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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Chow Chow have got faces like worried mums who are thinking they totally messed up parenting.
  2. Lolz, both of us were saying the same thing, I don't know why you disagreed with me. I also think the OP's son shouldn't marry a Sunni girl.
  3. There are no pros, except maybe that you can get your spouse to convert in maybe 20 years!! but for that you have to have a really strong faith yourself.
  4. MashAllah, enjoyed reading this. Very well written. It would have been even better had you given the verses from Qur'an for reference.
  5. 'Can I be the Moosa to your Sephora?' (Best of luck, do let us know how it goes)
  6. "Hey, want to make plans for afterlife?"
  7. She: Are you calling me 'iblees'?? Sirius:
  8. 'Expel' sounds a bit harsh.Its been their country for hundreds of years. If they want to leave willingly they can. Also, the Muslims who feel hijab is oppression and not being allowed to watch football games is the biggest tragedy of their lives.
  9. Lolz... I meant InshaAllah for America to never have the couarge to bomb Iran.
  10. Yeah.. Iranians aren't the most inclusive of nations. I knew it won't be much of a boost for economy, at least not initially bit they won't be a burden either. I had religious reasons in mind. InshaAllah that's never going to happen.
  11. Comparing a 400 year old architectural masterpiece to Faisal mosque..you have no taste
  12. Murree ...Hah! Lahore fort with its palace of mirrors, Masjid wazir khan, Canal road, Badshahi mosque, early morning Halwa puri,channay and Lassi ka nashta to name a few. Islamabad can't even come close and murree isn't even in islamabad
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