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  1. I agree with Carl, if it feels wrong it probably is wrong. However, happiness isn't the purpose of relationships. It is up to each person to make his or her own happiness regardless of what else is going on in their lives. A bad marriage makes it very difficult but not impossible to be happy.

    Is it possible that you are just having hesitation/doubts in general, not specifically related to the relationship?


    That's true

    but a bad relationship can lead to a lot of stress and pain, which can factor in and negatively affect your life, your happiness 

  2. They say your gut feeling is usually right

    But you should try to pinpoint why you're having these doubts and address them 

    If something doesn't feel right now, do you think it will feel right after marriage?

    and don't worry about breaking up being a "taboo"

    what matters most if your happiness and it's better to break up before marriage than to marry and regret it

  3. One or two spoons in a week?! Dude, that is how I start my massive binging :D

    Proudly yes. There's nothing more pleasant to my taste buds than having it on its own. If my tummy permits, I can very easily devour the entire bottle in a go. Haven't tried that yet.

    Me tooooo

  4. (salam)

    Why rent this expensive hall at first place if they don't have enough money? why not doing a simple wedding at home instead?

    I'm not judging because I didn't mention any names , I'm just exposing something that is happening in our community

    it a question open to everyone to agree/disagree . :)

    Hahaha I was kidding sista

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