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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What never fails to move me is that Sahifa Sajjadiya was written after Imam Sajjad(عليه السلام) witnessed the massacre of Karbala and yet it is full of tender and sweet expressions of divine love. How can someone witness a tragedy like Karbala and not have a hint of anger and bitterness.
  2. 'If' she has indeed killed the grandmother. Still beats me, why would anyone put this down in a journal where others can read see it.
  3. My meaning of my real name is 'bright and radiant' so I chose starlight as my username.
  4. Is she your uncle's second wife ? But uncle lives in Switzerland with two older kids from first marriage while the second wife and younger two live in England? Right? If that's the case why don't they live together? Does the kids father, your uncle, take no notice of she treats the children? England has a very good child protection system. If the kids are severely malnourished why isn't anyone taking notice? Allah knows best. No one will be able to tell you this. While I can understand your sentiments it is possible that she mends her ways or because of something else Allah
  5. The best of believers in terms of belief is the one whose taking, giving, anger and pleasure are all for [the sake of] Allah.

  6. Thank you. What comes to you of good is from Allah - (4:79) I read your post yesterday morning but couldn't reply, am really busy these days. I prayed for you yesterday and this morning in Salat ul Layl and will continue to do so, Inshallah (if my words are worth anything). 1. Allah does not burden someone beyond their capacity. What this means is that Allah has already put the potential for dealing with the hardship within you, even if you cannot find the strength in yourself at this moment. Allah found you worthy of the trial --> gave you the potential -->then s
  7. I don't think this should be a problem as per Islamic rulings. Women are told to cover up in way that their garment doesn't show off their figure anyway so islamically it shouldn't be a problem. But I would ask you to consider what brother @Mohammad313Ali wrote above. These things can be a slippery slope with no ends in sight. Two examples would be Karadshians and Faryal Makhdoom( boxer Amir Khan's wife) Just look at the latters before and after pics. Not only have they done a injustice to themselves they have are also guilty of a serious disservice by promoting this to the public.
  8. Non obligatory prayers are usually offered in rakats of two, so this would be the same.
  9. Regardless of whether it's a temporary or permanent marriage, the person you are choosing will be your spouse.So ask yourself what kind of spouse do you want to have and that will be your answer regardless of the duration or type of marriage. There will be some spiritual implications of your time spent together even if it's a short time so spouse selection shouldn't be taken lightly. You should be attracted to her and feel a sense of 'gheera' about her. You would want her to be chaste and of a good conduct generally. There should be respect in the relationship and last but not the l
  10. About ^^ https://apnews.com/article/7627980004 Image manipulated to show teen climate activist with billionaire George Soros
  11. Right! Since you don't know what the gravity of defeating a warrior in one on one combat was I will leave you to enjoy video games. In this thread you have done something which I have never seen even a salafis doing - undermine Ali(عليه السلام) in the battlefield. This is from non shia sources and just about the battle of Badr. The battle began in the traditional Arab fashion of having a few warriors fight one-on-one before the general battle. Three warriors from the polytheists' army-Utbah ibn Rabia, Shaiba ibn Rabia, and Walid ibn Utbah-stepped up to challenge the Mus
  12. These were wars! Battles of Khandaq and Khyber. One on one combats was an [edit]important component of war in those times.
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