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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was passing through the post of al-waseelah...suddenly began reading a lengthy reply...strong and precise...When I got nearly 2 the end of it, I said 2 myself, (by Allah no joke/lie) this person writes like zainabia...When i scrolled up to see who wrote it... saw ur name appear up :) You ave been absent 4 a while (like myself) hence didn't expect you back...


  2. Bless you...is it not time that the active and the learned defenders like you...have their own site, in support of the Imam of Ahlul-Bayt (as) ?

  3. Wa alaikum salaam Likewise bro... How can I be convinced with something that is based upon desires, contradictions and conjectures rather than knowledge? Hey I am familiar with this song...I can sing it too... However indeed it is time to give it a rest but I leave you with a REMINDER since reminders at times serve a good purpose: Ikrimah, was not only accused of lies (which according to the majority is JARH EXPLAINED) but was known as FASIQ... Even if we admit that the accusations of the lies against Ikrimah originated through weak reports... when put aside by one another, together they st
  4. Lord Botta: Al-Mujahidah: Well said:) And most likely the lies (of al-Waqidi) that the Ahlul-Sunnah talk about...may be those narrations that do not suit their beliefs...:) And the funny thing is that on one hand (hadith) they reject him and on the other they accept him (history)...I thought a liar is a liar and a liar cannot be trusted in anything...unless backed up with reliable witnesses... However that is their game, so we need to play it their way... Al-Dhahabi said: وجمع، فأوعى، وخلط الغث بالسمين، والخرز بالدر الثمين، فأطرحوه لذلك، ومع هذا فلا يستغنى عنه في المغازي، وأيام الصحابة وأخبا
  5. Asalaam alaikum. In waseelah it is permissible but in a form of greetings, it is nothing more than a biddah...(And I am aware that you are also aware of the answer but you asked so that the others could also become aware after being unaware through taking heed of the awareness :) )
  6. Hello! Your statement : "Those who declared that narration to be fabricated they criticized Hammad bin Salama for it.." shows the reason behind the fabrication was Hammad...So please tell me if Hammad was the reason for this fabrication and why is he known as THIQA in your science of hadeeth? If indeed he is a FABRICATOR then all the narration reported by him need to be questioned... As for your statement: "A fabricated narration even come through all truthful narrators.." Can you show me an example of a FABRICATION which was ATTRIBUTED to a THIQA personality by the scholars of science of had
  7. Asalaam alaikum. Please bear in mind that my intention is neither to insult nor to find fault with anyone’s way of life but to question in order to find a plausible explanation for something that is troubling me. I am not against Waseelah of the Imams of Ahlul-bayt (as) for that is a different matter but what I find quite disturbing is that many Shiah are on the verge of the shifting the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh&hf) which was to say: “Asalaamun Alaikum” to the believers…into something which I personally would term as a bidda and not even as “Bidda Husana” but an innovation based u
  8. Asalaam Alaikum. Fabricated = mawdu? Hammad has been seen as weak by some scholars and not certainly a liar so on what basis can anyone say that the narration in question was a fabrication by Hammad? (there is a difference between a fabricated hadith and a Da'if hadith) And what about those who saw the narration under question as SAHIH like Imam Ahmad and Ibn Taymiyyah…Were they unaware of the weakness of Hammad? Yes your quite right that the famous narrations from Ikrimah do not contain WEIRD interpretations and that is a fact proven, for an example, Ikrimah claimed that the verse 33:33 was
  9. Asalaam Alaikum. With the exception of the Messenger of Alllah (pbuh&hf) the Holy Imams are indeed greater than the rest of the Prophets of In Islam, hence they were reserved for a greater post than the general Prophethood... Imam Ali (as) grew up in the nature of the Holy Prophet (pbuh&hf) and attained the "muhammadi" characteristics...Show me one Prophet who resembled the Messenger more than Imam Ali? Imam Ali gained the knowledge of the whole Quran through the Messenger of Allah (pbuh&hf)...Show me one Prophet who had the knowledge of the Quran which in turn contains the know
  10. Asalaam Aalaikum: Still waiting for a response... (I know you are AVOIDING this matter): You said to Mujahidah: I said: What a [Edited Out]! These means we might as well reject all the JARH on any person believing that Imams of JARH may have gone against their own verdicts BEFORE their death! The truth is that IKRIMA is a liar, since you dont accept UNEXPLAINED jarh....How about the example that I gave you BEFORE which SUPPORTS that IKRIMAH attributes LIES upon IBN ABBAS: The Messenger if Allah said: "I saw my Lord in image of beardless (man), with long curly hair in a green garden" To whic
  11. Nice one Mujahidah! Keep up your struggle going against the innovators....May Allah reward you in multiple folds... Ibn Taymiyyah, I said: Let me ask you, if the verse was revealed ONLY for the wives, then how would cover the issue of masculine gender in the word "Ankum" and after that? With regards to the statement: Just like the angel used the same 'ankum' while referring to the wife of Hz Ibrahim [Quran 11:73] You have twisted the meaning of the Quran to fit your desires and to save your innovation...The truth is that "ankum" was reffered to the family (Father, mother and sons) Look at
  12. Asalaam alaikum With the exception of Ibn al-Bar....It is not proven that the rest had the same view...What your missing out on is the context... the scholars disregarded some of the explained or detailed criticism in favor of other evidence...and NOT whether the term: "He is a liar" is their view was considered Muffasar or Mubham What I was looking for were explicit statements like your scholar, Muqbil bin Haadee: And al-Jarh al-Mufassar is like when someone says, "He errs", "he has errors", "munkar ul-hadeeth", "kadhdhaab", "matrook" All of this is Jarh Mufassar. Similarly, "Da'eef Jiddan"
  13. Sister Zainabia (Mujahidah): To add weight to the narration of Sa'id ibn Musayyib, here is another one: Úä ÚÈÏ ÇáßÑíã ÇáÌÒÑí Úä ÚßÑãÉ Ãäå ßÑå ßÑÇÁ ÇáÃÑÖ ÝÐßÑÊ Ðáß áÓÚíÏ ÝÞÇá ßÐÈ ÚßÑãÉ ÓãÚÊ ÇÈä ÚÈÇÓ íÞæá Åä ÃãËá ãÇ ÃäÊã ÕÇäÚæä ÇÓÊÆÌÇÑ ÇáÃÑÖ ÇáÈíÖÇÁ ÓäÉ ÈÓäÉ. ÓíÑ ÃÚáÇã ÇáäÈáÇÁ ááÍÇÝÙ ÇáÐåÈí Wasalaam
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