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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. May Allah(swt) reward you sister in this world and the next inshAllah, jazakallah khair for sharing.
  2. As'salam Alaykum Warah Matullah Wa Barakatu I would like to know more information about beautiful people we had in history, Salman Farsi, Meesam-e-tammar, Ammar Yasir, Abu Zar and Qanbar. If one of you shiachat members would kindly post any information or links you know of, i would appreciate it. thank you and Jazakallah Khairan. Waslam Alaykum Warah Matullah
  3. As'salam Alaykum What do you like about shiachat?
  4. Yes i mean placing the cheeks, sorry for not being clear. can you kindly post the information about it from Kamil al-Zayarat. Jazakallah Khairan
  5. Yaaayyy its Tuesday night, meaning dua tawasul in husainya tonight cant wait!!!! :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali:
  6. yeah same goes with the Holy Quran Karim....i was wondering if there are any ahadith or information about this, from our great marja's...
  7. (bismillah) As'salam Alaykum Warah Matullah Wa Barakatu My respected Brothers and sisters on shiachat. I noticed some people, mostly respected sheikhs and ulema's after finishing there salat, they place each side of there heads on the turbah.....are there any ahadiths on this, and does anyone know what the significant of this is? Also, some people at the end of there salat rub the turbah all over there face and body. Jazakallah Khairan wasalam and fi aman Allah
  8. Brother check out this link about the last prostration of salat. insha'Allah you will benefit.
  9. As'salam Alaykum The only time the heart truly breaks is understanding the true sufferings of our beloved Ahlulbayt(as) :(
  10. As'salam Alaykum uhmm not to sure about that brother......maybe someone else can help answer this:-/
  11. As'salam Alaykum Wallah brother, a big Jazakallah khair for putting the effort to translate them all to arabic, May Allah(swt) protect you and your dear family and count you among the true soldiers of our beloved army of Imam Mahdi (atfs).
  12. Insha'Allah dear sister -Enlightened, Allah(swt) is all Knowing And all Compassionate , who knows we might end up meeting in one of our respected sheikh's or lecturers majalises in the future :wub:
  13. I wish i could meet some of the amazing people on shiachat in real life :( :( :( One of them being Sister -Enlightened :wub:
  14. As'salam Alaykum Brothers Jazakallah khairan for taking the time to share, May Allah(swt) both grant you jannah and Count you both among the true Soldiers of Imam Mahdi(atfs)
  15. " Be extra careful and do not let your youths be misled by extremists. They are the most wicked creatures of God and worse then any other category of infidels" (Tusi Amali 2:264)

  16. (salam) You can also say "salawat" 1x, "ilahi al'aaf" 3x, "subhanallah"3x
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