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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you Allah for the warm bed!

  2. How did you reach this conclusion and what is even more funny is that your have based your whole thread around this term 'metaphor' without knowing what it means! Metaphorical means not literal, but representing an idea or symbolism so again how did you say that Metaphorical = Allah does not see or hear?
  3. Ate:Hot and sour soup with kimchi on top(yum!) Chicken cooked in creamy gravy, Fish in lemon butter sauce, Kebabs with Naan (was out for lunch after a really long time) sorry, couldn't take pictures Eating(Drinking actually): Ginger honey tea(yaay! can literally hear the calories from lunch scream as they burn :p ) Will eat: going to pop a Melatonin pill as soon as I finish typing this. Need a good night's sleep to rejuvenate. Socialising is hard work after all, poor me.
  4. Oh! Even then maghrib time is until midnight according to Ayatullah Sistani. You can pray it once you are back home. It's not ideal to delay Salat but earning rizq carries its own rewards. Try this for sometime. Maybe the coworkers at your new place won't be as problematic.
  5. Why did you need to take two breaks? Since you said lunch time so I am assuming it's zuhr asr prayer. These can easily be offered within 10-15 mins and one right after the other so according to me this should be easily manageable within the one hour lunch break.
  6. Always love it when the OP disappears after the first post and we continue to argue over it for days,sometimes weeks. :P
  7. ^^^^ Your opinion? You are basically telling everyone that it's a Pakistani issue...
  8. @Zainuu I wish you would stop saying Pakistan,Pakistan subcontinent, subcontinent in every post. I live in Pakistan, I know what I am talking about.
  9. Her lack of communication indicates that. All marriages have problems. The solution is never to cut off communication. If a marriage has reached that point it indicates one party or both isn't even ready to invest in a conversation. Why??? Most women are eager to move in with their husbands. If something happened that made his wife reluctant she should state that so the couple can work towards resolution. If it's something so big and traumatic from her point of view that it has deterred her from going to husband's home altogether then again she should say that so things can move f
  10. More than compatibility there should be a willingness to make the marriage work which I see missing here. She has given up on the marriage for whatever reason. OP, set a deadline. If she isn't ready to move in with you within that time frame cut your losses and move on. Even if she moved to Canada with this attitude married life wouldn't have been very pleasant.
  11. One option is restricted club. The other is a designated subforum. @Ali
  12. The rumbling of fighter jets. I spent a large part of my childhood close to an air base where the sound of jets landing and taking off was a permanent fixture. Later we moved to a house a bit further away and the sounds got buried under the city traffic and life problems. A few days ago I was sitting in my office and it happened to be uncharacteristically quiet that day.Suddenly I could hear the familiar, comforting, heavy growl of a jet in the distance and it took me back to a time where I spent hours perched on the thickest branch of the fig tree playing or reading or sat on the garden
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