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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Acha, aap ka tha! Sorry main ne chai pilaye beghair maar diye ussay.
  2. Thank you for the nice post. People often forget that religion isn't only fiqh. A big part of our religion is Akhlaq. Lots of people preaching fiqh and rattling off rulings fall falt on their faces when it comes to Akhlaq.
  3. Our next door neighbours are redoing something with their gutters. Mum said it probably came because of that. We closed the two possible entrances last night. Mujhe pata tha aap yahe kahein gay. Dushman party main hain aakhir. Not long. 10-15 mins, maybe even sooner. Eucalyptus oil works so good for mosquitoes and flies so I thought maybe snakes would hate the smell too.
  4. Where were you two hours ago????? My snakeskin penny purse.
  5. Would have given me a heart attack. I am glad my children are braver than me. Daughter was very eager to examine the dead snake tonight which of course I didn't allow.
  6. If you had read the whole story, it was the snake that ended up in the hospital!! Humans are sometimes more poisonous than snakes. Good night
  7. It's been flushed down the toilet. All permanent and temporary wives are welcome to explore the sewers.
  8. So would the former be okay? I always pick clothes that are full sleeved, not form fitting, nothing revealing and the intention is never to attract men, but I have noticed with certain styles I always have my female coworkers telling me I am looking good so I was wondering if I should give up wearing those. Donno.
  9. Lolz... You know many many many decades ago when I was a wee baby girl and we were living in the mountains a snake was discovered in our home. Dad wasn't around so Mum told the our orderly to kill it. He flat out refused and cited the above reason for his refusal. First Mum thought he was joking, but she realized he was dead serious and believed in it so strongly that he didn't even care about disobeying 'Begum Sahiba'. Mum, being the practical strong women she is finished off the snake herself. Our orderly was scared that the mate will come looking for Mum any time. Men can be such scaredy cats tsk..tsk...
  10. Thank you @AStruggler for the thread!I also wanted to add a question. Hope you wont mind. Its somewhat related. If a woman's attire comes in the Islamic guidelines but it makes her look attractive does it still come under hijab? There are certain styles that suit a person and over time you come to know which ones make you look good and you tend to opt for those. Is that okay? Or should we go for the less attractive style? (By less attractive, I don't mean slouchy or untidy it's for example a different cut, or a different shirt length)
  11. We killed it!!! By 'we' I mean Mum. My presence in such situations is merely for noise generating purposes(read war cries). On @hasanhh advice I emptied whole bottles cinnamon and clove oils in that room and the one adjacent to it. Also added eucalyptus oil for good measure so either it was this or maybe it just decided to take a midnight stroll that it suddenly appeared on the wall with its head buried under a bit of plaster. I went and woke Mum, not because I was scared or anything ...ahem... I thought maybe she would want to take pictures afterwards or something. Anyway, she decided to take matters in her hands and grabbed one of my boots and attacked it. A couple of minutes later it was lying dead on the floor! Alhumdollilah. Peace and harmony is prevailing in the starlight household again; sipping tea and eating cookies while typing this. Thank you everyone for your concern and support. I am so grateful to SCers for being there in yet another 'exciting' situation in my life. May Allah bless you all.
  12. Thank you so much everyone. It's been 4 hours. I am exhausted keeping a watch and looking for it. I have told everyone to recite Quls and Ayat ul kursi and go to bed. Good idea! Will do right away.
  13. I burst out laughing!! Thank you sister for the laugh.Where is @Propaganda_of_the_Deed
  14. Okay I will offer namaz and pray for it to die.
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