the knife without a very good reason for it.
  13. Salam It's not the parents' job to support their married children, and it's not fair to put that financial burden on them. How selfish can you be, seriously. Why should parents take over the man's obligated task of supporting his own family? Instead of plotting how you can mooch off your parents, how about using your head and finding a husband who can take care of you instead of giving your parents yet another person they need to pay for? Sorry but you pissed me off with this comment...and it has no basis in Islam whatsoever I'm a realistic person...I see bills that need paying, kids that need food and we all need to drink...it'd be stupid to totally disreagrd the needs of life just so one can come of as a morally correct person in a naïve society's eye. There's nothing wrong with your morals just because you value financial stability. And just because you value financial stability doesn't mean you're compromising on your faith or the level of iman you require in your significant other. And oh yeah, yes, lack of education is often the main reason as to why people are poor, become poor or stay poor...so it's an oxymoron to say you can accept poverty but not lack of education. There's a difference between being intelligent and being educated...intelligence is more an ingrown ability...but getting the education if what stimulates this ability
  14. Salam Religion, whichever one it is, is dynamic and definitely changes and gets impacted by the societies we live in. It'd be naïve to expect religion to remain a solid substance which no outside-coming element can impact. Islam is supposed to be applicable to anybody anywhere at any time...it cannot have that function if the religion is stuck in year 600.
  15. Salam I think there's often a big misconception about seemingly pious Muslims changing "for the worse": that they make this change because they want to enjoy life. I definitely don't think this applies to all, or even majority of Muslims who change. I think when people have been monitored so intensively that they couldn't even breathe then it comes kind of natural to test boundaries when they can finally breathe again. From what I've seen, people who've been sheltered so much that they miss even halal parts of life then their development is way behind. Which may explain why they can't predict the consequences of bad company, bad hang-out places etc.
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