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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. no. no suggestions. don't have any - other than 'mind your business, keep your head down, be good, do good etc'. There is nothing much that can be done. you have no cards to play. It is a losing hand. Form shia ghettos/majority areas where the community can be protected? protected, yes, but is that a way to live? especially whose self-proclaimed reason for foundation is it is "country made for muslims to be safe from evil hindus". at best you can gang up, form some sort of detente with militant sunni groups, but the moment you show your weakness they will smell blood and want their share of it. Those who can, they run away...countless people I met in US and UK..the educated and professional class pakis - were almost all shias. Jahangiram - "hindutva" lol...would it not be better to ask me than assume about me? I am sure you can bring more to the table than that.
  2. Vast majority of Indians and Pakistanis living today are not of the partition generation. I cannot speak for Pakistanis, but apart from some peaceniks with nostalgia of undivided punjab, some hardline hindus who have stupid ideas, and some Indian muslims who would like to have Pak join Indian federation for various reasons - nobody else (the vaaaaast majority) would want anything remotely like that. Peace, drawdown of military, liberalised trade and visa regimes, pilgrim visitation rights, riverine and riparian issues etc - if these are handled like mature nations - that is more than enough.
  3. Hi, Some of you may remember me...I used to be active here many years ago.. life moved on, career, family etc. I used to post here about how minorities are f'd in Pak due to the nature of the formation, the underlying idealogy, lack of institutions, lack of even pretensions for tolerance for things that one personally does not like/hate. That overused phrase - 'one day they came for x, i kept quiet, the next day they came for y, i kept quiet, and then they came for me, and nobody was there to say anything' - applies aptly to Pak. I was always replied with "GUJARAT". Then and now, my opinion has been - there are one off incidents, and there are hostilities in some areas, but considering the size and population of India - India is safer for its minorities. The events since then, the year on year blast around festival time, targetted killings, etc have only proved me right. Tolerance is good. It is a virtue in itself. When you hate somebody for their beliefs, it is only natural that somebody else hates you for your beliefs.
  4. India finally comes to 21st century. India needs to shed the victorian ideals that the victorians themselves (britishers) have stopped subscribing to looooooooooong back. The penal code and police system needs to be completely revamped.
  5. Please read history. An independent republic of East Turkestan existed briefly while the Commies and Nationalists were fighting it out in China. When Commies won, they then entered into discussions with Uighur leaders. A plane full of Uighur leaders died when the plane mysteriously crashed. Mao then sent army and the remaining leaders had to "agree to join China". It is "right from the beginning an outside usurper Force". In this matter Iran, Pakistan, and all other muslim nations, except the lone voice from Turkey, are hypocritical. But then Turkey itself is sitting on a conquered nation and is still subjugating its own ethnic minority Kurds. So, let's not pretend that any nation is oh so true and pure. It is all politics.
  6. Hi, I have seen you here after a long long time. Wherever you had been, hope you were in the best of health and spirits. Be well. . .

  7. What is surprising here? Let's say you have an animal growing up in your house. If you have been taking it out to the farm and teaching it to bite the other animals....by and by it will take to biting passers by too and if you don't change its habits or put it to death then it is going to eventually become rabid....and one day it will bite guests in your house and finally you too. The progression is clear. Once you encourage people that it is ok to kill infidels (hindus)...then it is just a matter of time other people are declared infidels (ahmadis, bengalis, shias, and other sunnis who are 'deviant grave worshippers') and then killed. Once an excuse is made then the excuse is used by everybody.
  8. The taliban was a small group in Kandahar which was originally propped by Gen Babar to protect Pakistani convoys to Central Asia. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar could not capture Kabul from Rabbani and Massoud even with Pakistani regulars fighting alongside. After this, the country slid into further lawlessness. Taliban was then propped up as a proxy to take over Afg for "strategic depth".
  9. No you are not. You are not sorry at all. You are happy that India got hit. You are just angry that one of yours got caught and Pakistan is all over the news for the wrong reasons. How unfortunate that he got caught and there is concrete picture evidence of his involvement in the killings. If it were not, it would be another 'batla encounter where innocent muslims were killed by police...proof? see no policemen were killed in that'. I am surprised that there is no 'Mossad did it' theory already doing the rounds. Oh wait there is. 'False flag' and 'black ops' are kinda the most popular words here. You lot make me sick. I am agnostic...but if there is ever an Allah up there..you will have a lot to answer for.
  10. there is a saying in my native tongue that can be translated as 'better to fall at the feet of your opponent than to be at the feet of the witness'. US and China, the 'supposed' friends of Pakistan are only interested in using Pakistan for their own purposes. The sooner Pakistan reconciles with India and gives up the pretense of being a mughal successor state ruling a fortress of islam entrusted with the well being of muslims of india and elsewhere in the world etc etc and starts real nation-building activities...a nation reflecting its people - a pluralistic nation - the sooner it does this the better. But....that's easier said than done. I don't see any leader capable of leading such an initiative. A lot of Pakistanis are still not realizing the extent of the problems and the few who do are looking for the wrong answers like 'more Islam' or 'more dictators' or 'China rah rah' etc.
  11. sorry..the benefits of these are well documented. Please do your own reading. India is not "most countries". To fulfil our destiny, we need to be self-reliant. We cannot depend on other countries to do things we can do ourselves. Thank you. Well...Satellites are not meant to gather food from the space and beam it down the throats of the nation's poor. They are an integral part of nation-building and national development. As such, dismantling ISRO is not going to feed anybody. So, I am a bit amused by all the "won't anybody think of the poor starving Indians"...by somebody who assumes I am living in "stinking rich California" (as if that unqualifies me from having opinions) and somebody whose country has spent far more resources on completely unnecessary adventurism and whose people are in worse economic conditions than mine. I can throw the same "well you don't know [Edited Out] about poverty so don't speak about it" at folks here. I have gone to bed hungry many a days. I have studied with no electricity and walked 10 Kms to primary school everyday. I don't know if dismantling ISRO would have fed me. But I do know that because of ISRO, it is now possible to have the 1 Rupee phone call, the tele-learning, remote sensing applications in agriculture...well visit ISRO website and read. fyi, this is how it started The person with glasses is none other than Ex-Pres APJ Abdul Kalam.
  12. ^lol. You certainly do not know better. NeP, TNT -> increased military spending and jihad on kufr hindoo. IMF say no to last and it goes back to NeP. zimble onlee.
  13. really? so when military spending goes down and jihad cannot be supported...then what is the point of being an militaristic ideological state?
  14. Remote sensing, Telecommunications, - these are of direct importance to the poor. Depending on other states to launch Satellites is...sorry laughable to me. I believe we (as Indians) have a destiny. And primacy in space (and all other fields) is necessary for our destiny. The poverty situation has improved a lot. 1947 - we had <25 % literacy and >60% poor. Not we have >60% literacy and <25% poor. I think that's a pretty good record given that the population has exploded since then with all the attendant issues.
  15. We in India are only catching up with Pakistan in space tech http://www.dawn.com/2003/01/26/top1.htm We were quivering in our dhotis in our dark and narrow places of worship after that. Onlee after this moon mission we could face Pakistanis.... Seriously, Yes. Space tech did advance the cause of the nation's poor. You cannot stop development in other fronts because people are poor. If you allow a few years gap in understanding of technology...it may take decades to catch up later.
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