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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam everyone, Let's share happy and positive things happening around you in the time of Corona. Pakistan Umpire Aleem Dar has announced that his restaurant “Dar’s Delighto” will be offering free food for jobless people, especially labourers, during the current lockdown in the city of Lahore. This vegetable vendor offers free vegetables to daily wage workers who cannot afford to pay due to lockdown
  2. Olfaction is fine and I am enjoying the juicy apple I am eating right now Alhumdollilah so sense of taste is also good.
  3. Wow! I never realised people here would so interested in a children's movie
  4. A 34-year-old Italian nurse working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic took her own life after testing positive for the illness and was terrified that she had infected others. Unfortunately, there will be more cases like this in the coming months when people crumble under economic and psychological stress. I hope people stay strong and are able to develop a strong connection with the Creator. Only spiritual strength will carry us through this difficult time.
  5. What do you mean why? Because we are better off than the developed world now that we have an honest leader. Other breaking news, I have a dry cough
  6. With each day that goes by I am convinced that Pakistan is handling this epidemic way better than all of Europe and US. Alhumdollilah for having Imran Khan as PM.
  7. I thought the Earth was balanced on the head of a 'shesh nag' a giant python?
  8. Public debt mostly and 1 trillion to China. @The Green Knight The U.S. debt was $23.4 trillion as of Feb. 19, 2020.
  9. @The Green Knight @notme Isn't 20 trillion the exact amount US owes in debt?
  10. Americans have have filed a class action lawsuit against China, blaming it for Covid19 & seeking $20 trillion in compensation.
  11. Methylxanthines is a group of compounds found in coffee and chocolate besides tea.Two of Methylxanthines are theophylline and theobromine Anyone who has studied medicine would know what these compounds are so it's very unlikely that Chinese doctors didn't understand this. I doubt if Chinese had found a magic cure they won't share it with the rest of the world.
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