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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. God this is such a big problem, I go to an all women's gym, even though it would be more convenient,less time consuming, and less expensive to work out on campus, especially since their expanding and making renovations :cry:. So hard to find places to work out and be comfy! My friend works out in a co-ed Gym, she goes early in the morning when it first opens like 7 am, so she's more comfortable because there won't be much guys there. Personally I would die of a heat stroke if I needed to work out covered up, and I would be way to shy/awkward to be lifting weights in front of dudes, or using an
  2. That's awful, the balls on one guy once to ask me where my wedding ring was! They can be so assertive and disrespectful. Ya3ni mako ay gheera? But I wonder if this is something new to go after married women, I remember some Syrian soaps I was watching had such stories :no:. It's just weird like why do Arab men behave this way, the only time Arab guys don't act like pervs is when they were born/raised in a Western country, and I guess that might correlate to them not being sexually frustrated? Like it's awful, there's no such thing as going out and enjoying a nice walk in the middle east, doing
  3. It's not only white women, when I was travelling alone in the Middle east, especially when it was just me and some girls, we all pretended we were married to get those Arab pervs to leave us alone, and we were all Arab chicks, who look very Arab. And even here in Canada with FOB Arabs, I and many girls have pretended to be married to get them to leave us alone. I just don't know what it is with Arab guys and being so pervy? Like all my friends, Arab, white, Spanish, have been harassed by some Arabs.
  4. I'm not sure about the US, I would imagine it is quite similar to Canada where the fetus is not considered a legal person, so you can kill it, and it was argued that being pro-life infringed on the rights on the woman to being autonomous over her body. Complete utter bullshyt. I'm down for women being autonomous over their bodies, but not when they have consented to have their fetus's brutally killed. I couldn't even finish watching the video. :cry:
  5. I don't even know who this dude is, but pretty cool, mashallah. And he's Shia too! :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sean Stone, the son of Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone son and a defender of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, converted to Islam on Tuesday while filming a documentary in Iran, he told Agence France Presse. "The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with. It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets," Stone, whose famous fathe
  6. I think he over reacted a bit and was a tad harsh, but I wish more parents disciplined their kids like this.
  7. ya b3d galbi :no: It's so awful when these kids are stripped of their childhoods, a child shouldn't be worried about military blockades and war crimes....They should be worried about kids stuff, like who they're gonna spend their time with during recess and if they're dad's gonna still get them that toy they really wanted. But Mashallah very intelligent child so aware and wise for his age. We should keeping to Allah Imam Mehdi returns soon, so all these injustices end.
  8. Unfortunately they are perceived negatively. They are considered loose, sexually perverted, and lacking self worth, and of course that is wrong. So socially it's not accepted at all, I find this especially true with the arab communities. So morally it's considered the worst thing ever, even worse than having a boy friend lol. But yea many women end up contracting a nikah after the mutah, and the mutah was used kind as a test drive, or as an option to be with the person, if immediate marriage is not an option. I've seen mutah used as a tool to justify jumping around from person to person, and
  9. Back biting is super toxic, especially in close knit communities. I find it's usually girls/women who are really bored and have nothing going on in their lives that talk. It's just awful when a girl's reputation is destroyed because many members in the community like to talk. But hey quick question, if someone asks you about someone for marriage like "Hey you went to school with fulana, you think she would be good for my son", and you know she committed many haram that you saw, is it your duty to say so, even if you know you would ruin a potential marriage? I was put into this situation before
  10. Well I think looks are pretty important, like you wanna be attracted to him, no? But yea fixing stuff is super important, and cooking too (a total must), in my case this I don't exactly know how to cook, and of course being obedient :P...
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFXXAuDK1Ao This guy is the sh*t lmao
  12. Wow girls, how come none of your criteria's mention they're looks lol, not to be shallow but that's super duper friggin important.
  13. I did online courses for high school for like the last two years I think, it was pretty sweet you get to sleep in everyday. It was a good system, I studied at my own pace, just emailed the stuff to teachers, they email me feed back. It worked for me cuz I liked reading and learning on my own. Pretty simple system. I do wish though I had a normal high school experience. I was actually thinking about this recently cuz my sister's in high school. I don't think it's good for her to go to school and see kids making out and touching in the hall ways (which was totally okay when I was in high school)
  14. I fully acknowledge and support the right of Imam Ali to rule after the prophet's death, never ever over my dead body will I support Abu Bakr's calipha as legitimate. And also as you mentioned the issue of fadak breaks my heart. But in general it's my love for Ahlul bayt and my desire to worship Allah and follow Islam as it was meant, and honestly general common sense keeps me from becoming Sunni. Allah Huma 9ali 3ala Mo7amed wa Ali Mo7amad!
  15. Me too! I wear concealer (for bags around eyes), bronzer (feel way to pale for an arab), and of course mascara (cuz I love it) everyday. Not such a big deal, it doesn't even look like I'm wearing make up. Just got to learn to blend property and not over do it.
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