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  1. Then this nullifies the concept that people are tested because of their faith!
  2. This is no justification! And that's an incredibly callous thing to say btw. The rohingaya Muslims didn't ask for it and I am sure they didn't do anything to deserve being butchered like animals. You are going to tell the rohingaya women whose has been gang raped and her whole family killed, her house burnt down that her suffering was for nothing? Imam Hussain's suffering matters but what was yours for, really???
  3. You didn't get my point. Those who committed shirk knowingly are going to get punished, then let them have an easy time in dunya at least
  4. What about those who don't believe in the oneness of Allah- Hindus for example. They are going to burn in hellfire anyway so what's the logic behind their sufferings?
  5. I was looking at a short interview of a yazidi girl who got kidnapped at the age of 14 by ISIS. Those monsters then raped everyday for months until she managed to escape. Little boys get sodomised every day in madrassas in Pakistan with no punishment or accountability whatsoever for their abusers. Children in several war and famine stricken areas of the world never get a full meal. Hundreds die a slow painful death after not getting food. What did Allah hand out such a strong punishments to these children? There are so many other incidents where people going to severe hardships. I just used three examples involving children. Tell me, does it make sense to put a child through a test of faith?? If it was test a faith then what was it? Punishment? For what? I hope no parent has to ever live through this but close your eyes for a minute and imagine your child dying after months of chronic starvation, that's such a slow painful death. Or your daughter being brutally raped everyday by a man....several men thrice her size and age,her screaming helplessly and then being left to bleed before being put through the same a few hours later....What exactly has a innocent child done that can justify him being put through this agony? Can you look that yazidi child or that hungry baby in the face and tell ,hey it's fine because these were punishments for your 'certain avoidable shortcomings'? I am finding this Islamic concept of trial more and more of a hogwash with each passing day. I have more to add but later maybe... Waiting for your reply with a bated breath.
  6. Lost 13 kgs Some basic observations: Not eating for three days straight gave me a speedy start Bigger insights were: Having a stressful life really helped.
  7. Busy is good. Stressed and exhausted is not. Please take care of yourself. I am ....just hanging in there.
  8. This is a concept that I am finding increasingly hard to believe and accept
  9. ISI did it. No two thoughts about it. Everyone is Pakistan knows.
  10. Not until he openly announces himself as Imam Zamana(عليه السلام) and by then it would be too late for twitter to do anything.
  11. Guys, what do you think,when Imam Zamana (عليه السلام) will he have an account on social media? Will he call his followers through an announcement in Twitter?
  12. Laayla, I don't live in America and my religion doesn't tell me to worship IRI blindly. If you find my answers irrelevant kindly stop interacting with me
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