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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yeah sure


  2. do you have facebook or msn etc, as i can only type in 400 hundred words, which is not enough for my story, And it would be easier to chat to you thier.

  3. hey...thats really nice to know that you are in the same complicated position as me. so if you dont mind me asking....how old are you and what decision do u plan to take in this matter???

  4. Assalam O Alaikum!Ya Ali[a.s]Madad!i can understand ur feelings and the circumstances u r facing...but u shouldn"t do that.can that boy leave his family for u?not possible...does his family accept u?i think its horrible...but don"t leave ur family...what will happen on ur family after that.offcourse they"ll curse u...and without their prayers and blessings u"ll not be happy in the future.take care

  5. I have seen your mesg very late. This is extremly horrible. I can imagine a syed girl can say like this. Unacceptable. Bibi ofcorse it is harram. and i ma male i also knows boys character, how can you say that he wiil keep you happy, does his parents knows abut this that he is going to marry you? Dear sis you are going to ruind your life. You are AAL-E-MUHAMMAD. Please try to understand. Reply mst

  6. i am 16 but dont think that im too young to make such a decision. i have been through alot in my life. and i am still dependant on my father in every way
  7. hello... im a syed girl born in a very respectable family in my country. this is becoz my paternal grand father was a very famous shiah zakir in the country. so my family belives that syed marriages with non syed is haraam. from my childhood i have been tought this. and until now i never considered going against this. nowadays my family has almost fallen aprt. we are in a financial problem and my parents are close to getting a divorce. i have fallen in love with a non syed boy. and he loves me aswell. he is the only person who keeps me happy nowadays. and i cant imagine living without him. now i have to decide what im gona do. becoz if i marry him i will be cut off from my family. but i need to marry him. i also need to know wether it is harraam or not. and some honest advice wud be very usefull. i know there are topics like this...but i want my position to be clear aswell thanx
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