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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am in the favour of getting rid of partially agree. It kind of kills the discussion.
  2. Salam everyone, For some time now I have been wanting to read this book - Al Kalimat Al Makhnuna by Mohsen Fayz Kashani. It's was originally written in Arabic and Persian. I don't know if even been translated to any other languages. If someone can direct me towards a soft or hard copy I will be grateful. Fingers crossed!
  3. He will train his son.
  4. Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go - Oscar Wilde

  5. Hmmm Desi parents I guess. Are you sure the problem is being Mirza because I have often witnessed Asian parents use caste as an excuse to reject proposals when the issue is really something else?
  6. This thread stopped making sense to me after the first page.
  7. He was referring to men looking for a wife, so I suppose they are young. I remember your post from a week or so ago in which you talked about how divorced women are treated in Muslim societies(social outcast,poor chances of remarriage etc), if I remember correctly you did mention that it was more of problem in countries like Pakistan and they stand a better chance in non Muslim western societies. There are cultural differences that impact marriage issues so even if someone suggests this that's his opinion. You can refute it if you want but please don't take it as a personal attack or rac
  8. I don't think he said this. What he meant was most young men go by the superficial,worldly criteria when looking for a spouse and that reduces the chances of them finding a wife.
  9. @El Cid I went over the whole conversation just now. What exactly did he say that you found so offensive?
  10. Maybe that's too personal and I don't want to share. ;) You have asked this from everyone so you should bring up the basis for it. Suffice it to say, It's not always about the quantity, it's the quality and the amount of effort you put in. If you sleep in wudhu, it's akin to spending the whole night in worship. When you work to earn halal rizq for your family, it's His worship and obedience.
  11. More people would be in my state in they chose to ponder. I don't know if you are a parent yet, I am and I see so many parallels between a mother-small child and God-human relationship. Mother nourishes her baby, protects him from dangers, take care of all his needs, showers him with love but also demands that the child listen to him. She sometimes has to be stern with the child in order to enforce the rules even though those are for the benefits of the child himself( brush your teeth every night, wash hands before eating, take enough sleep, eat healthy etc) Allah does the same and despite mom
  12. I don't know how to explain it to you. Have you ever experienced the kind of love where the other person's happiness is your happiness, and their sadness it your grief and their wish is your command? If you happen to have that sort of love for Allah then nothing you do to please Him feels like going against your nafs because your whole existence revolves around serving Him and gaining His pleasure. I don't believe it's possible. When He created man He breathed His spirit in him so our primordial nature and Allah's commands cannot not be in synch. I did it because it was such a
  13. I don't worship Allah because of fear of hell. I worship Him because it brings peace and baraka to my life, it makes me feel safe knowing that I have sought help and refuge from a God that has control over the entire universe. Following the code of life set down by Allah saves me from countless physical and emotional miseries. I saw an extremely beautiful dream two nights ago that left me feeling elated and first thing I did as soon as I woke up was offer 2 rakats of shukr. I don't see Allah as someone who you would turn to only in times of hardships. I talk to Him and feel his presence
  14.  کب نظر میں آ ۓ گی بے داغ سبزے کی بہار

    خون کے دھبے دھلیں گے کتنی برساتوں کے بعد

    تھے بہت بے درد لمحے ختمِ دردِ  عشق کے

    تھیں بہت بے مہر صبحیں مہرباں راتوں کے بعد

  15. Probably because in her mind they have been filed under 'unresolved marriage problems caused by parents in law' (not saying your parents are responsible, trying to tell you her side of the story)So every time something new happens the folder is opened and everything comes out again. No need to inshallah. The situation is salvageable. Keep this on top of your objectives. Move out as soon as you can. Do it without any resentment towards her or your parents. Both parties have a right to their personal space. Please ask them to put up with her during the duration of her pr
  16. This is ridiculous. What does Beeca need to do istikhara about? Istikhara isn't a joke. How many happily married couples just start doing istikharas whether they should continue their marriage or not?
  17. Even if he forces her to leave the house he will still responsible for her food, clothing and housing. If I remember correctly these things remain obligatory upon the husband even after the divorce until Iddah ends. But I don't think the law or rulings is the solution here. There are other underlying problems which need to be dealt with. Is their someone who can mediate things between your parents? A sensible relative or a shaykh? If you can tell which in country you parents maybe some members will be able to advise you about the legal options.
  18. The first and probably the only thing 'Becca' needs to do is break off friendship with this person who is creating a rift in her marriage, which by the way is a very serious sin in Islam.
  19. Are you sure??? because I don't think this comes from animal source.
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