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  1. I'm not quite sure how to go about this but since everyone else makes threads for this I suppose it's okay to do so (Also I asked an admin some time ago but I did not get a reply of any kind) Anywho I'd like my account deleted Please and thank you!
  2. Ya Ali tere chahne walon ki khair

  3. but many reverts say they hate the word convert and prefer revert :wacko:
  4. That's true but a bad relationship can lead to a lot of stress and pain, which can factor in and negatively affect your life, your happiness
  5. They say your gut feeling is usually right But you should try to pinpoint why you're having these doubts and address them If something doesn't feel right now, do you think it will feel right after marriage? and don't worry about breaking up being a "taboo" what matters most if your happiness and it's better to break up before marriage than to marry and regret it
  6. What kind of question is this even
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