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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. oh thats the one i goto but didnt know that it was called YMA lol
  2. ahhh Eid is coming!!!!!! and excited about ramadan too but Eid is coming :P
  3. ok i dont know whats going on but ppl keep asking me if i wrote on their wall or messaged them. i have not done that lol dont know who is doing that!!
  4. nadine my love, you are an amazing person and any guy would be lucky to have you but staying home and praying wont do you any good. you need to get out and meet people!!!
  5. lol pls dont do it to get women, its sooo unattarctive to see a man waxing and stuff!
  6. well gnosis means knowledge and u always dont have to believe what u learn.
  7. i just hated the ppl there. very judgemental

  8. i was born in lahore and moved here when i was 7 years old. i went back 2 summers ago didnt like it at all :/

  9. thank you this was a great help and Thank you all for the recipes. i will be cooking all this weekend...hope it goes well and i dont end up killing anyone :)
  10. i've always heard that if u have a good dream you should always keep it to yourself and if its a nigthmare then only share it with close ones only.
  11. oh ok. what part of pakistan are you from?

  12. there are so many threads already about this topic :/ maybe this will help
  13. Baker college is a private college here. there are namy campus here. are you originally from MI? i mean did u move here from another state?

  14. are you also pakistani? and lol i wish i could skip college but no. im majoring in Human services at Baker College. Inshallah i will graduate in spring 2012 and then go for criminal justice.

  15. thats looks good. can you pls share the recipe?
  16. i couldnt go to the congress then...i ended up going to pakistan and missed it but inshallah i'll be there next time for sure. i was thinking abt pre med too and thougth wayne state was a good choice but then realized premed isnt something i want to do

  17. lol i knew someone was going to bring google up but the reason i posted this was because i wan to make something thats good. i mean like people have made it and know for sure that it good.
  18. i do think love exists but however it doesnt last forver. i dont believe in soulmates and [Edited Out] like this. i dont belive in marriages or matches are made in heaven either. and i have lived in usa my entire ilfe so i know and understand this culture as well and would still wont view "love" differently
  19. i really dont know how to cook yet. i can make the little things like eggs and stuff but thats about it. so there is someone i want to surprise and want to cook something really special. I really need some help and was wondering if someone can give me any simple but amazing recipes! can someone pls help me? :)
  20. i am talking about pakistani culture where majority of the marriags are arranged. i have seen many women suffer and live a horrible life because they dont want to get divorced and bring shame to the family. even tho Islam gives women every right to divorce , the culture wont let them. many many of the marriages there are just compromises and not love.
  21. nope not in our cuture! and there is no such thing as love. well maybe there is something there for a while but eventually ends and then u just learn to live with eachother
  22. i was never allowed to play sports :/ but lovvvveeeee watching football
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