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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Every single action of the Ahlulbayt (as) is according to the command of Allah (swt). Allah (swt) gave them the knowledge of their killers, however, he did not permit them to use this hidden knowledge (ilmul ghayb) to judge and to act upon. For example, Imam Ali (as) knew who his killer will be, yet he did not judge him before he had perpetrated his crime. Imam Hussein (as) also knew who his killer will be, but he did not execute him.
  2. You only need to pay khums on the money once. 1779. If a person possesses some goods other than merchandise, from which Khums has been paid by him, if its price shoots up, and he sells it, he will pay Khums on the excess gained. 1780. If a person establishes a garden, with the intention of selling it after its price goes up, he should pay Khums on the fruit, the growth of the trees and the increase in the price of the garden. But, if his intention is to sell the fruit of the trees and benefit from its value, he should pay Khums on the fruit only. ^ Sistani
  3. Dear Brother, The light of the Prophet (pbuh) is not a worldly light, it is from a different substance to this world. This world is not the only world, we have many worlds according to ahadith and Quran, such as Aalamul Arwah, Aalamul Barzakh, Aalamul Malakoot etc. In fact, if you notice in Surah Faatihaa we say 'Rabbel Aalameen', meaning there are many worlds and not only one. My humble suggestion, before dismissing the worlds of Ahlulbayt (as), look into them carefully. There is an ocean of knowledge on this topic. Such ahadith have been narrated so many times in our most authentic book
  4. Hmm... I thought we were going to use common sense. So the Prophet (pbuh) is the best creation but he's not better than the other creations? There is no doubt that he is not the only sign for he is not the only creation!
  5. Ok.. let's use common sense. You just said that 1) The greatest creation of Allah (swt) is the Prophet (pbuh) and 2) The world is a sign of Allah's (swt) greatness If the world (a creation) is a sign of Allah (swt), is not the greatest creation of Allah (swt) the Greatest sign of the Greatness of Allah (swt)? Now tell me who is greater, the world or the Prophet (pbuh)... using common sense.
  6. Salam, Jondab_Azdi, please kindly explain how the creation of the light of Sayyida Fatima (as) before the creation of the heavens and the earth contradicts the 'correct aqeedah'. Do you believe that this world is higher in status than Sayyida Az-Zahra (as)?
  7. Salams, A miracle (mu'jezah) is an act that other humans are incapable of replicating. The term used in the Quran for 'miracles' is Ayah (sign). For each nation and time, a different ayah was given. It is a way to distinguish the chosen representative of God above all other human beings in order to verify that their message from God. Please read the hadith below from Al-Kafi - Book 1. 16. Hassan as-Sikkeet, a prominent scholar of his time, asked Imam Ali an-Naqi (p) the reason why God sent Prophet Musa (p) (Moses) with the miraculous staff and the luminous hand and the devices to dispel m
  8. Salams, There's nothing wrong with your question. You may be interested to know that Imam Ali ibn Husayn (as) married Imam Hasan's daughter, Fatima and Imam Baqir (as) was born from them. Therefore, the blood of Imam Hasan (as) has also continued in the following Imams up to Imam Hujjat ibn Al-Hassan (atfs).
  9. Salam, We are all composed of a Soul (rooh) and a body (jism). All the bodies will die but the souls (arwaah) will not die. The difference between the martyr and the person who has died normally is that the martyr will be able to reap benefits even after his death. He will be able to continue worshiping God, continuously increase his status and even have an effect on this world. Wassalam
  10. Ahlulbayt (as) are the face of God. 4 æ ÞÇá Úáí Èä ÇáÍÓíä Ú äÍä ÇáæÌå ÇáÐí íÄÊì Çááå ãäåþ Ú Ýí Þæá Çááå ÊÈÇÑß æ ÊÚÇáì ÊóÈÇÑóßó ÇÓúãõ ÑóÈöøßó Ðöí ÇáúÌóáÇáö æó ÇáúÅößúÑÇãö ÝÞÇá äÍä ÌáÇá Çááå æ ßÑÇãÊå ÇáÊí ÃßÑã Çááå ÇáÚÈÇÏ ÈØÇÚÊä - Tafseer Qummi
  11. Imam Ali (as): The meaning of the quality of Islam is the submission and fulfillment of all the acts of obedience whose judgment is clear. If one declares the all acts of obedience publicly, even if he does not believe with the heart, he will deserve the name and meaning of Islam, warrant the public friendship, his testimony will be accepted, the rulings of inheritance will be valid for him, and he will enjoy the rights and obligations of the Muslims. This is the quality of Islam. The difference between the believer and the Muslim is that the latter will be believer when he is obedient intenti
  12. Salam, That is a very ignorant article which is basically a cut and paste of ahadith and ayat without any understanding. For example, in order to prove that there is no khums during the major occultation, they have quoted traditions from Imam Ali (as) and Imam Ja'far (as) even though they do not mention anything about the occultation. They have also quoted a tradition from Imam Mahdi (as) which has been mistranslated completely to prove their point. When such ignorance is displayed it shows the importance of a Faqih who is able to understand the ahadith collectively and realize what the Ahl
  13. Salams Br aliadams, Just a question to make you think. If the date of the reappearance of Imam (ajt) was fixed, then what is the need for us to pray for his quick reappearance? Why is it that we have been highly recommended to pray for his faraj? When you find the answer to this question, you will see whether you are right or wrong. I suggest you read the thread Sister SpIzo posted to start off. Wassalam
  14. I think this statement is in line with the entire concept of Wilayate Faqih that has been proposed by the scholars so it doesn't really seem surprising to hear it. According to the article, he mentioned it while talking about the daily matters of the people. Here are the original Farsi versions of the other two, the sources I found are the same. ÌäÊí:æáí ÝÞíå äÓÈÊ Èå ÌÇä æ ãÇá æ äÇãæÓ ãÑÏã ÇÎÊíÇÑ ÏÇÑÏ.åãÇä ÇÎÊíÇÑí ˜å íÛãÈÑ Ç˜Ñã (Õ) ÏÇÔÊ. ÝÞíå Çíä ãÞÇã æ æáÇíÊ ÑÇ Èå ãäÙæÑ ÍÝÙ ãÕáÍÊ ÇãÊ ÏÇÑÏ. Jannati: "The WF has power over the lives, belongings and honor of the people. The same powers that the
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